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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces 2016

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces 2016

We have a lunar eclipse full moon ‘harvest moon’ in dreamy Pisces on September 16th 2016 at 20:05 BST. Time for your lunar eclipse horoscope! 

This lunar eclipse brings you into the final stretch of a transition period that's had you walking on quicksand since 2015. Just as the elusive fish shimmer and slide through the water, dream and reality merge now, bringing all kinds of flotsam and jetsam to the surface. Let this deluge of strange feelings wash over you. Let the tide carry the flotsam away. Try to avoid major initiatives (Mercury is still retrograde in Virgo anyway) and go with the flow. This strange period will end with the final eclipse in Pisces in February of 2017, after which things will start taking definite shape again. 

Oh and this eclipse is conjunct Chiron in Pisces and square Mars in Sagittarius, a super-sensitive combo so tread kindly!

How does this lunar eclipse in Pisces affect your star sign? Horoscope time!

A lunar eclipse always brings something to culmination. What's reaching a tipping point in your life just now? Read the horoscope for your star sign and find out. Feeling overwhelmed? A reading with one of our talented psychic advisors can help you cope. Give them a call now on 0207 111 6384.

Aries, here's your Lunar Eclipse Horoscope:

A situation that’s been draining you physically or psychologically for some time is reaching tipping point. Dealings with a large institution such as a hospital or government agency come to a head. If you get a confusing diagnosis now, get a second opinion. You may also experience a spiritual epiphany. If you need help interpreting a vivid dream, check out our dream meanings dictionary.

Taurus, here's your Lunar Eclipse Horoscope:

An important dream or ambition is reaching a climax. Realising your dream may call for sacrifices now or it may be that you have to give it up and move on. Revelations around your social circle may change the way you interact with your community. A friendship may be tested too. If this leaves you confused, a gratis tarot reading can help you make sense of things.

Gemini, here's your Lunar Eclipse Horoscope:

A career matter is culminating now. Where are you headed? Revelations now could lead to a change of course. Time to give up on obsolete goals and refresh your public image. If you are looking to change direction, why not try your personal career analysis report, to help you find your niche and succeed?

Cancer, here's your Lunar Eclipse Horoscope:

A marketing or publishing project is reaching completion, or your travels and contact with foreign cultures are reaching a turning point. You may also get a final decision concerning a legal case, or concerning a university. Neptune in Pisces has had you longing for exotic adventures for years now, is it time to give in?

Leo, here's your Lunar Eclipse Horoscope:

A very personal matter is reaching culmination now. It may concern your ability to get intimate with someone and show trust again. Or it may concern a financial transaction - a merger, division of property, inheritance, insurance payout, loan or sponsorship. Time to dissolve any obstacles and move on. If fear is holding you back, get one step ahead by reading up on what to expect from the star sign you’re in love with.

Virgo, here's your Lunar Eclipse Horoscope:

This lunar eclipse brings a relationship matter to a head - whether with your spouse of business partner. Revelations will open up a definite course of action now, closing others off.  You may have to give something up or make sacrifices to make it work. This eclipse falls in your opposite sign of Pisces. Do opposites attract? Find out!

Libra, here's your Lunar Eclipse Horoscope:

This eclipse marks a point of culmination at work, revealing the need for change. Or it may be a health matter that reaches tipping point. Your body is extra sensitive to alcohol and even over-the-counter drugs during this eclipse, so use these with care. Find out how to boost your health naturally in  You Star What You Eat.

Scorpio, here's your Lunar Eclipse Horoscope:

A matter related to children, a love affair or a creative project is coming to a head. You may be yearning to experience the perfect love, be closer with your child, conceive a baby or express your creative talents in business. If so, this eclipse calls on you to give something up if you are to get your wish. Which signs are you most compatible with? Read up on compatibility between the star signs.

Sagittarius, here's your Lunar Eclipse Horoscope:

This eclipse brings a home or family matter to a tipping point. Safeguarding your home may require sacrifices now, or it may be that a parent needs your help. Who are you really and where do you belong? Revelations about your past, ancestry or home base make you whole again.  Your numerology life path number can tell you more about who you really are.

Capricorn, here's your Lunar Eclipse Horoscope:

Strange news and communications give you a different perspective now. Incoming messages have a subversive effect. Your environment is changing rapidly so let the dust settle before you make decisions. Get a second opinion and don’t sign anything in a hurry. If you need an extra reason, remember Mercury is still retrograde: check out these bloopers in Mercury retrograde and world events.

Aquarius, here's your Lunar Eclipse Horoscope:

A financial matter culminates for you now concerning your expenditure, your earned income and the way you employ your talents and resources. You may have to give something up or willingly accept a sacrifice to get yourself to a better place in the long run. Don’t agree to anything too soon. See what floats past you first. Your body may feel weak: find out what choosing the right gemstone can do for you.

Pisces, here's your Lunar Eclipse Horoscope:

All your efforts are finally yielding fruit! A matter very dear to you - involving your looks, goals or a key relationship - is culminating and your personal transformation is all-but-complete. You won't be totally done till your next birthday when the last eclipse in Pisces happens. But revelations now put you in the spotlight and give you a final push to get you to the finish line. This is the last of the 2016 eclipses - two of which where in your sign - bringing many changes inside and out!

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