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Full Moon in Libra April 2020

Full Moon in Libra April 2020

We have a full moon in relationship star sign Libra on April 7th- 8th 2020, meaning it’s time to connect with loved ones. Single and wishing you had a love of your own? The Libra moon brings all that into sharp focus, helping you figure out exactly what you want out of a relationship. 

Where is Libra in your horoscope? That is where relationships play a greater role in your life. It’s where you seek to cooperate, mediate or even compete and so actively engage with others. You seek harmony where you find Libra in your chart. Libra compares and contrasts, brings people together, partners up or creates opposition where things have tipped too far off one end of the scale.

The sun is always in Aries when the moon is full in Libra, highlighting your own desires in all this. This helps you figure out exactly where others fit into the equation. The Libra full moon is a chance to establish better give and take and restore your life to balance. It’s also your chance to tie up loose ends.

Working together is key wherever Libra shows up and this week highlights the need to come together with one another in fairness and harmony. Personal, professional, collaborative, romantic, business, political relationship - you name it - they’re all the rage right now. Venus in Gemini is extremely important for this April’s Libra Full Moon, putting the spotlight on keeping all communication channels open.

What does the April 2020 Full Moon affect your zodiac sign?

The full moon in Libra shines a spotlight on relationships in different life arenas for each star sign. What is it for you? Is it a personal relationship? Is it a friendship or business partnership? Time to put old gripes to bed. Check out your star sign!


Things are simple for you, dear Aries. A thing does what it says on the box. And so the Libra full moon represents a big relationship moment! You are reaching a turning point in a relationship or agreement and in how you deal with others in general. You tend to be quick off the mark with your words but this is no time for recriminations. Take responsibility for what you bring into the equation! Are you under pressure to conform? Well, you certainly can't do that but do try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a change. Turn the page. Restore your relationships to balance.

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Good riddance to bad habits! This full moon marks the delivery of a work project that’s really taken it out of you, putting a crimp on your sense of hope or expansion. Or it could also be a health concern that comes to light. You might feel tempted to blame others for all this but it’s no use. Focus on restoring your daily routine to balance, whether this means your working routine or your diet and exercise habits. Do you have all the requisite nutrients in your body? Working relationships are also highlighted. An old work contract might come to an end. 

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This full moon might well bring a past lover into your life, dear Gemini, urging you to carefully consider where your loyalties lie. Do you still hold a torch for someone? Be honest about it! The Libra full moon could also reignite your passion for baby-making or some creative project that you had put on the back burner. Rekindle that dream! Financial issues, as well as questions of trust, raise their ugly head. Put any anger or blame you may feel to bed and turn your face toward greater joy.

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This Libra full moon represents an ending of sorts for you, dear Cancer. It’s the 'end of the affair' - now what affair is that? It could be anything from a personal relationship to a living situation or even a work situation. The important thing is that it’s been going on for some time and you’ll be glad to rid yourself of it at last. You’re in the process of recalibrating your life direction and you need to keep yourself in balance, psychologically, as you do so, despite the great demands placed on you by others. A home, residence, family or property matter could also come to a head.

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Words spoken in anger won’t serve you, dear Leo. There’s so much going on in your world right now and it’s driving you to distraction! You are having a mini crisis with people in your immediate environment. You want greater freedom of movement and it’s time to have it out with those who want to restrict your movements with all their shoulds and musts. A trip or piece of news could change the way you think and function. If your car or computer plays up, it's time to rethink the way you connect to the world.

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How do you earn your income, dear Virgo? If it’s all work and no play, it’s time to rethink your entire money making strategy. You might receive a cheque that’s long overdue or a business contract might come to an end. If it’s been unpleasant, it’s time to turn the page and find more joyous ways to earn an income that make better use of your talents and resources. You might also experience a mini financial crisis at this point - maybe a great expense? - and revisit an old source of financial support for help.

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The spotlight is on you, dear Libra! An old gripe might come back to haunt you now - maybe this is a past relationship or a problem with your current one that’s been troubling you for a while. This brings to light any anger and resentment you may still carry. Great. It’s an opportunity to clear it all up and wash the past right out of your hair! This is an important moment, when something you care about finally comes full circle. You now have a clear sense of where you stand with respect to someone, which makes it easier to move on.

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There’s a secretive element to this full moon, dear Scorpio. Maybe you’re busy with a big project behind the scenes? Maybe you have a secret crush on someone? Or maybe you’re dealing with office politics or going for a bunch of hospital check ups? Secrets are sure to come to light! You might not like what you hear but it’s better that you know. This gives you the chance to change your tactics, go back and rework something, review a relationship with a colleague or change your daily habits. Clean up your act and be ready to make your move when the time comes!

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Who can you share your dreams with, dear Sagittarius? A dream-love or ambitious project of yours is reaching critical mass! The road looks to be a little rocky. Maybe you don’t have the wherewithal to get to where you want to be? Maybe you lack the money? Or maybe all you lack is the self confidence to go for it? It’s back to the drawing board. If this is a love affair you’re dreaming of, try to listen to your heart more closely - maybe it’s changing its tune? If it’s a creative project, it’s time to fine tune your ideas then pick your people more carefully.

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You have so many duties and obligations to meet, dear Capricorn, and yes, you are no stranger to that. You’re called to step up to the plate and assume a more active, high visibility role now. Your ideas are at the heart of this project and it needs your expert guidance. You have the dynamism and experience it takes to push forth but you’re also feeling tired. Pace yourself to avoid burn out. Professional relationships are highlighted - especially where you might have power over someone or they over you. One particular such association might change or end for good.

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Life is calling you to stretch beyond your comfort zone, dear Aquarius. A relationship with someone from abroad could reach critical mass and cause you to reconsider the way you view life. This could also pertain to someone who is an expert in their field or someone from the travel, legal, academic or media industries. The news that comes in could bring old demons to light, urging you to be more aware of the hidden dimensions of a particular endeavour. A marketing or publishing project, one in which you have been largely involved behind the scenes, is finally complete.

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This is an empowering full moon for you, dear Pisces! It’s a moment of personal transformation, allowing you to disentangle yourself from a certain relationship that's no good for you. This could be of a personal or financial nature - or both of course. A financial crisis causing you to depend on others for assistance brings greater clarity about how you want to manage your personal finances and resources from now on. A gift comes with strings attached. This could also be a time of physical (or even sexual!) transformation, when a blockage is removed from your body.

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