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Jupiter Goes Retrograde

Jupiter Goes Retrograde

Jupiter in Scorpio goes retrograde March 9th-July 11th 2018 from 23 to 13 degrees of Scorpio. Jupiter presides over learning, vision, growth and expansion and Jupiter retrograde gives you a chance to catch up with yourself and the expanded vision for your life - all the life changes that occurred ever since Jupiter entered Scorpio last October. This is your opportunity to review your plans and hopes for the future, revisit your vision and tweak it where need be. It’s your chance to make room for new and exciting things and ensure you’re growing in the direction you want. The world holds its breath for a moment when Jupiter stations. As you exhale, beyond March 9th-13th, you begin to gain a more philosophical perspective. Align yourself with your fortune and reconnect to your guiding vision! Let that bright and brilliant star (that is planet Jupiter in the night sky for the next few months) guide you to your destination. Once Jupiter stations direct on July 11th, you will be ready to unleash your energies and reap every lucky seed you have sown!

Jupiter 2018 retrogrades in Scorpio. This is your chance to purge fears and insecurities, cleanse yourself of your dependencies and reclaim your power. Challenge yourself to grow beyond your comfort zone.  Here are some things you can do while Jupiter is retrograde:

  1. Check in with yourself: are you up to date with the new and expanded vision of your life?
  2. How much do you depend on external validation? Do you have enough faith in yourself to pursue your vision even in the absence of clear signs from others?
  3. Is this still what you want? Check to see if and how your vision has changed since Jupiter entered Scorpio, last October.
  4. Ask yourself "What do I need to change?" Where are you blind to your own fear, rage or prejudice? What do you need to change to get unstuck and move into the future?
  5. Guard against dogmatism and fanaticism. Examine your beliefs and jettison any that do not serve you.

May 9th (the sun-Jupiter opposition) is the pinnacle of the 2018 Jupiter retrograde. This is the moment when you can clearly see how far you’ve come and where you stand with respect to your guiding vision.

Jupiter Retrograde 2018 and your Star Sign

What does Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio have in store for your star sign? Where are you called to revisit your grand designs, make adjustments to your plans and open up some fresh space into which to grow and expand? The horoscope for your star sign holds a clue. And if you need some one-on-one advice, why not dial 0207 111 6384 and speak to a gifted psychic?


This is a time of inner transformation, dear Aries. If there are some radical changes you need to make to heal - fears you need to face or people to have it out with - this is the time to do this. You also need to rethink your financial attitudes. Redraw your agreements with banks and sponsors. Look for alternative funds. Reconsider your attitude toward debt. Dare to broach difficult subjects and you will come out empowered, stronger, transformed.


It’s time to review your relationships and agreements with others, dear Taurus and the role they play in your life. If others have been pulling you out of your comfort zone, calling you to grow and expand since October, this external pull might temporarily cease. It’s your turn to internalise that faith and vision now and take the necessary steps toward expansion and improved relationships. You might be called to reconsider legal and business partnerships.


It’s time to carry out a cleansing of sorts, dear Gemini. You might want to do a detox, address a health concern or purge your life of bad habits. A work project that has had your attention might ease up for a while, giving you a chance to rethink where you’re going with it. It is now down to you to drum up excitement for it, to reconnect with what inspired your work in the first place and revisit the vision behind it. This is a good time to root out inefficient habits.


What brings you joy, dear Cancer? A romance or creative project that has been giving you hope in recent months might go quiet for a while. This is only a temporary lull, giving you time to reach into your heart, reconnect with your vision and mould your creation along the desired lines. This could be a period of gestation allowing for something (a baby, start up, hobby or love affair) to grow. Your task is to draw faith and inspiration from within and maintain your joy.


This is your chance to consider your home, family or living situation from a more philosophical perspective, dear Leo. Do you need to come up with a new plan? Are you thinking of expanding your current home, refinancing or moving? It’s time to reconsider your vision for the future. Where do you want to be based? Touch base with yourself, connect with an inner sense of belonging and let the inspiration flow from that point of knowing.


Your world has burst into life since October last year, dear Virgo, with news, communications and people calling you out of your comfort zone, urging you to travel, connect with others or learn new things. It’s been a veritable feast for the mind and you now need to take some time and digest all this new information. Keep your thoughts ticking along optimistic lines as you revisit a contract, study for an exam or rework a piece of writing. Open your mind.


Do you need to make extra room in your coffers, dear Libra?  You’re on a roll since October with new opportunities arising to make money or let money flow more easily toward you. You now have a chance to review your financial situation and make improvements. Are talents and assets left untapped? This is your chance to bring them out and let your true worth shine. And even if a cheque isn’t immediately forthcoming, your task is to have faith in your abilities and in the abundance you’re creating.


It’s a year of immense growth for you, dear Scorpio! Jupiter is in your sign since October, urging you to grow and explore new avenues for expression and leaving you breathless. Your life goals are changing. Give yourself time to catch your breath and let yourself catch up with that new and expanded vision of your life.  Have faith in yourself and don’t wait for validation from others. Instead take your time to mould your life exactly as you want it now, with Jupiter by your side until November 2018.


This is your chance to drop under the radar, dear Sagittarius, and recharge your batteries. This year is a period of preparation for the great opportunities coming your way by year's end and in 2019. March-July 2018 is a time when you can revisit the past, re-negotiate your relationship with the divine and put any demons to bed. You might even reap some good karma from past good deeds at this time. You’re ready to embark on a journey of spiritual cleansing, all the better to welcome your fortune in 2019!


Have you found your tribe, your clan, dear Capricorn? If you’re still looking for where you belong, this is your chance to revisit your dreams for the future and your vision for the kind of community you want to call your own.  You have made new friends since October last year, embarked on a joint adventure and ventured beyond your comfort zone. It’s now your turn to keep that vision alive for the group and stay in the game long enough to reap the reward.


You’re itching to explore new career horizons, dear Aquarius, your present course feeling too narrow for your growing vision. A lot has happened in the past few months and it’s time to take a moment to get clearer on how you see your future unfolding. What are you aiming for in life? Where do you want to be in five years’ time? Don’t expect authority figures to have the answers now. Connect with that inner compass that knows your true north and make room in your life for a more exciting and expansive role for yourself.


You thirst for adventure, dear Pisces! You feel like travelling for a while, embarking on a pilgrimage or immersing yourself in study, books, films or whatever allows your mind to rise above the nitty gritty. You’re on a search for meaning and the usual platitudes no longer serve you. What do you draw faith from? Review your beliefs and come up with a more meaningful, uplifting interpretation of your life experience. An academic, broadcasting, publishing or international project might enter a new phase now. It’s down to your vision to see it to the end.

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