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Full Moon in Virgo: Let's Get Down to Business!

Full Moon in Virgo: Let's Get Down to Business!
On March 9th 2020, we have a Full Moon in Virgo. This is a time to get down to business, discuss the nitty-gritty details and find practical solutions! It’s time to show you can do the job and to make small improvements count! Unlike the last Full Moon in Leo, which was all about thinking big, the key now is to think small... For 'small' in this case does not also mean "inconsequential". Neil Armstrong comes to mind:
" small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" 
It is with humble, intelligent steps that we can now realise our most cherished dreams!

What does the Virgo Full Moon in March mean?

This Full Moon will reveal whether we have made the best of the chance we were given to improve our lives and make positive progress. It's time to make our efforts count in practical and measurable terms. This time around, it’s not about putting on a dramatic show. It's not about feeling loved or gaining admirers. It’s not about grand gestures, big ideas or impressing someone. It is about the practical upshot of our plans, dreams and ideals. It’s about finding workable ways to increase efficiency and implement your vision. It’s about sitting down with a calculator and figuring out how to make the numbers tally up! The Virgo Full Moon is here to tell us that in order to actually achieve anything, we need to do the work!
Modesty, efficiency, planning, intelligence, practicality, diligence, precision - these are all Virgo buzz-words. Virgo asks us to work out a systematic course of action, eliminate waste and rectify what’s not working. They say that the devil is in the detail - and it is there that we must direct our focus if we are to see our efforts bear fruit!
It's time to do our due diligence and let this earthy Full Moon ground our efforts and show we mean business. Work with Virgo and let it work for you!

What to do during the March 2020 Full Moon

•   Examine your work-life balance - eliminate waste and increase health and efficiency.
•   Pay attention to the necessary detail in a contract, project or relationship.
•   Carry out a job to the best of your ability, cutting no corners.
•   Take notice of your health - what needs improving?
•   Spring clean your home or office - make your environment work for you.
•   Make any needed repairs.
•   Look through your to do list, do what's important and cross out what's not.
•   Examine your financial accounts and dutifully do the sums.
•   Concentrate totally on some demanding task and carry it out step by step.
•   Get a purifying body-scrub or facial.
•   Detox body and mind.
•   Cleanse and purify some aspect of your life!
•   Make a plan of concrete steps toward your goals.
•   Be practical - do what works!
•   Address nagging concerns and find modest, workable solutions.

How Does the March Full Moon in Virgo Affect Your Sign?

This Full Moon in Virgo on March 9th , 2020 will shine a light in a different life-arena for each star-sign. Read yours!



This Full Moon shines a light on all kinds of practical concerns, requiring you to work extra hard to realise your dreams. The spotlight may fall on the details of a project or agreement, on your working conditions, work-life balance and whether you are being as efficient as you can with your time. Or it may highlight a health concern and the things you can do to address it. This moment requires selflessness and the commitment to serve or, alternatively, commitment to your own health and wellbeing, letting go of needless baggage.



This Full Moon brings joy, creativity and romance into your life!  This is a time for concrete tokens of appreciation, for creative self-expression and for taking calculated risks to reach your goals and increase your social standing. The spotlight may also fall on children and the practical steps you can take to improve your prospects of having them, or your relationship with them. Remember to share your experiences with friends and allies, who are here to help. This can not only boost your creativity, but it will make the whole thing that much more enjoyable!


The spotlight falls on home, family and on all the things that make you feel secure.  What started as an opportunity to expand your world culminates in you gaining clarity about all the things that make you feel at home and give you a sense of rootedness and belonging. You may establish a base abroad, deepen your bond with a family member over shared experiences and beliefs, or build a new foundation for the dissemination of your ideas. Realisations about where your career is headed may come from this, so keep your eyes on your goal.


The Virgo Full Moon may bring a work trip or a flurry of communications, movements and bright ideas. Your surroundings come alive and your mind is on the alert to quickly pick up information and remain on top of things. You may have to discuss financial arrangements you made a few weeks earlier or take a short trip to close a deal.  A longer trip abroad may be on the cards and you may be making preparations. You may also be required to write or make a speech, with a view to marketing, publishing or disseminating your message to a wider audience.


The spotlight falls squarely on your income and expenditure with this Full Moon in Virgo. An agreement may now pay off, with real money flowing into your account, or you may be required to showcase your talents and use your resources to show a potential partner that you mean business. Alternatively, you may be trying to decide whether you value your relationship with someone enough to invest in it in real terms, with questions of trust at the heart of the matter. Ultimately it is a question of shared values.


You are in the spotlight, dear Virgo, with your special skills, your attention to detail, your diligence and integrity very much in demand!  This is a time of increased energy and vitality, when you can do much to promote yourself and your aims and increase your efficiency at work. The spotlight also falls on your health and appearance, and you can appraise whether you want to make any small improvements. If it all gets a little too much, then you can find the needed wisdom and support in your partner.


This Full Moon in Virgo is like chicken soup for the soul. The emphasis is on inspiration and seclusion, taking a back seat and serving a cause greater than your own. Creative dreams may now require a practical sacrifice of some kind, as you put your energies in the service of your cause, or someone else in need. This is the time to fall off the radar and go incognito for a while, as you regroup and let inspiration flow. Make sure to remember to eat and sleep well and take care of your body.


This Full Moon in Virgo raises your profile among your social circle, bringing to the forefront any involvements you may have with clubs and groups. Get-togethers with friends promise to be emotionally satisfying, as well as practical, helping you to get lots done. What may have started as an improvement in your home-life now allows you to socialise more, enjoy greater popularity and increase your influence. Your children may be instrumental in this, or it may be a pregnancy or creative project that offers the backdrop for your activities. Either way, it is a time of joyful get-togethers.


Your career lights up big time, with the Full Moon in Virgo shining a light on your life-direction and overall aims. You may be offered an opportunity to increase your visibility or take on new responsibilities. Contacts and communications that began a few weeks ago now may culminate in new career opportunities and professional advances. Your home and family meanwhile provide a much-needed point of counterbalance, giving you security and grounding your efforts.


Marketing and publishing projects aimed at bringing in money, or news and communications about your physical body, seem to pull all your attention at this Full Moon in Virgo. You may travel abroad or engage with foreign nationals, as a result of your recent efforts to increase your earnings or address material concerns. Your travel-lust is ignited as is your desire to expand your operations and reach for the best you can. Just as your world seems to expand, it is your excellent communication skills and ability to gather information that can see you through.


The spotlight falls on loans, grants and other people's money with this Virgo Full Moon. Get ready for all your efforts to be directed toward an important financial deal, which you, yourself may have initiated, and that will require a lot of attention to detail to get approved. This may involve the division of property, a grant by a benefactor, a debt or tax repayment, or a new loan to achieve your aims. Alternatively, the focus may be on some transformative change that is on the cards. Remember, the value that you bring to the equation, in terms of substance, income or talent, is the real focus of the exchange.


This Virgo Full Moon shines a spotlight on your relationships. Other people seem to loom large and hold all the cards. You may have been in forced seclusion, or in the dark for a while now, simply waiting for things to transpire that were largely hidden from sight or out of your control. Now, at last, you have help. The people you are dealing with are out there, accessible and in plain sight. You can reach a fair agreement, based on real facts and true merit. Remember that, while the focus is on others right now, it is really all about you in the end. You have more influence in the situation than you think.  
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