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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries – Fresh Start for your Relationships

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries – Fresh Start for your Relationships
This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on October 8th is at 15 degrees of Aries and is exceptionally powerful because it is conjunct to Uranus in Aries, the planet in astrology that rules surprises!  Eclipses are very intense and their effects can last from six months up to two years. They indicate major beginnings and endings in the area they appear in your birth chart.

What to Expect from the October 2014 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Relationships and partnerships are likely to be the main focus of this eclipse because with the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries, you’ll be examining the balance of give and take in all your relationships. Whatever is not in balance will come up to the surface for healing. For example, if you haven’t been taking enough time out for yourself and you’ve been focusing all your attention outwards towards your family, your children, your partner or your work, you may have a health crisis which stops you in your tracks and doesn’t allow you to keep on giving. You may be forced to allow others to give to you for a change and you’ll have to recharge your batteries and focus on yourself.
If it’s the converse situation and you’ve been too self-absorbed, then you may find yourself feeling very lonely and isolated, without friends and company. This could force you to look for ways in which you can connect with people. You might decide to do some volunteering, for example, helping out in an old age home, or a homeless shelter. This would help you to take the focus off yourself and to see that other people may be in a far worse situation than you are. You can then count your blessings and be grateful for what you do have in your life.
You may need to be very assertive and stick up for yourself. If you’ve allowed people to trample over your boundaries and you’ve continued to be nicey-nicey even though inside you are fuming, you can expect this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to trigger confrontational situations where you will be forced to speak out.
Venus rules Libra and Mars rules Aries, so this Lunar Eclipse is about bringing balance between your masculine and feminine sides.
Lunar Eclipses can bring out the negative side as well as the positive sides of the signs involved.
The positive qualities of Aries are: initiating, courage and leadership while the negative qualities are: impatience, aggression and self-centredness.
The positive qualities of Libra are fairness, courtesy and friendliness while its dark side can be indecisive, needy and a victim.
During this lunar eclipse you will have the opportunity to tune into the positive or the negative qualities of each sign. It’s your choice.
True story: Alison, a Libra woman aged 29 was in the midst of her Saturn return and the Lunar Eclipse in Aries falls exactly opposite her natal Sun in Libra. She had been in a very one-sided relationship for nearly 5 years where she was working full time, taking the children to school and picking them up, doing the cooking every night and cleaning the house and doing the laundry. Her husband, an Aries aged 35, had his own business and was working from home. He could easily have taken the children to school in the morning and picked them up later in the day, and of course he could have done his share of the cooking. However, he didn’t think that was ‘his job.’
So his wife, the Libra victim, continued to take care of everything including him, because he was like another child, leaving his laundry all over the place, not even making the bed, and expecting a hot dinner on the table every evening.
The lunar eclipse in Aries enabled her to see her destructive behaviour patterns and to understand why she was so miserable in her marriage. It forced her to look at the way in which she would always give in for the sake of peace, how it was easier and quicker for her to do something herself rather than to have a big discussion with her husband as to why he should contribute and help. Aries wants you to take the power back in your life and that’s just what she did. Because it had been going on for so long she couldn’t take it anymore and she decided to file for divorce.
Where in your life are you allowing a situation to drag on and on without taking action?
Try not to leave it too late so that the damage is irreparable.
During this Lunar Eclipse in Aries you will have the opportunity to re-evaluate how you behave in all your relationships. With Uranus in Aries in the mix, you can expect surprises. Someone you haven’t seen in years could suddenly pop back into your life. Anything that has been hidden or suppressed will come to light especially with Uranus triggering unexpected events to keep you on your toes! 
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