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Full Moon in Scorpio May 14th – Secrets Revealed!

Full Moon in Scorpio May 14th – Secrets Revealed!

"...The moon lives in the lining of your skin." 

Pablo Neruda

As a fixed water sign, Scorpio is powerful and determined. It doesn’t give up, it’s resistant to change and can be very stubborn.

At the time of the full Moon, the Sun is exactly opposite in Taurus, another fixed sign. Taurus is just the opposite of Scorpio. Taurus wants a peaceful life, security, stability, serenity. Taurus’ motto is: don’t rock the boat, let’s prepare and save money for the future, let’s live off the land and do anything we possibly can to prepare ourselves for any eventuality. Taurus hates to be surprised and tries to accumulate possessions and assets to give it a feeling of safety. You’ll find that most Taurus people have a little money in reserve. If they don’t have a nest egg, they’ll be very anxious until they do accumulate some wealth.
Scorpio, on the other hand, wants to eliminate and purge anything that is no longer of any value. It wants to go below the surface, to shake out all the skeletons in the closet and to bring them to the light. You can’t hide from your inner self during this full Moon. All your secrets will be revealed. You can try, but it won’t feel good. Scorpio’s nature is to dig out what’s unhealthy and to face the unpleasant things we’ve been avoiding, sometimes things that stem from childhood that have been influencing our relationships negatively for much of our life.
With Saturn being involved, many of you may feel a sense of loneliness, as though you are doing things alone. No one is there to help you. Scorpio gains its power from working things out for itself, not from relying on anyone else and finding the power within. It’s time to face anything unpleasant that you’ve been avoiding and not to hide from it. This is what this full Moon is all about. Saturn wants you to be ruthless. If you are in an abusive relationship, it’s time to face it, not to keep trying to put up with it, and to create an action plan as to how to get out of it.
If you are up to your ears in debt and you don’t know what to do about it, this full Moon in Scorpio gives you the opportunity to look at your options and if necessary, to seek help.
Scorpio is the greatest researcher. It leaves no stone unturned. You need to do the same at this time.
If you’ve been feeling unwell, or you’ve had some nagging pain that’s not going away, don’t avoid it. Get yourself checked out. Find out what’s going on. This is not a time to bury your head in the sand. It’s a time to face all the things you’ve been hiding from. It could be in your relationships, your finances, your work, your health, your family.
Scorpio, a water sign, is also a healer. If you allow things to come out, they have a chance to heal. If they lie within, they fester.
If you have something you need to communicate, do it.
True example: a Scorpio woman, aged 55, found it so difficult to communicate her emotions to her partner. She always bottled them up and had severe migraines as a result. She went for counselling and began to communicate her real feelings and her migraines miraculously disappeared.
Keep in mind that health issues arise in the long run because the physical body cannot be deceived.
This full Moon in Scorpio is the best for making radical changes in your life. Keep in mind that the Scorpion does have that sting in its tail. Decisions and choices that you make during this period are likely to be final. There will be no turning back. Scorpio follows Libra. Libra sees everything in shades of grey: ‘what’s your opinion?’ ‘would you like to talk about this?’ etc., whereas Scorpio sees the world in black and white. If someone’s been unfaithful to them, that’s the end. No discussion, no return, it’s over. That’s the kind of energy that’s being called from you during this full Moon.
Keep in mind, if you take the risk, if you get out of something that no longer makes you happy, you open up new possibilities. You make space. This is the benefit of this Full Moon.
Scorpio encourages you to face your fears, to find security within yourself and not in your possessions. You might be questioning your true values. What does security mean to you? There are many rich and famous people who are always seeking more. It’s never enough. At what point do you say: This is enough for me?
This Full Moon in Scorpio could trigger endings and separations in your life making the way for a rebirth.
Scorpio does want to merge with another person at the deepest level. If you’re already in a relationship you might become more aware of what separates you from being more intimate with your partner. It could be fear issues, lack of trust, wounds from previous relationships. If you’re single, you might feel alone and a strong desire to connect with someone on a deep level. It’s time to be honest with yourself and with others. Ultimately it’s freeing although it might be painful at the time.
True example: woman aged 44, went to see her doctor. She was in terrible pain and had been for several months. The doctor prescribed some medication and also a treatment on a machine in her offices. The nurse who wanted to hook her up to the machine was very impatient and kept snapping at her. Feeling so vulnerable, she put up with her disrespectful behaviour without saying anything for about 5 minutes. Then it was too much for her. She called the doctor into the room and said to her ‘I don’t want that woman anywhere near me. She’s rude, she’s patronising and I won’t tolerate it.’ This was completely out of character for this woman who was always very polite and considerate and wouldn’t have said boo to a goose. The Scorpio energy forced her to be brutally honest.
Have you been covering anything up in your life? It may well come out during this Full Moon in Scorpio.

With Scorpio’s co-ruler Mars still retrograde, this is a great time to bring out your dirty laundry so it can be cleaned up. Don’t keep it hidden in the closet, bring it out so you can be healed and move freely without any limitations.

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