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Full Moon in Virgo Moment of Truth!

Full Moon in Virgo Moment of Truth!

The upcoming Full Moon in Virgo happens on March 1st, 2018. It’s the moment of truth! Virgo likes to be fit and healthy, to strive for perfection and have everything in order. Is there anything in your life that is not working? Anything that needs a little tweak to get back up to speed and nicely ticking along? This Virgo full moon will make you aware of this now. Try to be mindful of what comes up and chances are you’ll have some serious thinking to do. If something is less than perfect there’s no need to be downhearted about it. Start now. Just take small steps and get yourself to a better place. Pluto in Capricorn opens the door to lasting change. Time to detox and fix what doesn’t work. Acquiring better habits is like a skill. A daily practice. Choose to change one thing!

How does the Virgo Full Moon affect your star sign?

What’s this moment of truth all about for you? How does the Virgo Full Moon affect your star sign? Read your sun sign and your ascendant too to get the full picture. And if something major is coming full circle and you need expert advice just dial 0207 111 6384: our vetted psychics are here to help!


The Virgo full moon shines a spotlight on your health. Have you been burning the candle at both ends? Or maybe you’ve been filling your body with junk? Something snaps now telling you it’s time to detox, sleep better and learn to relax. Get expert advice if you have to! Another possibility is that a work project you’ve been devoted to for the past six months is coming full circle. This opens doors toward promotion even if there are those who speak against you. Embrace change!


This full moon shines a major spotlight on love and children. Virgo hosts your house of love and the full moon there is always a very important moment in your love horoscope. Has an affair run its course? Or has something a friend said hit a raw nerve? Address it. If you’ve been trying to conceive, especially in the past six months, you get a big piece of the puzzle now. Maybe you could try a fertility diet? Or get specialist advice? A creative project could finally see the light of day too. Follow your intuition.


It’s an important moment for you, dear Gemini. A random negative comment could be the trigger, a professional rejection or the fact that others seem simply unwilling to help you reach your goals. This full moon shines a light on your sense of self deep inside urging you to ask important questions about who you are, where you belong and whom you trust. If you’ve been trying to buy land, move, renovate or close on a property deal, a door to financial funding could open for you now. Accept graciously.


Virgo is a friendly sign to yours, dear Cancer and this full moon brings a moment of truth about your way of thinking, your colleagues, associates, neighbours and siblings. People, ideas and places you were introduced to in the past are now bearing fruit or moving on. There’s a flurry of activity but also certain limitations that have to be taken into account. For instance, an increased workload could mean less free time. The upside? A door swings open to a potentially life-changing partnership. 


Do you truly love yourself, dear Leo? Yes, everyone knows you’re wonderful but it’s no good if you’re feeling insecure inside. This is a moment of truth about your sense of self-worth. If an important relationship falls short of delivering the goods it’s time to consider exactly what it is you deserve. Of course, this whole full moon could simply be about money! Dosh, cash! How far are you prepared to compromise your creativity and happiness for a pay-check? Take an honest look at your assets and turn them into skills! It’s time to transform the way your work and earn your living.


This is a major moment of realisation for you, dear Virgo! All the strands of your life are coming together to reveal exactly where you stand on what you desire most - be it a loving relationship, a healthier body, a baby or a more fulfilling career. A lot has changed with the Virgo eclipses in the past, bringing matters to a head. Your family makes heavy demands on you and the last thing you need is criticism from a partner or anyone else. Take a look at what needs fixing and commit to it. This opens a door to greater happiness and self-fulfilment!


This is a time of endings, dear Libra. A time of letting go. It’s a moment of truth about the past and about your innermost fears and demons. Take time to be by yourself. But don’t wallow. It’s important to stick to a daily discipline and keep yourself busy with simple tasks. Don’t let negative thoughts get you down. This full moon is potentially a time of deep psychological healing and self-knowledge. Relationships continue to be full of surprises, curtesy of Uranus in Aries. Your biggest source of support right now is your own space, your home and family. Retreat and recharge your batteries.


Who are your people? What's your place in the world? You’ve been asking yourself these questions for some time now. The past couple of years have introduced you to new circles and made you dream afresh. Now it’s a moment of truth. Is what you’ve achieved in line with your ideals? Are your new friends coming up with the goods? A social event could bring on important realisations. It’s financial difficulties that are putting a crimp on your enjoyment these days. And a lack of self-worth could be more insidious, standing in the way of happiness. A door to change opens for you now. Step through!


It’s a big moment of truth for your career, dear Sagittarius. Where are you headed? Clarity dawns. This might include some less than pleasant realisations, stemming from where you’re based, your home and family. All this is calling you to work from the bottom up and redefine who you are. The good news? A door to greater riches and a better income opens to you, right now. And it’s all down to you and your talents! Step up to the plate.


This full moon could well lift a weight off your shoulders! Maybe you’re planning a change of scenery to lift your spirits and get away from those who seem to undermine you. If you work in academia, communications or marketing, this is an important moment in your career. A project you’ve been working on finally reaches completion. A legal matter could also come to a head or you could be finishing up a thesis or gaining a qualification. This is mentally very demanding, but you can do it! And the results? So empowering!


Have you been concerned with paying off old debts, or looking for a loan to enable you to reach for something better? An unexpected communication could show you exactly where you stand with friends, banks and backers. You’ve been striving to follow your worldly dreams even when friends have let you down. Now it’s time for an honest review of what matters most and where your loyalties lie. And if need be, know that you have access to unprecedented power and resources.


Your relationship has been through thick and thin in the past couple of years and it’s time to see exactly where you stand. Your increasingly heavy responsibilities don’t seem to make things any easier or leave room for you to work on your relationship. But this is no excuse. The matter becomes urgent now. Be honest about your feelings. This could open the doors for a true meeting of minds. If you’re more concerned about a business partnership, or about presenting your work to the world, overcome your fears and do it! This wins you powerful friends.

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