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Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018-2019

Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018-2019

Jupiter is in Sagittarius from 8 November 2018 until 2 December 2019. This is a time of optimism and expansion when many fantastic opportunities for growth and adventure open up before you! Jupiter rules Sagittarius and when the planet of luck, gifts and generosity returns to his home turf, he can really go to town and shower you with the joy and abundance you deserve, without anyone raining on his parade. The last time that Jupiter was in Sagittarius was in 2007. Do you remember what new horizons opened up before you then? Jupiter in Sagittarius wants to see you regain your faith in the cosmos - especially after Saturn dented it a little in 2014-2017 - and to take some calculated risks to reach your goals. Jupiter wants you to transcend your limitations and go after your dreams in the area of life ruled by Sagittarius in your chart. Which is it? Your Jupiter in Sagittarius Horoscope 2019 holds the key!

Jupiter in Sagittarius Dates

Were you born with Jupiter in Sagittarius? Then 2019 will bring your Jupiter Return, which happens every 12 years and is one of the luckiest years of your life according to astrology! Jupiter's return to its natal place brings joy, abundance and the fulfilment of your dreams. Doors open wide, opportunity knocks and angels show up at every turn to restore your faith in the world. The cosmos lays out the red carpet for you during your Jupiter Return but it’s up to you to step on it and make the most of it by taking risks and grasping opportunities coming your way!

Check out these handy dates to see if you were born with natal Jupiter in Sagittarius and so if you're having your Jupiter Return in 2019. Jupiter was last in Sagittarius:

  • 9 Nov 1935 - 2 Dec 1936
  • 24 Oct 1947 - 15 Nov 1948
  • 10 Feb - 24 Apr 1959 / 5 Oct 1959 - 1 Mar 1960 / 10 Jun - 26 Oct 1960
  • 14 Jan - 5 Jun 1971 / 11 Sep 1971 - 6 Feb 1972 / 24 Jul - 25 Sep 1972
  • 26 Dec 1982 - 19 Jan 1984
  • 9 Dec 1994 - 3 Jan 1996
  • 24 Nov 2006 - 18 Dec 2007

What does it mean to have natal Jupiter in Sagittarius? It means that luck’s on your side by birth! This is an extremely lucky Jupiter position to be born with. A guardian angel is always looking after you, providing a safety net even for your hardest fall. And you, in turn, love to take risks and embark on new adventures, testing your luck again and again. This is a chicken and egg situation. Are you lucky because you trust your luck? Or do you trust your luck because you're lucky? If luck is a muscle, then natal Jupiter in Sagittarius makes you real buff!

With natal Jupiter in Sagittarius, you look at the big picture and don’t sweat the small stuff. You love to travel and your belief system is formed by contact with foreign cultures, religions and philosophies. You’re intellectually gifted and generous and naturally forward-looking and optimistic. You're friendly, in a detached, humanitarian kind of way which draws others to you. You always look at the bright side of life and for the upside - spiritual or financial - in any situation. This makes you Lady Luck’s favourite child!

What Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius means

Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius is a time of hope, excitement and opportunity for all star signs! It only comes around once every 12 years so, be bold! Take calculated risks and don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone! Are you ready to take a leap of faith? Doing so will bring you luck. You will see problems dissipate, especially problems that plagued you since 2014, when Saturn put a crimp on Sagittarius’ optimism. You’ve done your time. Jupiter is here to lift all these painful constraints and bring home the bounty! Have you become excessively conservative? Negative? Cynical? Time to have more fun and regain your faith in life!

New horizons are calling to you with transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius. There is some danger of becoming reckless or overconfident but it can be avoided if you do your due diligence and keep your feet on the ground. Areas of life that will be especially lucky in 2019 are publishing, research, future technologies, marketing, academia, the law, religion, philosophy, teaching and education, the internet and broadcasting, foreign travel, cross-cultural affairs and international business.

This is the year to go after your biggest and most expansive, daring ambitions! This is doubly true if you have natal Jupiter in Sagittarius or if you’re a Sagittarius Ascendant.

Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018-2019 Transit’s Aspects

There is only one major aspect that Jupiter makes whilst it is transiting Sagittarius and it happens 3 times throughout 2019:

  • Jupiter square Neptune in Pisces - 13 January / 16 June / 21 September 2019

This can be an illusory aspect making you overly romantic, living in a bubble and overestimating or underestimating a situation. Watch that you’re not taken in by charlatans, unrealistic dreams, false prophets, get-rich-quick schemes, sob stories and worthless investments. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is! There is also positive potential in this aspect, giving you access to kindness and compassion, the highest personal integrity, unconditional love, deep spiritual and mystical experience and boundless creative imagination. (And potentially, silly money!)

Staying grounded will help counteract some of the dangers of this Jupiter-Neptune aspect. For while Jupiter and Neptune are both in their home signs and strong, so is Saturn, bringing a dose of realism. Imagination combined with due diligence, hard work and calculated risks is a cocktail for success in 2019!

Jupiter in Sagittarius transit for each sign

So, with all of that out of the way, let’s have a look at how the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018-2019 affects each zodiac sign.

Check out both your star sign and your ascendant sign for a complete picture of where your luck lies in 2019.

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New horizons open up before you, dear Aries! You’re chomping at the bit to go exploring, whether this is a whole lot of holidays, an enormous publicity campaign, expanding your business or heading back to school to raise your credentials. VIPs are well disposed toward you and will open doors for you to try your hand at something new and even become an expert in your field. All this will help restore your faith and strengthen your vision. You might experience a religious conversion or other epiphany but do guard against being too zealous in your views. Academic, religious, philosophical, international, legal and immigration matters are favoured. Relations with in-laws improve and bring benefits.

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Get ready for a great big financial bonanza, dear Taurus! You’ve been through a tight money-squeeze and it’s about time you experienced a lucky break or two to restore your sense of safety and buoyancy. You can expect your great good fortune to come through outside sources, such as your spouse’s improved finances, a bonus or inheritance, a lucrative partnership, sponsorships, grants, low credit loans, debt forgiveness, lottery gains, tax breaks and the like. Your faith and trust in the universe are thereby restored, causing a remarkably positive transformation in you. You could also experience a psychological or sexual breakthrough at this time. Intimacy, going deeper and not being afraid to face the truth brings you luck.

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Other people are lucky for you, dear Gemini! Relationships are marked by feelings of freedom, generosity and optimism and you’re bound to grow and expand together. This is an auspicious time to get married, find an agent, negotiate a contract or get legal representation. Partnerships and collaborations are good for you and you could sign up a lucrative new client now. You’re entering new territory relationship-wise so stay open to new experiences, even if that means moving on or giving someone greater freedom to move.  This is a good time to go public with an idea. The public likes you and you could acquire quite a following!

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Work picks up, dear Cancer! You know when you wait for ages for a bus then three show up at once? It never rains but it pours and this holds true for your work this year. If you’ve been job-hunting without luck you’ll get multiple offers now! If work has been a sore point, you will see conditions improve with new training programmes, opportunities to travel or even something better coming along. Your skills are in high demand and you’re eager to expand on them and do a good job. You’ll have loads on your plate with travel and excitement disrupting your daily routine and causing you to overindulge. This is a good time to start a health regime. A new pet could be lucky.

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Love smiles at you, dear Leo. You’re tired of going through the motions without getting any joy and you're ready to have some fun! Jupiter gladdens your heart and brings you your best chance at true love. Your task? To listen to your heart! Let yourself fall in love. Let your heart blossom! In your career, don’t go for the safe job. Go for the one that makes your heart sing! Your popularity rises and so does your self-confidence now. This is your chance to find your soulmate, even have kids, showcase your athletic talent, launch your creative career or see your business take off. This will restore your belief in your talents, your faith in love and your capacity for joy. Good times!

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Get ready for a whole lot of expansion at home, dear Virgo! You might move to a bigger place, build an extension or even move to a foreign land. Either way, you’re ready to leave the walls of the past behind and spread your wings, experiencing greater freedom. You could also see positive changes around your family now, like finding the perfect care solution for a parent, starting a family of your own or expanding into new and majestic lodgings. Such experiences will help you establish a new emotional set point and a positive foundation from which to grow, increasing your sense of hope, safety and belonging in this world. This is a time of great inner expansion and liberation. Let bygones be bygones and enjoy it!

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Your world is about to burst to life, dear Libra! Good news come in and projects involving writing and communications are favoured. Jupiter in Sagittarius is the best time to launch your blog, apply for a media job, go back to school or write a book. You’ll also have the golden touch when it comes to teaching, marketing and selling products and services. You can sell ice to an eskimo with Jupiter in your talking house! This is also a great time to learn a new language, buy a car or expand your social circle. Looking for love? Get out there and mingle! There's plenty of new fish in the sea. Sibling, neighbours, classmates, phones, trains and short trips are lucky for you.

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You’ve paid your dues, dear Scorpio, and finally, it’s time to collect. Your finances have been tight but no longer. Lucky Jupiter is in your money house and your troubles are over! Jupiter will boost your income and expand your earnings, raising your self-confidence and optimism in the process. This is the time to go for gold! Your spending will also increase to reflect your newfound eclectic values so you’ll need to watch that. Be careful around dodgy investments. Take calculated risks instead to monetise your assets and sell your services for a high price. You're worth it! A lucrative sale or purchase could be on offer. Get ready to experience riches and abundance, you're fast becoming hot property!

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Launch your ships, dear Sagittarius, your time has finally come! It’s your turn for a round of luck, to help you feel like yourself again. After the harsh trials and tribulations of recent years, the wheel finally turns and you’re on top again. 2019 is your luckiest year yet and you can expect many a lucky break to come your way! What’s important to you? Follow that. Are you looking for true love? Put yourself out there! The universe will deliver your soul mate. Have you been working hard for little reward? Business will finally take off, bringing financial rewards! Don’t be afraid to initiate daring projects and take calculated risks. This is the year when others finally notice how amazing you are and open doors wide for you to enter!

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The universe has your back, dear Capricorn! Your luck is working for you even as you sleep or are occupied with other things, which you’re bound to be with Saturn in your sign. Have faith! Be like an angel - generous with your time and money, forgiving of others and giving without thought of return - and you will see immeasurable benefit. The angels look after their own you see! Activities behind the scenes in secret or private bring you luck. Any kind of therapy or healing, a spiritual retreat, anonymous charity work or research as part of a large institution could bring great riches and unhoped for spiritual and physical benefits. Show generosity! You won't regret it. This year could also bring a sexual awakening.

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You have a very exciting year ahead of you, dear Aquarius, when you can expand your social circle, get involved in your community and see many benefits come as a result. After years of social isolation, you can finally step out of your back yard and have some fun! This is a year of great rewards, financial and otherwise, through all your friendships, investments and social networks. Trust in your dreams and don’t be afraid to take a risk and build a better world. Doors could open for you to realise your biggest ambitions now, even where you had all but given up before. Group activities, friends, social media and club memberships bring you luck. Get networking! International connections are golden.

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You’re itching for greater freedom in your career, your marriage, your life, dear Pisces! You’ve worked hard to get where you are but you’re starting to chafe at the bonds of your worldly responsibilities and social position. Well, now Jupiter comes to liberate you! You are ready to set new goals, to travel and to try your hand at being someone new in the eyes of the world! Honours and titles could be yours now as influential people look favourably upon you. A prestigious event, a promotion or a huge wedding could raise your profile, opening up whole new vistas for you to venture into. It's time to be seen in all your glory. Put yourself out there! The world is your oyster.

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