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July Single Love Horoscope 2018

July Single Love Horoscope 2018

Your 2018 July single love horoscope for every star sign is fresh off the press! Are you tired of trying to fit your summer plans around friends? Sick of contemplating yet another summer being single? This is a summer unlike any other! If you think you know what’s coming, well think again. July and August are both monumentally dramatic months so you might get something totally different than what you're expecting... Mars and Mercury are retrograde this holiday season starting now, this July (Mars went retrograde June 26 and will stay so till August 27, and Mercury will be retrograde July 26-August 18 but will cast a much longer shadow…) and we have three eclipses this summer, two of them in this very month, July! One is a partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 13th and the other a total lunar eclipse blood moon in Aquarius, conjunct retrograde Mars on July 27th, just when Mercury begins to wobble! Talk about one red, hot fiery moment... Or is it a cold-blooded moment? One can never tell when Aquarius is involved. All in all, get ready to turn things on their head this summer. And if you’re still pining over a past love, it’s time to rip that bandaid. You can put that whole thing to bed this July-August and turn over a new leaf, one way or another. As for who has Venus’ magic golden girdle, it’s Leo and Virgo who are crowned the 'fairest of them all' for the month, so make the best of it! Read the horoscope for your star sign and find out what July has in store for all you single love hearts out there.

What does astrology predict for all you single love hearts for July 2018?

July 2018 is a totally explosive month! Anything can happen and you have everything to play for with two retrogrades and two eclipses in play. Past and future blend in precarious ways, giving you a chance for closure and an opportunity for a fresh start. Check out your star sign prediction below!

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Are you lovers or just friends? July is the month when you revisit questions like that, dear Aries, and go over old ground with someone you already know. With your ruler Mars retrograde, there will be lots of prickly energy around! It’s your choice whether you want to channel it in an argument or find more constructive ways. If you do blow your top, that might bring the situation to a final end. Mercury retrograde in your love zone puts past lovers in your path by month’s end and with Venus and the sun also making an appearance, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to flirt, find closure and seek satisfaction.

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It’s like you’re in a Mexican stand off, dear Taurus! You’ve certainly dug your heels in and you won’t budge - it’s your nature after all - but nor will anybody else. So now what? Someone’s putting pressure on you from high on up to clean up your act and it’s killing any romantic vibe in your love life. But there’s good news! Jupiter turns direct in your relationship zone and someone or something you’ve been waiting for is finally making progress. Your ruler Venus is in your love zone at the same time and you’ll have lots of admirers to pick from. It’s time to put a past love to bed and do things differently from now on.

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Get ready for a blast from the past, dear Gemini! Your ruler Mercury goes retrograde in your neck of the zodiacal woods and you’ll have lots of catching up to do. Friends, family, old school mates - get ready for messages, meetings and people getting in touch you haven’t seen in a while. You might also decide to drop off the radar for a while toward month’s end because love has come and found you here, in your very own home. Your relationship ruler goes direct as July gets underway and you are finally able to see whether someone is truly interested or not.

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Get ready to turn over a new leaf, dear Cancer! You’re in for two years of major changes in your personal life starting now and, if you’re single, that might well mean a change in your relationship status! That’s due to a series of eclipses that begin in your sign starting this month. Right on cue, lucky Jupiter also goes direct in your love zone unleashing a veritable army of lovers, admirers and fun activities for you to choose from. Questions of trust, intimacy and energy investment - as well as joint bank accounts - will concern you big time this month. Are you trying to figure out who gets what? It will take time… Oh, and happy birthday!

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Are you newly single, dear Leo? Or maybe you’re waiting to see if this little latest dalliance is going to lead somewhere? There is a major ending in the cards for you, relationship-wise, this month. With a blood moon total lunar eclipse in your opposite sign, you’re more than ready to either take your relationship to the next level or turn the page and get closure - one way or another - on something that has been dragging on and getting your hackles up for a while now. No worries. All eyes are on you so if you’ve got it flaunt it! The sun, Venus and Mercury all make an appearance in your sign, your love ruler goes direct and you and your happiness finally come centre stage! Take July to tidy up loose ends and get ready for a fresh start come August. Happy Birthday!

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July starts on a serious note for love, dear Virgo. Maybe you’ve got to make a big romantic decision? Or maybe someone is being a total killjoy and you decide that enough is enough? Either way you’ll have to sort out lots of unfinished business and go over past ground this summer - especially so with your ruler also retrograde by month’s end. This will help you uncover lots of secrets and get some much needed closure. But don’t let your obsessive nature make you miss the wood for the trees or you’ll miss all the fun! Others are finally more forthcoming with their love July 10th onwards, just when Venus enters your sign crowning you the belle of the ball! Give yourself a chance to relax and enjoy yourself this month, even if you have to steal yourself away!

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You’re in deep-thinking mode as summer gets underway, dear Libra. Are you going back over old ground trying to work out what went wrong with a past lover? You might be experiencing a mix of strange feelings - anger, blame, even that old chestnut, desire, welling up again! By the end of the month, the whole thing comes to a big red hot crescendo and you can finally get some closure, turn the page and uncover the secrets of your heart. You might also want to revisit a few old haunts and reconnect with friends as July comes to an end, giving you time to process the whole thing quietly. This is a major month for putting the past to bed and clearing the way for fresh goals!

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Your luck is about to turn, dear Scorpio! Lucky Jupiter in your sign turns direct as July gets into swing and you will feel the wind in your sails once more. Still, if you’ve got someone in your sights, don’t make your move just yet. Your ruler Mars is retrograde all summer and you might find that you lack your usual confidence or that your unquestionable libido has taken a tumble. Don’t push on - you have nothing to prove. Consider this a lucky escape! Luck is on your side all summer long so you have nothing to fear. Use this month to tidy up loose ends and put the past behind you. Time to bury the past and set brand new goals! Friendships bring love and joy in the second half of July.

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Are you off somewhere, Sagittarius? Love smiles a foreign smile this month so if you have some travelling to do even better. If not, maybe it’s time to start a long distance relationship or flirt with someone over WhatsApp or Skype?  A certain amount of freedom gives you the space you need to think things over.  The rulers of love and relationships in your chart are both retrograde this month and so the universe strongly urges you to clear house as far as your love life is concerned. Out with the old and in with the new! A nice smile won’t cut it any more by month’s end. You want commitment. You want a future. You’re in it to win it!

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July begins with a huge reality check for you, dear Capricorn! Have you been single for a while? You just cannot find the right person to be the Bonnie to your Clyde? The time for jokes is over. You’re ready to take this seriously, turn the page relationship-wise and hit reset on exactly what you’re looking for in a mate. This is the month to re-examine your list of must-haves and take down some of the intimacy barriers you’ve put up. From July 10th, a holiday is the best place to find love. And if you’re stuck at the office that’s ok too. You don’t have to be the one on holiday you know! Exotic strangers are welcome.

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This is a monumental month for you, dear Aquarius! You’ve gone as far as you can down a particular path and you’re feeling angry, irritable and, frankly, pretty annoyed. Mars is retrograde in your star sign, you’ve lost your mojo, you’re tired of pushing and pushing and getting little in return and, truly, something needs to change. Either that or you’ll snap! That might well happen as we head toward July 27th so try not to suppress how you feel. Take a moment and rethink what you want out of this situation. You’re in for major closure of some kind by month’s end, as past gripes and desires resurface for resolution. That’s also your cue to rethink your whole attitude on love and relationships.

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Escape is your middle name, dear Pisces, and with your ruler, Jupiter, going direct in your travel sector you’re dreaming of The Great Escape, as July gets underway! Goodness knows you need this because it seems as if strange forces are always tripping you up these days when things are about to get good and there’s a huge drain on your energy. Someone/something is sucking the life out of you like an angry vampire, leaving you deflated. And that's a sad sight. Whether it’s someone around you or your own inner demons and resentments you’ll be all the wiser by month’s end. That’s when huge secrets are revealed! Your relationship ruler goes retrograde right on cue and it’s time to rethink a particular association. Expect big changes in your love life down the line!

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