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Jupiter in Cancer until July 16th 2014: Where Are You Lucky?

Jupiter in Cancer until July 16th 2014: Where Are You Lucky?

Jupiter – the astrological herald of luck – entered Cancer at the end of June 2013 to stay there until the 16th of July 2014.

What does this mean for you? What should you bet on until July 2014? Where does your luck lie?

Wherever Jupiter transits in your chart, you enter a new cycle of growth and expansion. Like a magnet, Jupiter draws to you things, people and circumstances that conspire to bring you to the next stage of your development. You are lucky where you find Jupiter, even if you don’t feel like it at the time!  
Jupiter takes twelve years to come full circle in the zodiac, staying a year in each sign. So, if you want to get an experiential sense of what’s going on, cast your thoughts back to July 2001-02 (and before that, August 1989-90). No matter how your life has changed since then, is there a common theme? What sort of events expanded your horizons back then? While the events are never the same, a new developmental trend is now underway akin to that of twelve years ago. The new cycle now is replacing the concerns of the old 2001-02 cycle with new visions and possibilities!
Lets Clear Up A Common Misconception… Contrary to popular belief, Jupiter’s transit isn’t meant to be a walk in the park! ‘Lucky’ does not mean ‘easy’. When your life expands, it can sometimes feel pretty scary and overwhelming! Think about what it is like when you decide to build an extension to your house. At first there is frustration and restlessness as you become aware of greater possibilities. You are not quite happy where you are. You want more. With a combination of excitement and apprehension you draw the plans… But then, in come the builders tearing down the walls! Not an easy time for most people… Not if you are a fan of solid structures and a firm handle on circumstances. And even if you are a more relaxed type, you may feel utterly exhausted by the whole affair! And finally, there is the danger of overreaching, going beyond your present capabilities or losing all sense of proportion, carried away by your vision. All these are Jupitarian experiences: the frustration that there is more to life than this; the overwhelming expansion of your life-structures; the struggling to physically keep up with your vision… these are all part and parcel of Jupiter’s transit through your chart!   
But no matter how you are feeling now, you will recognise Jupiter’s blessings in hindsight! Jupiter is the planet of the bird-s eye view after all – it will all become clear as you gain some distance from current events. So, if you feel anything but blessed at the moment, just bear with things.  Trust the process and go with it. Lady Luck is knocking on your door!  

Where Does Your Luck Lie Until July 2014?

Read on to find out where you are lucky in the first half of 2014.  Read your sun-sign and your Ascendant below! Indeed, when Jupiter transits your rising sign, it is considered a particularly lucky period in your life! Don’t know your rising sign? Check out your birth chart!  (You will need your birth-time to find out your rising sign). Also check your chart to see if you have Jupiter in Cancer. For when Jupiter returns to the sign that it occupied when you were born, it is a time of momentous growth for you in all areas of your life!
You are entering a new cycle of growth and development where your home and family life is concerned. You may be expanding your physical base of operations, getting a bigger home, or simply making more room in your inner attitudes for growth and development. This is a good time to do all kinds of psychotherapeutic or foundational work that releases past hang-ups to make space for future growth. You may also benefit through a parent or through your family in some way. Use this time to set up a new foundation for the future. Real-estate, as well as any activity that can give you a greater sense of belonging and security is favoured now and until July 2014.
You are entering a new cycle of growth in your mental outlook now. Your luck lies in writing, speaking, taking short trips and linking with people in all kinds of learning and communicative activities until July 2014. It pays to follow your increased intellectual curiosity now: travel more, read more, chat with others and be open to ideas! Communications of all kinds are favoured for you and it may feel as if you are expanding your own back yard to make space for the daily hustle and bustle of life… This is good, as you are now coming into contact with people and ideas that greatly further your development. Siblings and cousins may also bring you luck at this time.
You are entering a new cycle of growth where your earned income is concerned! Events conspire to make you see that more is possible and that more is good. You can earn more, spend more and generally function on a much greater scale than you previously imagined! There may be a rise in expenses at this time, but if so, this is only because you also have a chance to increase your cash flow now and until July 2014. The universe is urging you to find ways to increase your earned income effortlessly, and to use all your resources and talents more profitably! Invest in yourself. This is a time to increase your assets and gain a greater sense of self-worth.
This is a time of momentous growth for you! You are entering a new twelve-year cycle of personal growth and development on all fronts. Think back to 2001-2002, when your previous personal growth cycle began. That old cycle has now come to an end and you have reaped all the fruit that you could from that one. You are now beginning afresh on a much grander scale! Ever since June 2013, you set sail on a new adventure of self-discovery in pursuit of a greater vision.   And the expansion of your personality to encompass that vision is nearly complete. Trust in this process. Use this time until July 2014 to really pursue your goals, for luck is on your side!
You have been very busy clearing-house since last summer… You are wiping the decks clean and making space for the future! A twelve-year old cycle of growth that began around August 2002-03 is now coming to an end for you, so you are naturally tidying up loose ends and preparing the ground for the seeds of the future. If anything leaves your life now, let it go. It is for your own good. You won’t be ready to begin afresh until July 2014 and onwards, when Jupiter enters Leo. Keep your attention inward until that point and make sure to let go of anything outworn, which is not conducive to your growth. Soul-searching is lucky for you now, as is all kinds of volunteer work. Trust that the universe is on your side – willing you to release old wounds and get ready to seize opportunities that will arise when Jupiter enters your sign!
Events since June 2013 have been conspiring towards the realisation of a cherished dream for you, thereby opening up new vistas for the future. Your social circle is also expanding. You are now making allies and meeting like-minded people with whom you can join forces. Your luck lies in group-effort now and until July 2014. Friends will also bring you luck at this time! This is a new cycle of social growth for you. You will benefit mostly by joining with like-minded others and working together towards a common goal. 
You are in the process of entering a new cycle of professional growth. A number of career opportunities have been coming your way since June 2013, liberating your professional image, opening up new vistas and allowing you to set career goals on a larger scale. It is time to expand your public profile and begin increasing your worldly influence! Use your favour with superiors until July 2014 to establish yourself on a new path and further your aims.
You may have seen your influence expand oversees since June 2013. Use this time until July 2014 to travel to far away destinations, favourably resolve legal matters, gain an academic qualification, or get a publication underway. You are now broadcasting on a larger scale! Use your favour with people in positions of religious, legal or intellectual authority until July 2014 to expand your base of operations or bring your projects to a successful conclusion. You are entering a new cycle of intellectual growth.
You are in the process of entering a new cycle of joint financial growth now and until July 2014. Take this time to sort out tax matters, sign lucrative financial contracts involving joint investments, pension plans, bonuses and commissions of all kinds, or apply for a grant, loan or mortgage on terms that are to your liking. You may experience generosity or receive a large commission or payout. If you are looking for investors, luck is on your side until July 16th.
Lady luck is bringing you into contact with people and leading you to form partnerships that have the sole purpose of expanding your horizons since June 2013. Now and until July 2014, progress comes through all kinds of relationships. A new cycle of growth has begun, replacing old models of relating with new possibilities and visions. Other people are agents of progress for you now. Any partnerships you form now will assist in your growth for a long time to come. Let others expand your world!
Your daily routine may have been thrown off kilter since June 2013. If so, this is because you are making room in your life for bigger, better, more! Luck is on your side where work is concerned until July 2014 and your body may have strong regenerative powers at the moment. Take the opportunity to address matters concerning your health. Let your everyday life expand, and welcome anything new, as events now conspire to make your daily rituals richer and more meaningful. This is a new cycle of growth in work and daily routine.
The god of luck smiles favourably upon you where love and romance are concerned! You really have a chance now and until July 2014 to make room in your life for more fun and creativity and to find new ways to express yourself! This is a time for joy – no matter what else may be going on in your life, the Universe is asking you to make room for the child within you to come out and play! All matters concerning children are favoured. You are entering a new cycle of growth where children, romance and creative self-expression are concerned.
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