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Full Moon in Sagittarius...Again: Each Ending is a New Beginning!

Full Moon in Sagittarius...Again: Each Ending is a New Beginning!

The Moon is full, again in Sagittarius, the archer, midday Monday in the UK (12:02 BST) on June 20th. This brings something to an end - possibly something you tried and failed to finish in May - allowing you to make a new beginning.

This full moon is at the very last degree of Sagittarius. This is the degree of completion. But it is also the degree of last chances. If there is something you still need to do at the 11th hour, this is your final chance to get it cleared up. A plan, project, idea or vision you’ve had may come to a natural conclusion now: you achieved what you set out to do. And even if not, this matter will no longer be relevant to the concerns that will occupy you in the future. 

We've had another full moon in Sagittarius last month (May 22nd) and this one brings Act II in the series, activating themes that were on your mind then.  When we have two full moons in the same sign, the universe wants to make sure you sit up and pay attention! Whatever house Sagittarius rules in your chart will be a hotbed of activity - especially as we also have Mars and Saturn rocking the boat. Mars turned retrograde in Sagittarius back in April and will pass through the sign again this August and September to finish the job. And Saturn is to remain in Sagittarius till December 2017, urging you to adopt a more philosophical approach. So, this full moon in Sagittarius is really a very good opportunity to gain clarity and derive meaning from your current life challenges. It can also help you release any physical tension you've been under since May 22nd.

Communications may be difficult (and negative thinking a danger!) during this full moon, as Mercury in Gemini forms a grand cross with the Saturn-Neptune square and Jupiter in Virgo. But a breakthrough is possible as Uranus in Aries, planet of freedom and innovation trines the moon. The moon's ruler, Jupiter also completes a lucky aspect within days and this may bring an important gift or major opportunity for you! So don't let negative thoughts get you down. Look for your opportunity instead. Read Jupiter trine Pluto: where is you luck? to find out what this could be for you.

Whatever culminates for you this weekend, it’s time for new vistas. So climb to the top of the mast and get a good view of the horizon. New adventures beckon!

Your June Full Moon in Sagittarius Horoscope

To see where it's all happening for you right now read your star-sign below. For a more in depth look at what all this means for you personally, dial 0207 111 6384 and consult with one of our friendly astrologers!


This year is intent on expanding your horizons and May-June particularly so. Just back from a recent trip? Well pack your bags again because you may take off once more- this time for far away places. If you've been waiting to finalise a trip now's your chance. It may also be a media project that culminates now, or a chance to re-sit an exam or consult a specialist on an important matter that comes to pass. This is an exciting and inspirational full moon, dear Aries, when you're up for an adventure! Dying for a holiday but unsure where to? Find out what holiday suits your star sign best in holidays from heaven!


Life has been intense of late due to financial obligations and major changes in your relationships. Financial arrangements you have with others come into the spotlight now: you may open a joint account, get a final answer on your mortgage or sort out a credit card. You may also find yourself in close quarters with others that reinforce your bonds. Either way, this full moon can help you gain clarity on an intimate, personal or financial matter that brings a sense of release and relief. All tangled up in intricate financial complications? Here’s a clue on how to proceed in the star-signs and money.


Relationships are a huge theme for you this year when it seems you cannot do anything without the go ahead from others. This full moon brings a final answer from someone who's being difficult, shedding light on the exact nature of your relationship. If things are getting heavy, your friends provide a much needed breath of fresh air. Go to them for a helping hand. You may also want to get all clued up when it comes to compatibility between the star-signs.


Work is a major theme for you these days. Have you been working hard on a project with no end in sight? Or maybe you've been looking for a job and it's been hard to make sense of what's going on? This full moon is here to bring work-matters to a conclusion, shed light on the situation and give your career a boost too. You may hit a breakthrough in your job search or receive praise for a job well done. If you've been very stressed since May, your health may play up too however: time to take better care of yourself. Still looking for your true vocation? Astrology can tell you what you need to know, so have a look at your vocation and astrology.


Leo rules the heart, where love and joy reside, and chances are your love life has been taking up all your attention of late. A love affair culminates at this full moon, showing you clearly where your romance is headed. Insecurity eating away at you? Here’s five signs that your partner is really into you! Alternatively it could be the joy of children or a creative project that comes into the spotlight. This is a second chance at launching your business successfully, trying for a child, opening your heart or finishing a creative endeavour. It's a second chance at happiness so grasp it! A surprise trip may be involved, your marketing campaign could come up trumps or you may receive help from a mentor.


Home and family are eclipsing everything else these days and a home or family matter culminates around June 20th, giving you much needed clarity. This is an excellent time for therapy when you can reach a personal breakthrough. The finances for a real estate matter may also come through now. On a deeper level you are now digging down deep and building the foundations for your future. It may be dark down there but in years to come you will have plenty to show for it. If you would like to consult a psychic but are feeling unsure as to what to expect, check out our psychic blog. There you can read all about what to expect from a good psychic reading plus any red flags to watch out for.


This full moon brings travel, talk and commotion. You may be taking a trip or returning from your travels; or you may have a repeat conversation, finalize a piece of writing, sort out a family dispute, sign a contract or uncover information that you've been trying to get at for months now. Others - who are always full of surprises these days - may play a key role in these revelations. You may also gain information that allows you to break free of someone's hold. Struggling to get your message across? Worried about how your words will be received? Timing is key! Plan ahead with the planetary hours!


Money has been a huge headache for the past twelve months and it has your attention once more now. A financial matter is coming to a head, giving you a clearer overview as to your income and outgoings. A check may finally arrive due to work well done, you may decide to find clever ways to save, get a good assistant or pay one final expense - for instance for a holiday. A health matter that you have been waiting on could get cleared up now too. Find out how to make your money - and talents - go further in Astrology and your Finances!


You've been working hard toward achieving your goals and this full moon brings matters to a head. This is a hugely important moment, marking the achievement of something very dear to you - doubly so if your birthday falls around December 20th. This could be a victory on the business front, a creative project that finally gets the go ahead, happy news surrounding a child or it could be your love life that is finally looking up. Whatever it is you are finally free to move forward. This is a seminal year for you, dear Sag, a rite of passage when everything is up for grabs. Get some peace of mind by seeing your destiny revealed with our report whilst it's on special offer!


It seems you've been working hard behind the scenes on a hush hush or highly exclusive project, which isolates you from your friends and family. If so, June 20th will bring a major turning point, allowing you to finally see the finish line. Things flow especially quickly if real-estate is involved or if this is a family affair. If you've been cooped away due to an illness this may come to an end now. A clandestine affair could also come into the light - be ready. This full moon is full of revelations, which can bring a psychological breakthrough, unleashing pent up energy. Would you like a different perspective? Read your 2016 Chinese horoscope!


Your social calendar is bursting at the seams once more. Are you preparing for a major social event? Get ready to dazzle others with your brilliant conversation! You're surrounded by exciting people and this stimulates your mind. A friendship may reach a turning point now too - this is a last chance to open communication channels with your pal. Events now also seem to put a seal of approval on your lengthy efforts to establish yourself in certain circles. A short trip, a letter, your brother or the media may be a catalyst for this. Look the part with our weekly fashion horoscope!


This full moon brings a matter involving your career, relationship status or reputation (or an issue with a superior or parent) to culmination. It may bring a long-awaited promotion with a pay-check to boot. Or it may simply show you the way to greater freedom and autonomy. Is it all happening in your career? Stay a step ahead with your career analysis report: find your niche and succeed! Your responsibilities are on the increase and this full moon shows you exactly where you stand on that score. It's also your last chance to sort matters out with your boss, parent or in-law. If you have been holding tension in your body, you can now finally hit 'release'...

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