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Jupiter Direct Improves your Luck!

Jupiter Direct Improves your Luck!

Have you been down on your luck lately? If a project has stalled or if things have not been going your way, the wheel of fortune finally turns! Jupiter in Libra, planet of luck and opportunity, turned direct on June 9th, having been retrograde since early February. This gives you the green light to go ahead with all your grand designs! And if a deal or relationship has been on uncertain ground for four months and you’re not quite sure where you stand, Jupiter direct can help you make headway. Jupiter will stick around in relationship sign Libra until October 10th 2017. Time to pull out all the stops!

Jupiter Direct and your Star Sign Horoscope

So where does Jupiter direct change your luck? Where does it charge you to risk all for a high reward? The horoscope for your star sign and ascendant can tell you a little more! For a personal rendezvous with Lady Luck call one of our gifted psychics now. Call us on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) to book a reading.

Aries Star Sign or Aries Ascendant

Have you been waiting to make a relationship official? Or to travel with your sweetheart? If you need a stamp of approval to move forward, be it by a court of law, immigration authority, spiritual mentor or university, you can finally make headway. Travel is always positive for you and you could meet someone abroad who blows your mind, especially till October 2017, when encounters with others are lucky!

Taurus Star Sign or Taurus Ascendant

Taurus is partial to a bit of luxury and likes to feel secure. So how convenient that lucky Jupiter should rule joint finances, gifts and offerings for you, dear Taurus! Someone’s purse strings could be loosened a bit or you may have better luck in achieving a divorce settlement, loan or merger. You’re lucky where work is concerned until October 2017 as you are with any action you take to improve your health. 

Gemini Star Sign or Gemini Ascendant 

Jupiter rules, well, other people in your horoscope, dear Gemini… Your greatest luck comes through dialogue, exchange, partnership and friendly sparring. It’s never a good time to go it alone, much less now when Jupiter is direct and you can finally take the next step within a relationship. A creative partnership could be on the cards or it could be true love and a union that’s meant to go the distance!

Cancer Star Sign or Cancer Ascendant

Fancy making changes to your lifestyle? Have you been contemplating improvements at work or with your daily diet and exercise routine? The road is finally open! Your luck improves at work and you finally know where you stand. The same goes with a health matter, when you can finally make headway. Residence and family related matters are also increasingly lucky for you till October 2017.

Leo Star Sign or Leo Ascendant

How fitting that Jupiter should rule your house of fun, self-expression, love and creativity, dear Leo! That’s your territory! It’s what you love and are good at. And Jupiter makes sure it’s also where you’re most lucky in your life! Creative projects can finally be given the go ahead - especially anything involving travel and communications till October 2017. Ditto if someone has been withholding their love. A frank chat is all it takes to make things better!

Virgo Star Sign or Virgo Ascendant

Jupiter direct improves your luck around money, property, family and assets. This is the planet that helps you feel secure by providing a safe base out of which you can operate and a healthy sense of self-belief, despite your critical streak. Home and family projects that have been stalling can finally move forward. And you can even make a hefty profit! You can become richer in every way and raise your self-worth till October 2017!

Libra Star Sign or Libra Ascendant

Libra always shines when around others and Jupiter also has something to do with it. It’s not just your usual charm… Jupiter rules your house of communications too, making you a natural! If you’ve been waiting to make a connection - personal or professional - or get some sort of answer, your luck finally turns. Needless to say, Jupiter is in your sign, anointing you the luckiest sign till October 2017, so the next four months are your time to pull out all the stops and achieve whatever your heart desires! 

Scorpio Star Sign or Scorpio Ascendant

You might think that others have all the luck...but Jupiter rules your money house, dear Scorpio! Who’s the lucky one now? If you’ve been waiting for something to happen on the money front to deliver you from your woes, your luck finally turns. And guess what? Being generous with others is returned to you tenfold. Until October 2017, that is, when you officially become the luckiest sign for the next twelve months and you can focus on yourself and you alone! 

Sagittarius Star Sign or Sagittarius Ascendant

You’re Jupiter’s lucky star-child, dear Sagittarius, even if this hasn’t felt quite true for most of the past couple of years with Saturn in your sign. Jupiter direct can only help your situation! Your protector is cranking up to full force and soon you’ll have much more luck by your side, no matter what it is you want. Friends and allies are also lucky for you until October 2017.

Capricorn Star Sign or Capricorn Ascendant 

Jupiter is your guardian angel, dear Capricorn! You normally keep your nose to the grindstone, busy climbing that ladder of success. Well, Jupiter works in mysterious ways and is intent on lending you a hand to raise your game and achieve your goals! You have till this October to pull out al the stops career-wise. Doing so brings you a deep and spiritual kind of satisfaction…

Aquarius Star Sign or Aquarius Ascendant

We all know that Aquarius is quite sociable and community minded and Jupiter rules that part of your horoscope. If you’ve been holding back with a friend or trying to create a new and forward looking community but have been making little progress, obstacles now lift. All kinds of outreach are lucky for you till October 2017 such as travel, study, marketing, publishing and PR and you are held in high regard by intellectual authorities! 

Pisces Star Sign or Pisces Ascendant

Apart from being co-ruler of your own sign, Jupiter rules your career, lucky Pisces! Jupiter direct allows you to set new goals, achieve a career promotion and impress higher ups. Financial collaborations are lucky for you till October 2017 too, and you may receive generous gifts, bonuses and commissions. You can resolve a joint financial dispute with your ex or the bank.

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