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Gemini New Moon 2017 Fresh Breeze

Gemini New Moon 2017 Fresh Breeze

The new moon in Gemini on May 25th 2017 is like a cool breeze bringing fresh ideas and new beginnings in your horoscope just in time for summer. Venus in Aries squares retrograde Pluto on the very same day and this can generate some really powerful feelings! If your back is against the wall when it comes to love, money and self esteem, then take a deep breath and let the Gemini new moon bring greater objectivity to your thinking. Once you have some space you’ll be able to think clearly and make that decision. Gemini rules communications, trade and travel so you can finally sign on the dotted line, launch your app or shop for that computer, now that both Venus and Mercury are direct. 

Your Gemini New Moon Horoscope

A fresh breeze is blowing your way! Where does it blow away the cobwebs? Where can you make a fresh start? Your horoscope has the story. For a one on one session with our experienced astrologers and psychics simply dial 0207 111 6384!

Aries Star Sign or Aries Ascendant

The key to making the most of this Gemini new moon is to keep a cool head - not the strongest point of the hot-headed Aries! But you can. Whatever has got you all in a tizzy, remember: forewarned is forearmed. Spend the next few weeks gathering as much information as you can. Speak with people, go places and do your research. Then you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Taurus Star Sign or Taurus Ascendant

What’s most important dear Taurus? Someone may be forcing your hand but still, the final decision lies with you. The ruler of this Gemini new moon, Mercury, is in your sign and it’s up to you to speak up and communicate what you want. You may have more than one way to earn your living and multiple options when it comes to how you want to spend what you’ve earned. Keep an open mind and an eye out for the most lucrative deals!

Gemini Star Sign or Gemini Ascendant

It’s your turn for a brand new start in life, dear Gemini and this one seems to be quite cool and collected. There are many paths that open up before you! Yes, money seems to be a bit of a headache and you’re not feeling all that relaxed about it, as it’s out of your hands. Nonetheless. You have the final say on how it’s gonna go down! With Mars in Gemini too, your star sign, it’s your energy and stamina that’s gonna get this show on the road! This is your time.

Cancer Star Sign or Cancer Ascendant

Do you keep coming up against stiff competition? Or maybe someone’s making unreasonable demands? If they’re challenging your authority, you may not be strong enough to do something about it. That’s ok. Take a back seat at this Gemini new moon, dear Cancer. Work out the details. Read between the lines. Maybe you could negotiate more flexible hours? Or maybe what you need is a break, to rest and recuperate.

Leo Star Sign or Leo Ascendant

Work could well be asking a lot of you at the moment, dear Leo. You’re better than this, yes, and the key is to get others involved. Invitations could come pouring in during this Gemini new moon and that’s just what you need to get your mind off things. It's a chance to network and find like-minded people that can fuel your ambitions. It’s a fun, friendly sociable time!

Virgo Star Sign or Virgo Ascendant

Wherever you thought you’re headed, dear Virgo, the Gemini new moon opens up a new and wider playing field. There’s lots of intensity both around love and money matters and you have everything to play for. You have many options available to you. Experiment! Go after your goals! Use your authority to take the decision you want. A buzz could build up around your name, giving you a cheeky reputation!

Libra Star Sign or Libra Ascendant

It’s time to look at the bigger picture, dear Libra! Other people and their concerns have taken up the majority of your time in recent months. You now need a breather. The Gemini new moon puts you in an adventurous mood and ready to explore something new. A holiday could be in order or maybe you’re thinking of expanding your business abroad or going to university - anything that can get your mind off the same old, same old.

Scorpio Star Sign or Scorpio Ascendant

The devil is in the detail, dear Scorpio, and it’s financial detail we’re talking about. Time to do the sums and see what you need to borrow or how much you can afford to pay, whether in taxes or child support. If you’re negotiating a work contract focus on add ons, such as a bonus, sponsorship or other benefits. The Gemini new moon could also bring news that change you and strengthen your bonds.

Sagittarius Star Sign or Sagittarius Ascendant

The new moon in Gemini is all about relationships, dear Sagittarius! This is no time to go it alone. Find your other half and have a go at it together - whether ‘it’ refers to a romantic relationship, a business partnership or other collaborative project. Financial pressure? Others have much to bring to the table so follow their lead and listen to what they have to say!

Capricorn Star Sign or Capricorn Ascendant

The Gemini new moon puts you in the mood for getting things done and ticked off your list. Talks could focus around a new work project that starts shaping up, help that's needed or you may simply have much on your plate that’s disparate and unconnected. This is the best time to ask around, see an expert or draw up the perfect diet and exercise routine to get yourself bikini-ready for the summer!

Aquarius Star Sign or Aquarius Ascendant

Get ready for a new beginning in love, dear Aquarius! You’re as hot as they come so potential suitors will have to get in line! Trying for a baby? Give it your all! You’re also bursting with creative ideas at this Gemini new moon! Do some brainstorming and try on a few ideas for size. It’s the perfect time to look into turning a hobby into a business or starting a new creative project. 

Pisces Star Sign or Pisces Ascendant

Are you preparing for a major family event? Or maybe you’re moving or redecorating? Your home is a veritable hub of activity at this Gemini new moon and you’re likely to have many people visiting. If you’re buying, selling or renovating make sure to look around, get different quotes/property valuations and compare prices. Don’t let others bully you into anything. Take your time and make your choice!

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