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Full Super-Moon in Pisces, August 29th: Sheer Magic!

Full Super-Moon in Pisces, August 29th: Sheer Magic!
With a Full Super-Moon in Pisces on the 29th of August 2015, this summer culminates in a weekend of sheer magic! 
A super-moon is when the moon appears biggest in the sky (being at its closest to the earth), rising red on the horizon and creating a fairytale landscape simply made for romance. This promises to be an absolutely mesmerising Saturday night, so make sure to plan something special.
Pisces is incredibly sensitive and imaginative, and a super-moon in this sign makes for a night when your dreams can merge into reality in strange and wonderful ways. Be careful what you wish for tonight, for it may well come true... This Pisces Full Moon has magical powers!
To add to this highly emotional and phantasmagoric night, the Full Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces - the planet of romance, fantasy and sublime feeling - and you may well find yourself under a powerful and enchanting spell. Let yourself daydream and indulge in your emotions tonight... With Sun conjunct Jupiter in Virgo across the other side of the heavens, this is a highly auspicious night too, and you can use all this feeling to energise your most aspirational goals. A 'soft' square to Saturn in Scorpio is an added positive influence, introducing the necessary grit to help the magic manifest in the real world, rather than stay in the realm of make-believe... 
This Full Moon is not just about escaping into some fantasy world. It's about making your dreams come true in this one!
This is truly shaping up to be the sexiest weekend of the summer - especially as astrology's lovers, Mars and Venus, are also about to meet in chivalrous Leo at month's end for a passionate embrace... Enjoy!

Full Super-Moon in Pisces, Sign by Sign: Where's the Magic?

What is culminating for you right now? And how can you make the most of the dreamiest full moon of this year?  Read on!  Or book a consultation with one of our accomplished astrologers for a personal reading by calling 0207 111 6384.
This full moon brings something to a marvellous and magical end for you, dear Aries, when you can finally breathe a sigh of relief, let go and look forward to a new tomorrow. This is a time to drop off the radar and recharge your batteries, especially as the sun and Jupiter ensure your body's healing powers have kicked into higher gear. Your intuition is at an all time high, so take a bow and focus within. You have learned who to trust by now and it's time to put this to good use. Spend the weekend on a magical retreat if you can - it will be one to remember.
This full moon fills your world with hopes and visions, dear Taurus, when you dream really big and meet those who inspire you to reach for the stars. This full moon kick-starts one of the luckiest years for you for true love and happiness and for following your heart's desires.  This is a deeply happy moment for you. You can put your partnership on a fresh footing now, or if you are single, finally be ready to commit to someone for real. Spend the weekend with dear friends and loved ones; or spend it with the one who shares your dreams and aspirations if you are lucky enough to have found them - it's sheer magic!
You are hot stuff in the eyes of the world during this full moon. If you have just returned from holiday, make sure to put yourself out there as your glamour factor is off the charts right now, making you glimmer with a shimmering light. Even if you are still on holiday, you are sure to make a great impression on anyone you meet now. This full moon illuminates your home situation too, kick-starting a lucky year for you with personal, family, residential and real-estate matters. You worked hard to perfect your skills and it's now finally time for the whole world to see how marvellous you are, dear Gemini. Show them!
You dream of escaping to Eden - or to far away places and exotic locations during this full moon, which opens up a whole new world of possibility for you, dear Cancer. At the same time it kick-starts a year of greater opportunity, with lots of interesting people entering your life and teaching you new tricks. Your whole world is about to get that much more exciting, so why not use this last weekend of the summer for a romantic escape with your sweetheart? Or if you are single, take a chance and travel as far as you can get - or step out of your shell and do something adventurous. You simply don't know whom you may meet! You have paid your dues and it's time to finally follow your heart.
This is the sexiest full moon of the year for you, dear Leo! You are feeling saucy, passionate and up for anything. Intimate moments with someone special are absolutely spellbinding this weekend, so don't pass up the chance to spend it with your one and only away from prying eyes. You may receive a wonderful gift too or experience transformative and intense encounters that make you feel more solid and secure deep inside. If you are single and feeling rather cautious as to whom to trust, remember: it all begins with trusting yourself and your instincts. This full moon marks the beginning of you building greater self esteem and confidence and thereby enjoying greater self-reliance. This, in turn, can allow you to open up and experience absolute magic with someone else.
Your partner fills your world with magic this weekend, during what is the most romantic and mesmerising full moon of the whole year for you, dear Virgo! At the same time, this kick-starts the luckiest year for you in over a decade, when you can finally spread your wings and push forward with everything that you desire, as this full moon is opposite Sun and Jupiter in your sign. You have worked hard to establish yourself and overcome various obstacles in your life. Let your significant other now awaken the romance within you! Single? Someone may enchant you on this magical night. Your star is rising, dear Virgo, and it's so much more fun when you have someone to share it with.
A creative work project may culminate, dear Libra, or you may experience the height of an office romance as the most romantic full moon of the year fills your day to day world with little magical delights. Maybe this is finally the time for you to kick back and take a late summer holiday with your sweetheart? Or maybe it is time to look after yourself a little and consolidate your efforts? This full moon sensitises your body and energises your spirit, allowing you to finally get some rest. Single? Your guardian angels have been called forth and you may soon meet someone in the most inconspicuous of places...
This full moon brings true love and happiness, marking one of the most romantic weekends of the year for you, dear Scorpio. This is a really joyous moment and your most heartfelt dreams can come true now and over the next few days: you may fall in love, have a baby or experience the realisation of a cherished wish. Your children may be a great source of joy for you now. Make sure to spend every minute with the ones you love or - even plan a wonderful getaway with your lover. If you are single, you may meet someone who sweeps you off your feet now. This full moon kick-starts a year of great rewards for you, when you can step forward into the world with new found strength and gravitas.
Something magical happens right here in your very home with this full moon, dear Sagittarius, bringing fantasy and enchantment right to your very door. Your home is the most mesmerising place for you right now and you could make the most of this weekend by planning a glamorous get together at your place. This can raise your cache in the eyes of others too, as this full moon kick-starts a year of high visibility and amazing career opportunities. Don't be surprised if you suddenly yearn for a family of your own, even if you have not thought of that before. It's time to let go of the past and renew yourself from within!
This full moon is absolutely mesmerising, hypnotising your mind and opening up a whole world of possibilities for you, dear Capricorn. You may meet someone who inspires you or come across a magical new idea, which makes your world that much more interesting and puts you on the road to a great adventure. This is a perfect time to give a speech, communicate an idea, screen a movie, write or network in any means you desire. Whatever you have to say will enchant your audience and show that you have truly come a long way. This is also a great weekend to go on a short break to liven up your spirits. You may come to realise that you enjoy much respect and admiration from your peers.
This full moon brings riches beyond imagining, dear Aquarius - a wonderful gift from the universe that makes your life aspirational, giving it substance. This gift can be a person that comes into your  life, a higher salary, the realisation of a talent, or a greater connection with your body. Whatever it is, this weekend will reveal something of great value to you. This is a transformative full moon that kick-starts a year full to the brim with positive changes, when the universe will shower you with its bounty. You may want to spend money and reach for the highest that life has to offer this weekend. Make sure to spend it where it matters most. This is a time to step up to the plate and take your proper place in the world.
You are the star of this show, dear Pisces. Your charisma and talents come centre stage as everything you have ever dreamt of culminates this weekend. Make a wish upon a star! This full moon also sheds light on relationships, showing you how lucky you are in your husband or wife, if you are hitched, and awakening a desire to make things official if you are not. If you are single this full moon illuminates your need for a partnership founded on honesty and true love and kick-starts the luckiest year to find that someone special. A romantic getaway with your significant other can help cement your relationship this weekend and give your life a stronger sense of purpose.
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