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Horoscope 2015: Major Planetary Transits this Year

Horoscope 2015: Major Planetary Transits this Year
This is your horoscope overview of the major planetary transits this year! 2015 sees the culmination of big changes and the rise of new challenges. Meanwhile, a lovers' dance guarantees this will be a memorable year for love! Here are the key players of 2015: 

Saturn: from Scorpio to Sagittarius

Saturn has gone into Sagittarius to stay until December 20th 2017 where it will open up new horizons, urge us to set new goals and regulate our financial exchanges. It will bring an examination of our political, moral and religious principles and cause many of us to embark on a spiritual quest, setting the foundation for our future growth. In the summer, Saturn will regress into Scorpio to complete our transformation and give the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) an opportunity to wrap up any unfinished business.
Read about the gift you can expect from Saturn in Scorpio this summer, all about Saturn in Sagittarius and how Saturn in Sagittarius affects your star-sign!

Jupiter in Leo until August 2015, Then: Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter in Leo continues to cheer on fire signs helping you, Leo, Aries and Sagittarius achieve your goals and improve your way of life. Make sure to capitalise on opportunities while Jupiter is still on your side! Jupiter retrograde (December 8th – April 8th) is giving us time to consolidate past progress and re-evaluate our goals. The final direct pass of Jupiter in Leo this summer brings new opportunities for love, business and finance. From August 11th, Jupiter enters Virgo. While not all that happy in this sign, Jupiter will nonetheless help us organise and streamline our lives whilst there. It will confer luck to earth signs from that point on, so Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn: from August onwards is your time to pursue your goals!
Read how Jupiter in Leo affects your sign. Stay tuned for the lowdown on Jupiter in Virgo.

Uranus square Pluto March 2015: The Final Battle

The final Uranus-Pluto square will take place in March 2015, bringing the grand finale in a series of radical changes that started back in 2012. Our established way of life is being challenged preparing us for a new era, as socio-economic changes continue at a rapid rate, requiring extra effort from us to move with the times.
Find out how the Uranus-Pluto square is changing your life according to your star-sign!

Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune (and Chiron) in Pisces

These planets stay where they are, with Uranus in Aries at 12-20 degrees and Pluto at 12-15 Capricorn, affecting the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). Neptune in Pisces is affecting those of us with planets or points around the 5-9 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) and Chiron in Pisces those of us with mutable planets around 15-20 degrees. 
Draw your free birth-chart to find out if this is You! Read all about how Uranus in Aries and Chiron in Pisces affect your star-sign. Stay tuned for more coverage of the major players!

Saturn square Neptune: Dead-ends, Nightmares and Lies Exposed

Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune is a major new player in 2015. It’s within orb by February and culminates November 2015, (then again in June and September 2016). This is a difficult combination, signalling disappointment, cynicism and difficult dilemmas as we try to find a viable path towards our dreams. Fears may be heightened and illusions shattered, creating a crisis of hope, even as socioeconomic structures are weakened giving rise to suffering. We may be more susceptible to contamination, viruses and disease now and alcohol/drug consumption may be on the rise. Deceit and intrigue will be exposed, allowing us to discern what is real, what is a lie and what is truly sublime. Escaping into a world of fancy may have too steep a price right now, so best keep our feet firmly on the ground. There may be concerns around air and water-purity and the contamination of the seas and other ecological havens, as Neptune rules the sea and nature in its pure and unadulterated form. Stay tuned to find out how Saturn square Neptune will affect your star-sign.

Jupiter opposite Neptune: Smoke and Mirrors in September

In September, Jupiter in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces. This is a difficult and disorienting aspect. Like a hall of mirrors, it will make it hard to discern what is real and what is mere illusion and we may put faith in things that have no bearing on reality and people who don't deserve our trust, leading us on for their own gain. Dishonesty and betrayal may block our growth and greed may lead to all kinds of excess and double-dealings. The black market may see increased activity during this period and exaggeration may be used to win political votes. We need to be extra careful what risks we take this autumn – especially if something looks like a quick way out or a sure deal – as we may not even realise that we are taking a risk at all. If we do our due diligence and are careful who and what we put our faith in, we can avoid ending up feeling betrayed or taken for a ride.  So be extra vigilant this September!  We will discuss how this affects each star-sign in due course.

Jupiter trine Uranus: Hope and Opportunity in March and June!

Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus in Aries on March 4th and June 2nd offers the greatest source of hope this year! This trine began last September, freeing us from oppressive circumstances so we can set forth on a new, independent path more suitable to our aims. Jupiter-Uranus brings ground-breaking ideas, renewal and a greater need for freedom. It will bring unique opportunities for success and provide a springboard for innovation and positive change. Stay tuned to find out how you can make the most of the Jupiter-Uranus trines!

Jupiter trine Pluto – Fair Financial Weather in October

Once in Virgo, Jupiter trines Pluto in Capricorn this October - a wonderful aspect for our finances! This aspect can bring great ambition, major achievements and massive financial gain. Earth signs especially are given the Midas touch and will benefit the most from this trine - especially those with planets and points around 12 degrees of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn or born in the first 5-10 days of May, September or January: Get ready for opportunities for substantial achievement! We will say more about Jupiter-Pluto as the time draws near, so stay tuned for the lowdown.

Mercury Retrograde 2015: Times of Revision, Reconsideration and Second Chances

Mercury will retrograde in the air element this year, (three times as usual): 21st January - 11 February in Aquarius; 19th May - 21st June in Gemini; and 17th September - 9 October in Libra. These are periods to reconsider your path and revisit ideas, agreements and decisions for a second (and even third) look or opinion. Old relationships may get their second wind during Mercury retrograde – but only if they are worth reviving. We will cover each Mercury retrograde period in detail, so stay tuned!

Venus Retrograde, Summer 2015: Re-evaluate your Relationships and Finances

Venus goes retrograde this summer from July 25th until September 6th (from 0 Virgo to 14 Leo and back, entering Virgo again on October 9th). This period will be crucial for romantic relationships, business partnerships and financial arrangements. As Venus rules love and beauty (see Venus in Love), this time is not ideal for weddings, sex-changes or cosmetic treatments! While Venus undergoes maintenance, our values and relationships will do the same, generating a necessary emotional distance in which to see things more clearly. Old flames may return and old relationships rekindled now too, if there’s life still left in them. Check back with us this summer to find out how Venus retrograde affects your star-sign!

Venus-Mars Conjunctions: All or Nothing in 2015!

Mars and Venus - the quintessential lovers of the zodiac - will stay close and make a few fiery passes at each other this year! First contact is established in February as Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries at 2 degrees. This signifies a powerful new beginning in love and business partnerships. From that point on, Mars and Venus start a dance culminating in a passionate conjunction in Leo on September 1st, and another in Virgo on November 3rd , after which we should have a far better idea who and what we want! It’s rare to see the lovers move in such close proximity to each other all year, so 2015 should prove to be a truly unique and powerful year for love! Stay tuned to get the lowdown for your sign!

Eclipses 2015: The Emotional Crescendos of Spring and Autumn

This year's lunar eclipses are in Aries-Libra, emphasising relationships, while the solar eclipses are in Virgo-Pisces, initiating a period of changes for the mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius) and bringing new problems to the table. We begin with an extremely intense Total Solar eclipse on March 20th at 29 Pisces, which sees important endings on the world stage and introduces new global concerns. This is followed by a Total Lunar Eclipse at 14 Libra on April 4th - the second of a Tetrad of Total Lunar Eclipses spanning 2014-2015 which are changing our collective landscape. This one signals a culmination, fruition or ending in relationships, bringing much needed clarity. The next set of eclipses happen in the autumn, starting with a Partial Solar Eclipse on September 13th at 20 Virgo, focusing our efforts on practical concerns. This is followed by the fourth and final Total Lunar Eclipse on September 28th at 4 Aries, which is likely to bring further clarity when it comes to our agreements and negotiations, but also conflicts and differences. We will explain how this year's eclipses affect each star-sign as we go along.

North Node in Virgo in November: A Final Year of Emphasis on Relationships

In November 2015 the Lunar Nodes switch from Aries-Libra to Virgo-Pisces shifting the spotlight from negotiations, partnerships and agreements to industry, facing facts and taking practical steps to improve our lot. Stay tuned!
2015 is a year of major global and personal changes, bringing a shift in perspective. Relationships are greatly emphasised throughout the year, as are our principles, juxtaposed with practical concerns and personal desires. We are called to expand our horizons and move toward the future with courage and faith!
HAPPY 2015!
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