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Full Moon in Scorpio May 2019

Full Moon in Scorpio May 2019

We have an intense, sexy, juicy Full Moon in smouldering Scorpio on 18 May 2019, at 21:11 GMT/ 02:11 PT. Get ready to experience life in the raw - a taste of living on the edge - and for passions to run high!

As a fixed water sign, Scorpio is powerful and determined. It doesn’t give up, it’s resistant to change and can be very stubborn. Scorpio rules sex, money, secrets and the cycle of life and death. It rules our survival instincts and primitive desires - subjects which are often taboo and difficult to talk about. Relationships may reach a crisis point, as primal feelings get awakened during the full moon in Scorpio. As a water sign, Scorpio is also a healer. If you allow things to come out, they have a chance to heal. If they lie within, they fester.

Scorpio is also the detective of the zodiac, with an unrelenting desire for the naked truth, no matter what. So this full moon may bring some powerful revelations your way. No half measures where Scorpio is concerned! Scorpio's ruler, Pluto in Capricorn sends this Full Moon a supportive beam. So it may well be that this weekend reveals to you the best way to transform your life and purge it of inessentials, even if it has to take you to extremes to do so!

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What does the May 2019 Full Moon mean?

This full moon represents a shamanic initiation where the soul's darker elements rise up to the surface to be faced, transmuted or released. Whatever happens, whether in your personal or working life, it will urge you to sit up and take notice of any unacknowledged anger, lust, jealousy, fear or shame and do something about it. This can be a transformative experience as it takes huge amounts of energy to suppress a difficult emotion! Once it is released, you will feel invigorated, empowered and able to relate to others more deeply! 

When the Moon in Scorpio is full we always have Sun in Taurus, Scorpio's opposite sign. This provides the counterpoint for Scorpio's emotional intensity, reminding you to remain calm and sensible and to keep both feet firmly on the ground. It would also be wise to keep an eye on your expenses, as Taurus and Scorpio also rule money. The image is one of intense pleasures done in excess, generosity to a fault and everything over the top, putting on an opulent and phantasmagoric show! 

Taurus is just the opposite of Scorpio. Taurus wants a peaceful life, security, stability, serenity. Taurus’ motto is: don’t rock the boat, let’s prepare and save money for the future, let’s live off the land and do anything we possibly can to prepare ourselves for any eventuality. Taurus hates to be surprised and tries to accumulate possessions and assets to give it a feeling of safety. You’ll find that most Taurus people have a little money in reserve. If they don’t have a nest egg, they’ll be very anxious until they do accumulate some wealth.

Scorpio, on the other hand, wants to eliminate and purge anything that is no longer of any value. It wants to go below the surface, to shake out all the skeletons in the closet and to bring them to the light. You can’t hide from your inner self during this full Moon. All your secrets will be revealed. You can try, but it won’t feel good. Scorpio’s nature is to dig out what’s unhealthy and to face the unpleasant things we’ve been avoiding, sometimes things that stem from childhood that have been influencing our relationships negatively for much of our life.

How to use the energy of the Full Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio encourages you to face your fears, to find security within yourself and not in your possessions. You might be questioning your true values. What does security mean to you? There are many rich and famous people who are always seeking more. It’s never enough. At what point do you say: This is enough for me? 

This full Moon in Scorpio is the best for making radical changes in your life. Keep in mind that the Scorpion does have that sting in its tail. Decisions and choices that you make during this period are likely to be final. There will be no turning back. Scorpio follows Libra. Libra sees everything in shades of grey: ‘what’s your opinion?’ ‘would you like to talk about this?’ etc., whereas Scorpio sees the world in black and white. If someone’s been unfaithful to them, that’s the end. No discussion, no return, it’s over. That’s the kind of energy that’s being called from you during this full Moon.

This Full Moon in Scorpio could trigger endings and separations in your life making the way for a rebirth. Keep in mind, if you take the risk, if you get out of something that no longer makes you happy, you open up new possibilities. You make space. This is the benefit of this Full Moon.

How will the Full Moon affect your love life?

Scorpio does want to merge with another person at the deepest level. If you’re already in a relationship you might become more aware of what separates you from being more intimate with your partner. It could be fear issues, lack of trust, wounds from previous relationships. If you’re single, you might feel alone and a strong desire to connect with someone on a deep level. It’s time to be honest with yourself and with others. Ultimately it’s freeing although it might be painful at the time. You may want to check out your Single Love Horoscope for 2019.

With Scorpio and Taurus being the zodiac's quintessential signs of sex and lust, the long weekend is also shaping up to be quite a sultry affair... 

'You never know what's enough until you know what's more than enough' 

'The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom'

Sometimes overdoing a good thing is all you need to set yourself on the right path... Like when you binge on your favourite food, then you never want to touch the darned thing again for a good long while...

Scorpio Full Moon May 2019 meaning for your zodiac sign

This full moon brings a different initiation into life's mysteries for each star-sign. An intense roller-coaster of emotion to turn your world upside down and tantalise your senses! Read yours!

Have you been covering anything up in your life? It may well come out during this Full Moon in Scorpio. Our team of expert psychics are on stand-by on 0207 111 6304 for the UK, or 1877 608 3731 from the USA to prepare you for what's about to be revealed soon!


Talk about an intense emotional catharsis! This full moon is all about how you share your energy with others - both financially and sexually, dear Aries. There may be some huge expense for the purpose of fun and recreation and you may be tempted to live it big! Events will urge you to look at your finances and personal resources more closely and examine all your emotional exchanges. A spotlight falls on intimate bonds, love and the values you share. It's time to get closer with someone in the spirit of fun and romance!


This full moon is all about your relationships and contracts with others, holding back no punches, dear Taurus. Your encounters - both professional and personal - are about to get far more intense and a home, family or residence matter may fuel the crisis further, raising the volume to the max! Whatever is going on with your spouse or business partner will urge you to think more closely about yourself and the things you want out of life. If it gets too much, pull back and find your centre.


You may experience this full moon like a physical and spiritual catharsis, dear Gemini, as it shines a penetrative light on your work, your health and the details that keep your life ticking over. You may experience a healing crisis, as the full moon draws out old poisons in the form of emotion that has been trapped in your body thereby freeing up pent up energy! Communications may prove a little over the top too, but speaking up and gathering information is a crucial component of this journey into initiation... Time to release, heal and rejuvenate!


This full moon shines a spotlight on fun! It's all about the things that make you happy and allow you to take risks and express yourself! At the same time it helps you get a clearer handle on your hopes and dreams for the future. It's time to do what makes your heart sing, dear Cancer! It's also time to think more closely about the people you want to associate with. Money and the promise of money has a big say on this matter, as do the values you hold. You may spend quite a bit to have fun and raise your spirits this weekend.


This full moon lights up your chart like a flare, dear Leo. The spotlight falls on your home and family, whilst also helping you clarify your path in life. And there you are in the middle of it all, generous to a fault and giving it all you've got! But you're also dreaming of bigger, better, more... Time to aim high! If you experience a crisis, either at home or on an inner, psychological level, it's here to help you get a clearer sense of your goals, aspirations and overall life-direction.


This full moon in Scorpio brings powerful news, travel and realisations your way - so much food for thought in fact that you may find it hard to digest! Communications may become intense, as the moon reveals some vital piece of information, bringing a spiritual catharsis and helping you take your life to the next level. Whatever happens now will urge you to question your overall philosophical outlook and take a broader perspective on your future. It may also urge you to think more carefully about a publishing or marketing project, or about your long term travel plans.


This full moon is all about how you handle your finances and whether you are making the most of your talents, dear Libra. You may experience a financial crisis and become more conscious of how you share your resources and what sort of financial arrangements (loans, grants, etc) can help you grow. On the other hand, you may be so ardent in pursuing your dreams or on impressing the right people that you overspend now! Friendships are also in the spotlight. The moon brings you clarity as to who you can trust.


The spotlight is on you! It's when the going gets tough that you come into your own and you are right in your element with this intense and transformative full moon in your sign, dear Scorpio. You may experience a personal crisis, redifining who you are and what you want out of life, pushed on, as you are, by great expectations and a desire to maintain a good public image. A spouse or business partner can help you keep it real. Indeed, this full moon will make it very clear where your relationships stand.


There is a powerful transformation going on, dear Sagittarius, but its all hush-hush, hidden away from prying eyes. This full moon is a psychological and spiritual catharsis for you, allowing you to transmute old poisons and release past hang-ups. Your sacrifice will be worth it, for there seems to be great opportunity for you either coming from abroad, or in terms of a marketing or publishing campaign that is leaving you little room for manoeuvre. Whatever transpires will clarify any health matters too as well as what it is you want out of your working life.


Your social house lights up with this full moon, dear Capricorn, so get ready for some powerful revelations in your social circle and overall community. This full moon is also hell-bent on purging you of ideals and aspirations that are no longer relevant to your life! There's bound to be some juicy secret that you are made privy to as your desire to delve under the surface and get to the truth is insatiable now. Events will also bring your own creative potential to light, making you aware of your capacity for love and joy.


This full moon signals a very public transformation for you, dear Aquarius, with your career, partnerships, family and home life all coming into sharp focus. Powerful revelations, as well as changes in your partnerships, may show you that it's time to shed an old and outworn public image and set new goals. Getting some privacy, clarifying who you are deep inside and securing your life's foundation is important during this time, so you can step off into the future on the right foot. 


This full moon is here to urge you to release your fears of the future and try something new! Pertinent facts about your situation may come to light that may affect your work or a health matter, urging you to widen your horizons. A crisis involving education, marketing or an international matter may bring on a need for a fresh approach. You're a sensitive sign and nervous stress is a possibility during this full moon, so if it all gets too much, make sure to get some rest and stick to the facts, pure and simple.

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