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Jupiter in Scorpio October 2017-November 2018

Jupiter in Scorpio October 2017-November 2018

The lucky day is here! Jupiter enters sexy Scorpio on October 10th 2017 to stay until November 9th 2018 and benefit each and every star sign in new, unique and wonderful ways! There’s always a buzz around the days when Jupiter changes zodiac signs. Maybe the challenges / breaks of the past year are starting to make more sense now? Or maybe, you feel strangely more hopeful for the future? That’s Jupiter having its effect on you, bringing hope, opportunity and luck!  

So what can you expect with Jupiter in Scorpio? Growth, riches and lucky breaks that come from probing the depths! Getting up close and personal! Get ready to uncover some real juicy secrets! Jupiter in Scorpio’s power is magnetic. It pulls things inward, then applies a magnifying class to everything that lies within, hidden, dangerous, corrupted or taboo. The truth will set you free! Conspiracy theories may become more popular with Jupiter in Scorpio and we could see a scandal or two. Financially, society tends toward the extremes. With Uranus (currently in Aries) about to enter Taurus in May 2018 and a major conjunction coming up in Capricorn in 2020, the way we handle money in this world is about to change radically - unlike anything we’ve ever seen! Jupiter in Scorpio will lay the groundwork by exposing truths and shedding light on the rich and powerful - and let’s not forget, society’s dirty underbelly, too. Could we see a rise in interest rates? Inflation? Debt-related laws and litigation? Quite possibly. In your personal life, crisis and intensity lead to a very positive transformation! Get ready to be reborn with Jupiter in Scorpio!

Jupiter in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces and sextiles Pluto in Capricorn throughout 2018 (Neptune begins this December in fact) so stay tuned for more on how you can make this gutsy, rich and scrumptious new transit work for you!

Jupiter in Scorpio Horoscope for every Star Sign

What goodies does Jupiter in Scorpio (Oct 2017-Nov 2018) have in store for your star sign? Horoscope time! Don’t forget that you can also call us anytime on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) and get real answers direct from our gifted psychics!


Jupiter in Scorpio gives you a good nose for investment, dear Aries! Any way you can make some money on the side or build a passive income is favored. Now’s the time to look for that loan or remortgage, find a sponsor or get the best deal out of a division of property. In your personal life, get ready for things to get intensely personal. You may have to face certain truths, excise ill parts of yourself and unlock deeply buried memories and feelings. This might be uncomfortable but it will empower and transform you!


Jupiter in Scorpio brings you luck in relationships, dear Taurus! This is the best possible time to get married, find an agent, strike a business deal or reach out to the public. You’ll meet new and fascinating people too, who bring out the best in you! This could be a new friendship, a relationship or professional partnership, or even a competitor that helps you excel! If you’re hitched, you’ll undergo profoundly meaningful experiences together that open up new paths for you and lay the world at your feet!


Whether you’re job-hunting, dear Gemini, hoping to land a major new work project, draw in new business or improve work conditions, Jupiter in Scorpio has got your back! Work is about to get much more rewarding and lucrative too. You can also make major lifestyle changes, acquire new habits, purge toxins from your body and improve your life all round. Fancy a new pet? Jupiter can bring you a new furry (scaly?) friend that you will love and cherish!


Happiness tends to be an elusive notion but…not for you, dear Cancer! Not now that Jupiter is in Scorpio! You’re about to know what being truly happy feels like. You can now find true love, finally pursue a hobby, creative project or career that reflects your true heart’s desire, or celebrate the birth of a baby! Whatever it is, it’s marvelous! Your life is about to become that much richer and more meaningful - especially if you dare to take a risk. You can’t win if you don’t play. Follow your heart!


Is your living space cramping your style, dear Leo? Do you wish to sell and move somewhere bigger, improve your home, build an extension or renovate? Jupiter in Scorpio is your friend! All property and real-estate related projects receive the green light and you can find pretty lucrative deals too. A new roommate could also be lucky. This is also a marvelous time to undergo therapy, purge the past and even improve your relationship with your parents. You’ll uncover a new found inner strength you never knew you had!


Oh, the sheer power of thought, dear Virgo! How deeply can you probe? You can mesmerize others with your speech, write a masterpiece in the blink of an eye and get to the heart of any matter with your superb analytical skills, more so now that Jupiter is in Scorpio. Your mind is your lucky charm - a bit like your superpower! Learning, teaching, writing and speaking brings you luck and opportunities for the next 13 months! Use the Force! Your thoughts are magnetic. An opportunity for a media appearance could also knock on your door!


Rolling in cash? Wish you were? Jupiter in Scorpio has heard your wish! Whatever your financial condition it’s about to improve. Your head is swimming with new ideas from the past year, when you were hosting Jupiter in your sign, and you can’t wait to put it all into practice. Opportunities to raise your income, monetize your talents and build greater security will show up. Test your worth, build your self-confidence and invest your time and money where it can make a difference in your life!


Oh boy, dear Scorpio, you’re in for the ride of your life! Jupiter, the king of the gods, bestows his crown, thunderbolt and scepter to you, empowering you to go after your wildest dreams! Your natural magnetism rises tenfold, drawing to you the things and people you need to succeed! Your faith and enthusiasm are contagious, quickly turning you into a real player. Trust your instincts and take on the world! Are you looking for love? Or maybe you’re hoping to close a major deal or hit the big time? Make it happen! This is the start of your new life!


Jupiter’s your ruling planet and you’re particularly sensitive to its movements, dear Sagittarius. Get ready to go on a deep and meaningful journey! You’ve had Saturn in your sign for over two years now and this has turned your life upside down! But it’s nearly over (this December in fact) and you can look forward to the sun shining brightly once more! Think of this as a transition period. Clear house, do some soul searching and get ready for a new beginning. Spend some time alone. Work on something big behind the curtains and be ready to burst into the scene come November 2018!


You’ve worked and worked, dear Capricorn, and now’s the time for your reward! Riches and praise can be yours, as can be the admiration and support of friends and acquaintances. You’re becoming incredibly popular! Expect invitations to start pouring in and social interactions to become deeply satisfying! It’s not what you know it’s whom you know, so get mingling! Whether you’re after love, glory or profit, the opportunities to achieve your dreams are all around you. Join a club, network or get involved in your community. Group activities bring you luck now!


Ready to shoot for the stars? Jupiter lands at the very top of your horoscope, dear Aquarius, and you’re not content with the same-old career-wise. You want to scale new heights - and plumb new depths, for that matter, in how far and how deeply your influence reaches! With Jupiter in Scorpio on your side, you’re sure to rock a few boats and make an impression! Success is the best revenge, they say, and you’re about to show everyone who’s boss!


The world is your oyster, dear Pisces! You’re feeling antsy and restless with Jupiter in Scorpio, eager to try new experiences. You might as well pander to this newfound hunger for adventure, for that’s where your greatest opportunities lie. You might meet the love of your life on a journey to Bali or exponentially increase your earnings just because you decided to take that evening course. Don’t let fear hold you back. Take a leap!  Any kind of outreach program - marketing, publishing and the media - is also lucky for you so, go on, put yourself out there!

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