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Horoscope 2016: The Year's Major Astrological Transits

Horoscope 2016: The Year's Major Astrological Transits
What will 2016 bring? Here's a preview of the year's major astrological transits! Plus a horoscope taster…
The Times, they are A-Changing...
2016 is shaping to be quite a different year from what you've been experiencing so far. We have moved from a previous emphasis on Cardinal signs which initiated great changes in the world to an emphasis on Mutable signs, which highlights a need to adjust to those changes.  We have Saturn in Sagittarius, firmly in his stride by now, square Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo. With the eclipses also in Virgo/Pisces and warrior Mars making Sagittarius his battlefield in 2016, the stars spell out a major period of adjustment in 2016 requiring flexibility on your part. Let's look at things more closely.

Mutable T-Cross: Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune (Chiron)

The major news this year is a challenging configuration (a T-cross) between Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo. These planets are all in Mutable signs, which represent the times of year when the seasons become unstable. They are all about change, uncertainty, adaptability and things being in flux. With an emphasis on these signs, social integration, administrative and regulatory matters, social unrest, migration, unemployment and health concerns should all be in the spotlight.  Get ready to witness a world in transition as society comes apart at the seams... Expect legislation and bureaucratic measures to be put into place in an effort to manage this.
What does this mean for you personally? At its worst, this combination may make you feel lost. It can bring disillusionment, disenchantment with material goals, cynicism, disintegration, stress and a difficult daily grind. At its best, it brings the gift of idealism and vision in the face of reality. It can allow you to hold both reality and vision in your mind's eye long enough for you to realise your dreams. It can also bring a spiritual awakening and open the door to human compassion as well as divine, artistic and musical creation.
This configuration is active all year, but most intense in June and September-October.
Mars Retrograde April-June 2016
Joining this party is Mars, which goes retrograde this year in Sagittarius. Mars retrogrades April 16th-June 30th, but its influence extends from mid-February well into August. During this period Mars dips into Scorpio (May 27th-August 3rd) following on Saturn’s 2015 footsteps.  We should see considerable unrest and upheaval in the world during Mars' retrograde period. Military action is also possible, although not advisable unless in self-defence.This is a demanding time physically for your body, so do take extra care. 
How to make the best of it? Mars retrograde gives you seven months in which to pay some very great attention to a particularly challenging matter and to complete a transition that began as early as October 2014.  With Saturn in play, 2016 may be hard going at times and you may feel that you are expending a huge amount of effort for little reward. But if you stick with it you can accomplish a truly difficult task during this period
This transit is most intense in April-June and in August, when Saturn conjuncts Mars on the 23rd-24th. Take your time to work out all the kinks and don't rush into any new ventures without doing your due diligence. 
Eclipses 2016: March & September
What do you know? The eclipses also fall in Mutable Signs Virgo and Pisces this year, to speed everything along! They are in March and September, marking those months out for their intensity. 
March brings the powerful message home that it's time for new ventures. We begin with a Total Solar Eclipse on March 9th at 19 degrees Pisces, which follows on the heels of the one we had last March and helps you move forward with a major change or new beginning that you initiated back then. Two weeks later, on March 23rd we have a Lunar Eclipse at 3 degrees Libra. While not a blood moon, this is the last eclipse in that series which started in autumn 2013, closing a major chapter in your life. This is a time to tidy up any loose ends from all the changes that 2014 and 2015 brought - whether these were in your home, in love and relationships or in your career.
The next two eclipses are in September: we have a Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo on September 1st and a Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Pisces on September 16th. While neither eclipse is total, both activate the Mutable T-Cross between Saturn-Neptune-Jupiter-Mars and Chiron and the challenges that this brings. They highlight a need to move with the times, manage disappointments and adjust to a rapidly changing world. They also highlight the necessity of handling aggression maturely and responsibly. In your personal life, they will highlight important adjustments you need to make for greater efficiency and wellbeing and urge you to channel your energies more constructively.
We also have a third "surprise" eclipse in August this year. It is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (a 'soft' one) at 25 degrees Aquarius on August 18th, bringing the number of eclipses this year up to five - a less common occurrence. This eclipse is a gradual introduction to new ideas and it's the first in a series that will take you all the way into 2019, beyond the current period of transition. So keep an eye out and see what new winds blow your way  in August this year, for they will give you an inkling of what's to come. Leo and Aquarius: get ready for take off!
Lunar Nodes in Virgo/Pisces
The Lunar Nodes in Virgo/Pisces (25-6 degrees) complete the emphasis on Mutable Signs in 2016. With the North Node in Virgo this is a time when humanity may feel a little lost. If you feel yourself drifting then discipline, discrimination and strategy can help you to purify your life of useless clutter. You will feel much better for doing so.
Jupiter trine Pluto until June 2016
This year's good news is Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn, giving you a sense of power and confidence in the first half of 2016! This aspect signifies big money and huge energy poured into technology, health, productivity, government and administration. Personally, it can give you the determination, energy and stamina to get a big project off the ground!
January and June see Jupiter conjunct North Node too, a highly auspicious aspect. Start looking out for opportunities to go ahead with your most ambitious plans as soon as the year begins!
Mercury Retrograde in Earth Signs
Mercury goes retrograde four times this year. It does so in the element of Earth for the first time since 2010. This will urge you to reconsider your attitudes to money, resources, your body and other substantial and mundane aspects of your life throughout 2016. Your Mercury retrograde months are January 5-25 (Aquarius-Capricorn), April 28-May 22 (Taurus), August 30-September 22 (Virgo) and December 19-January 8 2017 (Capricorn). You will notice that the very first retrograde begins in the element of air (where it has been for the past couple of years) so as to ease you gently into the mundane and practical themes of 2016.
During its backward motion, Mercury travels very close to the Jupiter-Pluto trine. Look for untapped potential that you would like to further develop for better health, productivity, growth and profit - especially in January and May! 
Jupiter in Virgo until September 2016, then Libra
Jupiter spends most of the year in Virgo, then moves into Libra on September 9th. This is a welcome breather for Librans (who have had a bit of a rough deal of late), as well as Geminis and Aquarians. It brings luck, ease and opportunity to these signs from September 2016 onwards. Earth signs Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo are singled out for luck in the first 8 months of 2016: If that's you, move ahead with key plans before September 9th while you still have lucky Jupiter by your side! 
After months of emphasis on finding practical solutions, Jupiter's move into Libra in the autumn of 2016 represents a welcome focus on relationships and agreements as holding the key to positive developments. By November-December, Jupiter gets into a hot debate with Uranus and Pluto in an effort to find diplomatic and cooperative avenues for growth and profit.
Saturn and Uranus...on Fire by Year's End
The year closes with a fire trine between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, which clears the way toward constructive reform. 
These titans start the year on friendly terms but they then clash as the summer gets underway between June and September 2016. This indicates frustrations with implementing visionary changes and establishing innovative structures over the course of the year, even if those seemed promising as the year began. But these blocks will subside by year’s end. After a year of struggle, November-December 2016 opens the path for you to realise your more radical ideas and marry the old with the new! 
Everyone is bound to feel considerable stress in 2016, but there will be opportunities for growth and creativity amid all the commotion.
2016 is a very important year for Mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini) who will find themselves amid major changes in all aspects of their lives - career, relationship, home and family, identity and personal goals - especially those born in the first 10 days and near the eclipses on the 1st, 9th, 16th and 23rd.
Cardinal signs (Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Aries) will finally feel the pressure lifting off just a little - especially after March - with Jupiter in Libra by autumn bringing a welcome breather (especially for Libra). 
Fixed signs (Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, Leo) are now free of Saturn and - barring a little tiff with Mars in Scorpio in June-July - will begin to feel less put upon.

Your 2016 Horoscope Snapshot

Read your star-sign and Ascendant to find out what 2016 has in store for you!
2016 is a highly instructive year, forcing you out of your comfort zone and into new territory! Your career shows great promise in the first half of the year. By year's end, you have a new vision!  
2016 is a deeply transformative year for you, requiring you to show great flexibility and willingness to change with the times - a hard task for a bull… Money will be a headache but opportunities for love, creativity and personal enterprise abound! 
2016 is a ‘make or break’ year for relationships. It's not only your partner but also your career, home and family all in the melting pot! Love gets better after September 9th, which is also the right time to move ahead with a business venture.
You’re on an incredibly steep learning curve in 2016 when hard work and partnering up with the right people will help you expand your influence. Expect a career breakthrough by year’s end!
2016 is a crash course on love and happiness, when you have no choice but to follow your heart! This is a financially challenging year but calculated risks pay off. Your happiness quota increases exponentially towards year's end!
2016 is a seminal year for you! You are singled out for amazing luck amid equal challenges stemming from your home and family. Pursue your vision and go after your dreams! It's a must.
2016 is all about letting go of the past and establishing yourself in new circles. Sort out any paperwork in the first 8 months and save your energies for autumn when you can finally begin a new and exciting life chapter!
2016 finds you developing new talents and fleshing out the brand new identity you’ve been building over the past couple of years! Networking is lucky for you in the first six months. Work gets more exciting by year’s end!
You're a work in progress in 2016!  This is a seminal year for you when you completely reinvent yourself. Grab career opportunities in the first half of the year. By year's end, you get your own little slice of happiness.
2016 has the potential to truly set your free! There may be much going on in the dark... Don't try to control things - take time to rest and recuperate instead. Expect liberating personal changes by year's end!
2016 finds you focused on an ambitious group project or highly involved in a friendship or in your social circle. Big benefactors may step forward to give you a hand... By year’s end, the way clears for your dreams to take off!
2016 finds you ready to take on great responsibilities! Promotion? Parenthood? You had better be ready! A career breakthrough is possible by year's end. Partners and friends are your greatest asset.
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