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Full Moon in Pisces: Your Dreams Can Come True!

Full Moon in Pisces: Your Dreams Can Come True!
On the 9th of September we have a magical, mystical and intuitive Full Moon in Pisces at 16 degrees.
At the time of the Full Moon, the Sun is exactly opposite the Moon – in this case, we have Sun in Virgo.  Virgo is all about getting down to business, being practical, punctual and productive. Pisces, on the other hand, is dreamy, hates routines and needs time out just to daydream.
At the time of this Full Moon in Pisces, give yourself permission to relinquish your schedules, appointments, or important emails and phone calls, just for the day or even part of the day. Take time out to focus on your spiritual self, meditate, be near water, and allow yourself to imagine and visualise how you would like your world to be. Some of the answers to your problems and challenges can come easily to you if you free yourself from your daily responsibilities just for this short time.
Einstein, Newton and some of the greatest inventors and scientists who ever lived got answers when they allowed their mind to wander. Newton developed his theory of gravity when he happened to see an apple falling from a tree. Einstein is believed to have imagined that he was riding a sunbeam to the edge of the universe when he began his investigations into the theory of relativity.
Studies have shown that if you return to a difficult task after you have taken a break, you are much more likely to come up with a creative solution than if you keep struggling to come up with an answer. 
So, give yourself permission to do less, to receive rather than to keep on giving and pushing outwards. This is a time of going inwards: get your answers from within rather than looking outside of yourself!
Embrace your daydreams during this Full Moon in Pisces. This may help you to come up with powerful insights into your future. Listen especially carefully to your dreams as they can assist you in resolving deep emotional and psychological issues. It’s a good idea to have a pen and pad by your bed so that when you wake up you can jot down your dream before you forget it.
Allow yourself to get lost in a movie, a play or some music that’s so absorbing that you forget your problems completely for a while.

Good things to do during the Pisces Full Moon

·      Give something away that you no longer need or use
·      Explore your intuitive or psychic abilities
·      Find something you have lost
·      Meditate
·      Radiate peacefulness and calm
·      Do some creative writing e.g. start a romance story
·      Study astrology, tarot, runes, or anything esoteric
·      Dance, write poetry, paint, play music
·      Spend time in nature, especially near water
·      Get or give a massage or any kind of gentle bodywork
·      Explore virtual reality
·      Volunteer at a homeless shelter
·      Donate to a charity that you feel passionate about
·      Take a nap
·      Make a film, video or anything visual
Give yourself permission to go with the flow of the moment. Fully immerse yourself in the now. Tune into subtle changes in your environment and move just like the Piscean fish, freely and easily. So many of the limitations we place on ourselves are self-created. Use this Full Moon in Pisces to see your world without boundaries and responsibilities. See the interconnectedness of everything on our planet and beyond.
One of the challenges of the Piscean energy is that can be very naïve. During this Full Moon in Pisces be careful about being taken in by a sob story. Someone may sound so convincing that they need money from you, and this could even be a family member, but if you cannot afford it, or your intuition is telling you not to, then don’t do it. Better to feel a little guilty for a short while than to part with your hard-earned money and later regret it.
Another potential difficulty during this Full Moon in Pisces is the tendency to want to flee from the world you are living in and use alcohol or other mind-altering substances to relieve the stresses you may be feeling. Pisces often doesn’t know when to stop, so if you feel this urge to escape, either do it in moderation, or try to use this energy in a more constructive way.
Both Pisces and Virgo are the two signs in the zodiac that want to help others and to relieve suffering in the world. This would be a good time to volunteer, to connect with those who are less fortunate than you are. Even just sending a prayer to those who are less fortunate than you makes a difference.
This quote from Mahatma Gandhi perfectly summarises the energies of this Full Moon in Pisces:

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” 

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