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What's your ideal vacation place based on your star sign?

What's your ideal vacation place based on your star sign?

Planning a vacation, but still can't decide on the destination? Tell us your Zodiac Sign and we'll pick the best vacation destination for you! This is the ultimate guide that will help you find out some of the most suitable places that you should visit based on your Zodiac Sign. Find your perfect destination astrologically speaking. We've got some extra alternatives, in case you are not having a Solo vacation, but you want to satisfy your partner's taste as well. 

Cities and countries have sun signs too - See which are compatible with yours!

Planning a trip can be overwelming, so Horoscope Friends has prepared a list with travel destinations for each Star Sign. Here are a few star sign compatible holiday hotspots for you to consider…


Whether or not you fancy yourself as a Renaissance man or woman, you’ll step off the plane in Florence and be hit by an instant sense of belonging. If Italy’s a bit out of your price range, Birmingham is a city closer to home with which you also have a natural affinity. It’s just got a brand spanking new library, so you could always read up on Italy instead, or discover the city by boat. It has more miles of canal than Venice.
Other hot spots: Germany, Denmark


You love beautiful surroundings so the Greek islands are just the ticket, particularly Rhodes. Dublin suits your leafy take on life, and the rest of Ireland is lush enough for you to feel centred and at home, which are both important considerations for you. Honolulu on Hawaii is a place so fun-filled, that it would even bring a smile to your passport photo.
Other hot spots: Poland, Austria


Your cultural brow likes to be lifted and lowered, so The Palace of Versailles ticks one box, The Real Housewives of Melbourne, another. Both locations are excellent Gemini fodder. San Francisco also has enough of an appeal to keep your interest from flagging. Although you’re a sign that also gets a lot from making short trips here, there and everywhere, and you have an affinity with two vibrant UK capitals: Cardiff and London.
Other hot spots: Egypt, Belgium


The crab is a creature of habit and so a sense of the familiar is usually a must-have for any holiday destination, as is economy, likewise somewhere not too far away and with a similar climate. Amsterdam is good. But there’s also a sense of the intrepid about your sign, and the bright lights of commercialism seduce you, so Tokyo and New York appeal. Scotland’s beautiful scenery, history and wide-open spaces are also a big pull, as is the loch-side cuisine.
Other hot spots: Mauritius, Canada


When you’re happy your big heart lights up, and you put it into everything that you do. This makes you a lively travel companion.  The cool cache associated with Chicago appeals to you, as does the razzmatazz and bright lights of Blackpool, and you’ll go cuckoo about Switzerland because of the majesty and grandeur of the landscape, among other things.
Other hot spots: Jamaica, Sicily


A barge trip along the Norfolk Broads is relaxing, yet there are lots of things to keep you busy on board to keep your active mind occupied. The café culture of Paris fits you perfectly, and for some New England splendour how about Boson or the wider state of Massachusetts? The island of Crete energises you, and the Mediterranean diet suits your constitution.
Other hot spots: Brazil, West Indies


Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen has many charms as far as you’re concerned, as does Lisbon, and any Evita fans can relive the balcony scene by booking a trip to Argentina. For something a little closer to home you could always head to Nottingham, and to Sherwood Forest. You are the sign of fair play after all.
Other hot spots: Austria, China


Feeling comfortable abroad is the best travel aphrodisiac for you. The places that turn you on are as far flung as Halifax Nova Scotia, Norway and The Transvaal. But you’re also equally as comfortable in out of the way, watery places nearer to home like Hull, which as just been named 2017 UK City of Culture. Across the pond, you should check out the city of Philadelphia.
Other hot spots: Algeria, Morocco


You’re the sign that adapts most easily to living out of a suitcase, and you do like to stretch your legs, so wherever you go must have a lot of space, and there has to be plenty to do. You’re also not really one for lying on a beach all day long. Places like Cologne and Stuttgart appeal, as does Naples, although you’re equally as connected to Sheffield and Bradford.
Other hot spots: Hungary, Spain


NYC is a big shiny apple of temptation for you, as are other architectural places of interest, and capital cities in general. However, there’s a side to you that likes to be away from crowds, so remote destinations also entice you. The Shetland and Orkney Islands are ideal. Tuscany appeals to the romantic in you, and may spark your creativity, so don’t forget your paintbrush.
Other hot spots: Australia, Saudi Arabia


India holds a spiritual dimension for you, as does Salisbury.  Saltsburg is a little frothier, plus you could go on The Sound of Music tour. Hamburg is also a destination that appeals to your need for the unusual. The climate of Sweden and the Scandinavian no frills approach life are two more boxes ticked. Japan stimulates your future-oriented brain.
Other hot spots: Russia, Mexico


Washington DC is somewhere you might like, likewise a trip around the Mediterranean. The glamour of Monaco brings the decadent fish to the surface, otherwise there’s always Grimsby or Bournemouth. Both are by the sea, and you like that. Seville is also a healthy destination if you’re in need of some Vitamin D. Your sign also rules the Sahara Dessert, but it could play havoc with your hair.
Other hot spots: Portugal, The Netherlands
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