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Full Moon in Pisces, September 2020

Full Moon in Pisces, September 2020

On September 2nd, 2020 we have a magical, spellbinding Full Moon in Pisces. This can be the most romantic, shimmering and enchanting full moon! Like the silver moonlight reflected in the waters, it can hypnotise you, put you in its thrall or even throw you off course with its magic tricks. Is it true love or illusion? Are you on the right path or merely being played for a fool? Only time will tell. For now give yourself permission to daydream. Let visions and images take you by surprise! 

Full Moon in Pisces Meaning

This Pisces full moon lends power to your dreams. This is a Micro Moon - far from the earth and appearing small. So pay attention to even your smallest dreams. Your tiniest hunches. Your faintest hopes and wishes…And weave them in.

And if it all gets too much? You can always draw on the sun in Virgo, Pisces' opposite sign, and use a simple, practical task to ground yourself - perhaps some absent-minded dusting? - until the mood passes. Virgo is all about getting down to business, being practical, punctual and productive. Pisces, on the other hand, is dreamy, hates routines and needs time out just to daydream. Both Pisces and Virgo are the two signs in the zodiac that want to help others and to relieve suffering in the world. This would be a good time to volunteer, to connect with those who are less fortunate than you are. Even just sending a prayer to those who are less fortunate than you makes a difference.

September 2020 Full Moon: it’s dreamy & it’ll hypnotize you!

At the time of this Full Moon in Pisces, on September 2020 gives yourself permission to relinquish your schedules, appointments, or important emails and phone calls, just for the day or even part of the day. Take time out to focus on your spiritual self, meditate, be near water, and allow yourself to imagine and visualise how you would like your world to be. Some of the answers to your problems and challenges can come easily to you if you free yourself from your daily responsibilities just for this short time.

Studies have shown that if you return to a difficult task after you have taken a break, you are much more likely to come up with a creative solution than if you keep struggling to come up with an answer. 

So, give yourself permission to do less, to receive rather than to keep on giving and pushing outwards. This is a time of going inwards: get your answers from within rather than looking outside of yourself!

Embrace your daydreams during this Full Moon in Pisces. This may help you to come up with powerful insights into your future. Listen especially carefully to your dreams as they can assist you in resolving deep emotional and psychological issues. It’s a good idea to have a pen and pad by your bed so that when you wake up you can jot down your dream before you forget it.

Allow yourself to get lost in a movie, a play or some music that’s so absorbing that you forget your problems completely for a while.

Enjoy the world in soft focus!

Good things to do during the magical Full Moon in Pisces

  •  Give something away that you no longer need or use
  •  Explore your intuitive or psychic abilities
  •  Find something you have lost
  •  Meditate
  •  Radiate peacefulness and calm
  •  Do some creative writing e.g. start a romance story
  •  Study astrology, tarot, runes, or anything esoteric
  •  Dance, write poetry, paint, play music
  •  Spend time in nature, especially near water
  •  Get or give a massage or any kind of gentle bodywork
  •  Explore virtual reality
  •  Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  •  Donate to a charity that you feel passionate about
  • Take a nap
  • Make a film, video or anything visual

Challenges of the Pisces Full Moon 2020

One of the challenges of the Piscean energy is that can be very naïve. During this Full Moon in Pisces be careful about being taken in by a sob story. Someone may sound so convincing that they need money from you, and this could even be a family member, but if you cannot afford it, or your intuition is telling you not to, then don’t do it. Better to feel a little guilty for a short while than to part with your hard-earned money and later regret it.

Another potential difficulty during this Full Moon in Pisces is the tendency to want to flee from the world you are living in and use alcohol or other mind-altering substances to relieve the stresses you may be feeling. Pisces often doesn’t know when to stop, so if you feel this urge to escape, either do it in moderation, or try to use this energy in a more constructive way.

Will the September 2020 Full Moon make your dreams come true?

Give yourself permission to go with the flow of the moment. Fully immerse yourself in the now. Tune into subtle changes in your environment and move just like the Piscean fish, freely and easily. So many of the limitations we place on ourselves are self-created. Use this Full Moon in Pisces to see your world without boundaries and responsibilities. See the interconnectedness of everything on our planet and beyond.

How will the Full Moon in Pisces influence your Zodiac Sign?

Here’s the horoscope for your zodiac sign for this mesmerising September 2nd, 2020 full moon in Pisces!


You’re normally a highly active and outgoing sign, but during this Full Moon in Pisces it’s time to take a step back from the hustle and bustle and feed your spirit, dear Aries. Maybe you feel like taking a bit of time for yourself? It’s time to heal and recover, to meditate and to relinquish control. An answer you seek could come to you in a dream. Let go and let God.

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You’re full of hopes and dreams for the future, dear Taurus, and these are now coming to fullness! You can see clearly what you aspire toward and even if it is a little unrealistic, it tantalises your creative imagination and inspires you onwards. This could also be a time of worldly rewards, glamorous invitations or unconditional love and forgiveness in your social circle. 

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You’re fashioning the crowning jewel of your achievements, dear Gemini and it’s made out of the stuff of dreams! Fame? Notoriety? Yes, you bet. If you work in the helping or creative professions, this full moon signifies a victory that bestows on you a super-glamorous image and even cult status. Enjoy every minute of it! 

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It’s time for the great escape! Get ready to take flight, dear Cancer! You’re dreaming of far away places, magical holidays by the water, moving abroad, publishing your ideas or trying a different way of life altogether. Is it really possible? You cannot tell right now. But this full moon in Pisces gives you permission to dream! Every great achievement was thought impossible once.

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Get ready to experience hot sexual ecstasy, dear Leo. Even if you’re single or in a platonic relationship, it’s the feeling of intimacy that matters most now, wherever you can get it. This is a transformative full moon in Pisces when you can be cleansed of your fears and open up to others. Still, don’t sign over the keys to the kingdom quite yet.

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Wedding vows are for better or for worse and nowhere does it say that you can control or micromanage your partner. Let go, dear Virgo! This full moon could bring you relationship bliss! Use it to daydream together, live the romance and never mind the nitty gritty. Single Virgo? You’re calling to you the relationship of your dreams. Public involvements bring creative inspiration.

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Are your allergies playing up, dear Libra? You’re extra sensitive to substances and toxins at this full moon so take it easy. Forget schedules and appointments and use your time more intuitively. A work project or service you offer could be reaching a climax, bringing great satisfaction, especially if it is something you believe in.

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You’re ready to risk everything for love, dear Scorpio! Ditto for a child or to get a labour of love off the ground. Single or hitched, this is the most romantic full moon of 2018 for you. You’re normally a hardy sign but someone or something is about to turn your heart to jelly! Your creative inspiration is peaking right now too. Go for it!

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Has a fairy suddenly waved her magic wand and turned your humble abode into a sparkling palace, dear Sagittarius? Your home is shimmering with an otherworldly hue. Maybe you’re turning it into an artist’s studio, buying a beautiful picture or using it as a source of creative inspiration. Your family could also be bringing out your more altruistic tendencies.

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Words have the power to hypnotise, dear Capricorn! Yours or someone else’s. If you work in media and communications, your work is now reaching a creative high, spreading and inspiring everyone around you! This is also a fabulous time for a short romantic getaway with your sweetheart, preferably by water. A love letter or romantic serenade is also a good idea.

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You’re ready to sacrifice everything for what you value most and is most dear to you, dear Aquarius. You’re pouring all your resources into a creative project, a dream or to help someone you love or those in need. This is a moment of financial realisations, when you have to let go of trying to control the situation and trust in a higher power to see you through. 

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This is personal high, dear Pisces! Your creativity is flowing and you’re radiating a magical aura that mesmerizes everyone around you! Your emotions could get the better of you, making you hyper-sensitive, flushing out negativity and opening you up to higher dimensions of love. You’re ready to redefine how you see yourself and how you project your identity to the world. Trust in your intuition!

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