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Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2019

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2019

On Monday 17 June 2019 we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius. This Moon gets full in an optimistic, wide-ranging and long-sighted sign so we’ll all benefit from an upbeat and immensely positive energy. This Full Moon can bring a goal you’ve been working on to fruition, or you may release some heavy baggage you’ve been carrying around with you. The sign of Sagittarius trumpets in a whole host of great things for us all. Like the moon itself coming to the end of a cycle, it brings something to an end - possibly something you tried and failed during the last period - allowing you to make a new beginning, when the moon is at its furthest point from the sun like this.

Here are some of this full moon’s brightest assets:

Mind over matter

Some of us will be hit by the realisation that we can take what we’ve been working on/ruminating on, and offer it up to the wider world with greater confidence. It’s about shooting the ball through the hoop, even in the face of some pretty nifty defence.

Thinking more philosophically about problems comes naturally when the moon is feeling lucky, and it switches on blue-sky thinking and ensures that we always see the bigger picture. It all comes down to the power of thinking ourselves successful, rich, loved etc.


Sagittarius is a sign that likes to keep topping up the glass, so it could very well herald party time. If not a party then it could be some sort of big announcement, possibly connected to somebody deciding to up sticks and move a distance away, possibly abroad.


It’s all about the big idea, being a bit of a terrier, and not taking ‘no’ for an answer.  The positive side of the Sagittarian ideal is expanded horizons; its shadowy side is an inflated sense of our own importance, so there’s an even finer line between confidence and arrogance. It can also serve to whet our appetites for the good life, so this might be a week when the diet takes a bit of a beating. If this is the outcome, then enjoy it without wrapping it up in guilt.

You Should Be So Lucky

Waves of optimism break over our lives, and with them a fair share of lucky energy. Sagittarius has a habit of being in the right place at the right time, and there’s lots of this energy to go round right now, so it’s entirely up to each and every one of us to grab it.

The Joy of Sag

It’s a two-magpie kind of time, and Sagittarius is the joker of the pack, so a sense of humour always comes in handy, likewise not taking scenarios or people too seriously. This can help us take a step back and not invest too heavily in other people’s emotional dramas and woes.


Whenever Sagittarius is involved, the urge to travel for a holiday and adventure grips us. Some of us therefore might be hit by the wanderlust right here and now, or be consumed by a need to gather the family around and plan a holiday. Maybe something slightly more adventurous than usual - even venturing a little bit further this week than you would ordinarily. 

Good things to do:

  • Find excitement in whatever you’re doing
  • Go somewhere you’ve never been to before
  • Enrol on a course or start teaching your own classes
  • Find more ways to have fun
  • Stretch your boundaries
  • Find a deeper meaning in your life
  • Meditate, do yoga, tai chi, anything that brings stillness
  • Be generous
  • Go on an adventure
  • Publish a book, article, blog, share a video
  • Think about the future and what you want to achieve
  • Plan a big trip to a country you’ve never visited
  • Find a mentor or be inspirational to someone
  • See everything from a positive angle
  • Take up a new sport or way of exercising
  • Write or tell a story
  • Appreciate the abundance all around you
  • Find ways to celebrate your life and count your blessings

Read on what this Full Moon in Sagittarius means and how it affects your zodiac sign!

How will the full moon in June 2019 affect my zodiac sign?

This full moon in Sagittarius is really a very good opportunity to gain clarity and derive meaning from your current life challenges. If you've been feeling trapped and uninspired lately, it's time to inject your life with fresh hope, vision and meaning! This is an explorative full moon, when you can survey all the wonderful possibilities that open up before you. A plan, project, idea or vision you’ve had may come to a natural conclusion now: you achieved what you set out to do. And even if not, this matter will no longer be relevant to the concerns that will occupy you in the future. Disagreements now may come down to a difference in creed. Time to speak your truth. Time to take a broader perspective to your problems. Time to spread your wings! 

Aries zodiac sign

The Sagittarius full moon presents you with a reality check, Aries. You’ve been on a quest for adventure for the past couple of years and it’s time to take stock. You might arrive at a realization, a legal matter may culminate or you may recognize a need to find greater meaning in your life. An important journey could be in order. This full moon could also signify the culmination of a college degree, PR or publishing project. Others are lucky for you. Let them show you a different way!

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Taurus zodiac sign

This is a highly transformative full moon, dear Taurus. It may bring a financial reality check or it could be that your efforts to seal a business deal or take your relationship to the next intimacy level are finally bearing fruit. Events concerning a loan or financial agreement could be coming to a head - or you might need an operation to get yourself back into health. Ultimately, this can lead to positive lifestyle changes!

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Gemini zodiac sign

This is a big moment for your relationship, dear Gemini! A particular union or business partnership could be coming full circle, with one important crowning moment to seal the deal and make you realize where you stand with respect to another and how they feel about you. The cause for all this could be a child, your own need for more romantic freedom or it could be a creative project. This is a good time to reach out to others and showcase your talents, especially if you’re been laying the groundwork!

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Cancer zodiac sign

A major work project seems to be coming full circle, Cancer. This is something you’ve poured your energy into for two years now and you finally see that it can pretty much run on its own. If there are still tweaks to be made, you’ll soon know. If you’ve been looking for work for a while now, you should know the result of your efforts very close to this full moon - even if there are still details to be worked out. A health matter may also need to be addressed at this time. Events promise to help you establish a new base and a sense of security and self-reliance.

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Leo zodiac sign

You’ve been on a steep learning curve when it comes to love and romance, dear Leo! You’ve been examining the contents of your heart and trying to figure out what you really want - sometimes with people who would normally not be within your sights. Nonetheless, you’ve pulled through and if you’ve been doing your homework the universe is about to give you a big pat on the back! If not, one last lesson is in store to put you on your merry way. If you’re involved in a creative project, it’s time to get your voice heard, big time!

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Virgo zodiac sign

This Sagittarius full moon is a big moment for your home and family life, dear Virgo! Your personal life has pretty much taken over in the past couple of years - whether with a home renovation project, or because a parent needed your help or maybe because you’ve been busy building a family of your own. It’s time to count your blessings and see where your efforts have led you. Your life is about to become that much richer and more rewarding! 

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Libra zodiac sign

Have you been refusing to face the truth, dear Libra? Or maybe you’ve been a trainee for far too long and you’re ready to show the world how much you’ve learned? This Sagittarius full moon brings important news and communications. Is it time to have that conversations you’ve been avoiding? A big media or writing project could also culminate, meaning you’re ready to take on the world and put your own personal stamp on it! 

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Scorpio zodiac sign

A big expense looks to be coming your way, dear Scorpio. Money matters heat up at this Sagittarius full moon but chances are you’re already clued up about it, if you’ve been paying attention. This is something you expect. It’s an investment in your future security and prosperity. You’re ready to pay your dues to acquire something of greater value. Selfless giving is returned to you tenfold by the universe so take that plunge! You have a guardian angel. 

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Sagittarius zodiac sign

This is a very important moment for you, dear Sagittarius! Something big is coming full circle and whether you’ve passed the test or still have one final lesson to complete, this is the moment when your new and more mature identity crystalizes into something truly special. You’re very popular right now, everybody wants to be your friend and you’ll find that you can make your mark!

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Capricorn zodiac sign

You’ll want to take the phone off the hook and rest, dear Capricorn. It's a time to give freely of yourself and pay back old favors, wiping the slate clean. It might also be time for one big selfless action or for a retreat, therapy or other under-the-radar event to help you connect with a lost part of yourself. If you've been deaf to your soul whispering to you for the past two years and you’re still trying to do business as usual, then you could get a major reality check at this full moon, urging you to take time off and let go. New horizons open up before you!

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Aquarius zodiac sign

Is there some major social event about to take place? Are you the guest of honor? This is a time of substantial rewards, Aquarius, when something you’ve dreamed of could be finally coming to pass! It could also be an important reality check in a friendship: you may have to pay back a favor or ask your circle of friends for support. If you play your cards right you’ll find that your stock is rising and that you’re very respected in your community indeed. This allows you to spread your wings and feel a greater sense of freedom! 

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Pisces zodiac sign

Who are you in the eyes of the world, dear Pisces? What do you stand for? This is a very important moment for you career-wise and more generally in your sense of life direction. If you’ve been shirking your responsibilities, this Sagittarius full moon will give you one last chance to stand tall and carry your load. But if you’ve risen to the challenge over the past couple of years then you’ll stand at the summit at this full moon and take stock of how far you’ve come! All this comes with financial perks too! And closer love bonds to boot.

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