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Full Moon in Leo: All the World's a Stage...

Full Moon in Leo: All the World's a Stage...
On February 9th, 2020 we have a Full Moon in Leo. Time to strut our stuff and show the world just what we can do! Also, time to let our hair down and have some fun!
Leo is the big kid of the zodiac. A fire sign full of joy, innocence and spontaneity, Leo bursts onto the stage and cries:
I'm here!  See me, hear me, love me!
When this outburst is healthy and wholesome, we cannot but love these guys! (It’s only when Leo goes out of balance - starved of love and affection - that they become too self-centered.)
Leo follows Cancer in astrology, and the latter is concerned with establishing a safe and nurturing environment for growth. If Cancer is the nourishing mother, then Leo is the bundle of joy - the divine child. With its parents taking care of the basics like shelter, food and drink, Leo doesn't have a care in the world other than to express itself and to bring happiness to the world and warmth to people’s hearts.
Leo is a fire sign, connected to our vitality and life-force. Ruled by the sun at the centre of our solar system Leo typically perceives itself as the centre of the universe. A natural performer, Leo instinctively knows it is special (a divine spark, as are we all!) and dares to express itself, often becoming adored in return! What's its secret?
Be bold, be brave enough to be your true self!
…tells us Queen Latifah born with Moon in Leo.
Leo rules the heart and spine. Even as you're reading this, take note of your posture. Are you hunched over? It's amazing what wonders the simple act of pulling back your shoulders and lifting your chest can work for your mood! So take pride in yourself: straighten up and stand tall! Breathe in deeply and expand your ribs! This also gives your heart room to grow and to …glow. Feel a smile coming on?
Leo rules the tarot card "Strength" and true strength comes from the heart.  This full moon in Leo is the perfect time to draw on your inner strength and listen to your heart.
Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. — H. Jackson Brown Jr.
This Leo full moon is excellently aspected: The Full Moon in Leo on February 9th trines Mars in Sagittarius. This is an energising, wonderfully heart-warming Full Moon. It brings a swell of hope, joy and innocence, as we ride the cosmic wave of positive change and future aspiration! A sunny, potent and optimistic moment, which we may as well enjoy to the max, whatever the future may bring. This is the best time to celebrate and pour your energy and passion into something - or someone - that speaks directly to your heart. So, go on, drink in the sunshine!
Great things to do with the Full Moon in Leo
  • Rejoice in love, romance and chivalry: wear your heart on your sleeve!
  • Get creative: paint, dance, perform - express yourself!
  • Give praise!
  • Follow your heart!
  • What makes you special? Let it shine!
  • Strut your stuff: Release your inner Diva!
  • Throw a party! Celebrate! Have fun!
  • Treat your senses to bright colours, bold sounds, exquisite perfumes, luscious fabrics and rich delicacies!
  • Walk proud! Stand up Straight!
  • Get to know your heart with this little Heart Meditation: Focus on your heart and see it blossoming like a flower. What sort of flower is it? What is its shape, its colour and fragrance? How can you help it flourish?
  • Connect with your Inner Hero: Imagine yourself as the central character in a novel - everything revolves around you! Who are you? What are your special powers? What’'s the setting? A romance? A detective story? An action adventure? How does the story unfold? Now focus on one of your heroic moments. What is it? Visualise it in detail. Identify with your inner hero and let ‘heroic you’ flood your thoughts and fill your heart with self-love! 
Here are some bright British personalities with Moon in Leo:
An number of British rulers have Moon in Leo, such as Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and...the Queen. British icons such as Vivienne Westwood, Helena Bonham Carter, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Twiggy and the wonderful Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry also have Moon in Leo!

Where does the Full Moon in Leo on Febraury 9th, 2020 Light up your Life?

Full Moons shine a light in a different life-arena for each star-sign. Read your sun-sign, moon-sign and ascendant to get a feel for the joy that this full moon will bring into your world! (Get your free birth-chart.)


This is a time of pure joy, romance, fun, creativity and pleasure for you dear Aries! If you’re newly dating you may experience fireworks with this full moon in Leo - and even if your loved one has been around for a while, there has scarcely been a better time to rekindle the romance! You may also experience a creative peak so get stuck in and and have some fun. A wonderful few days to enjoy with children too!


Your abode is so brightly lit up, it’s hard to miss it! The decorations are fabulous and there are many happy voices coming from inside. The gregarious and happy Leo full moon promises good times behind closed doors and surrounded by your loved ones. This is an excellent time to throw a house-party! It’s also a great time to spend quality time with a parent or to decorate your house and get creative!


You’re right in your element, dear Gemini with the bright full moon in your neck of the woods, which you know like the back of your hand! Time to wow your environment with your intelligent chatter and brilliant ideas! You’re on a roll and it’s time to make the sale. You may come across some big fish in the sea now too, so go on, have some fun!


This Full Moon brings positive financial news and a much-needed boost to your self-worth dear Cancer. If anyone was still in doubt as to your talents, this should shut them up nicely! There may be a big expense involved too, but it’s for a good cause and you are happy to fork out the sum. It's an investment!


The curtain is about to rise, dear Leo. You're in the spotlight and all eyes are on you, dazzled by your magnificence! Centre-stage is a wonderful but also a vulnerable place to be and there is nothing left to do but to wear your heart on your sleeve and hope they love you. Time to wow your audience!


Your greatest joy comes from just blending in and watching the world go for you dear Virgo. Selflessly offering your services to others can be a source of real happiness now. You can also use this full moon to reconnect with your spiritual gifts and receive a blessing from the angels.


This full moon brings warm and happy moments with friends and allies - especially the more glamorous and gregarious of your social circle. This is the perfect time for a get-together - fun guaranteed! The full moon also illuminates your hopes and dreams for the future and may bring accolades or an important breakthrough.


This full moon raises your public profile to dramatic heights - leading you to hold court, like a true royal. Your public image may light up like a sparkler, bringing social status, recognition and even applause. All the world’s a stage, dear Scorpio, and everyone is waiting for your next move…


Happiness, joy and a positive outlook are the gifts of this full moon! A sudden journey abroad or encounter with a benefactor may give you hope and inspiration beyond measure, expanding your world. If you are in the publishing industry, academia or the media this full moon may bring you opportunity and recognition.


Financial dealings take centre stage with your business partner (or significant other) offering you the lion’s share of any mutual resources - a very generous gift indeed!  Your sex-life brightens up considerably, giving you a boost of energy and support. You are happy to help others too, as this full moon brings joy in your relationships and a positive outlook in your finances.


Relationships are in the spotlight and the only way to enjoy them is to be generous and gallant, happy to make the other party happy! Work-partnerships are also highlighted - it's time to see clearly who's on your side and who's not. You should be pleasantly surprised!


Something BIG is going on at work! Any surprises should be pleasant and fun, however, and you may get your dues for a job well done. It’s also a great time to give your appearance the royal treatment and perk yourself up! This is a creative and productive time, health-wise and work-wise. 
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