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Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn 2018

Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn 2018

Jupiter in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn throughout 2018 and this gives you the kind of faith and conviction that can move mountains! Are you ready for a major confidence boost? Will and opportunity combine to open some large doors for you to walk through if only you dare… On the other hand, this is also an aspect of the know-it-all, ‘have got it all worked out’ dark vision conspiracy theorist. But who’s to tell where truth ends and paranoia begins? The world is certainly full of dark and scandalous secrets, many of which are now coming to light curtesy of that Scorpio Jupiter. But being convinced that the world is steeped in filth and fanatically wanting nothing to do with it only leaves the door open to those who are prepared to get their hands dirty for fun and profit. Is it worth you sitting idly by and picking that bone of yours whilst others get ahead? Spiritual progress and psychological insight are also a gift of this transit, as long as you’re willing to face certain truths right in the eye, about yourself and others. So off you go... You have some big toys to play with! This Jupiter sextile Pluto aspect is exact on 15 January, 14 April and 12 September 2018 but it is in fact operative throughout the year.

Jupiter sextile Pluto 2018: Do you dare?

Jupiter and Pluto open some big heavy doors for you. Do you dare walk through? Or would you rather keep well away from such dark and dangerous depths? Let’s have a look at the horoscope for your star sign.

Aries - The Go-Getter

Jupiter and Pluto turn you into quite the go-getter, Aries, eager to get to the top by any means. Either that or you might feel that the world is rapidly becoming a rather greedy, dirty place and view those at the top - bosses, politicians etc - with suspicion. The truth is that you’ll have lucrative opportunities for career advancement yourself! A new position now will come with many bonuses and benefits, opening new horizons before you. So go on, go play with the big boys!

Taurus - The Chastiser

You have an opportunity to reach out to others, Taurus, find an agent or publisher, strike a collaboration, put your ideas or product out there or get an academic post with someone’s help. All of this is possible, but you need to overcome certain rigid and fanatical views. Jupiter-Pluto could turn you into a chastiser of others’ free ways and a pronouncer of verdicts. You need to examine your beliefs and find a way to make the best of the opportunities that others bring your way. These could prove transformative for you.

Gemini - The Energy Magnet

We’ve called you ‘the energy magnet’ dear Gemini because Jupiter and Pluto give you the gift to attract money and resources of all kinds. Your work impresses others and if you put in some elbow grease, you’re sure to attract the necessary investment. A productive merger could be on the cards or some other very close relationship that makes your day to day life much more juicy and exciting. All this is sure to benefit your relationships in the long term, both personal and professional and help you reach a wider audience.

Cancer - the Seducer

It’s true, dear Cancer! Jupiter and Pluto turn you into a seducer and give you the power to attract the richest and sexiest of partners or even defeat powerful enemies! You can turn that to your benefit by striking a lucrative creative or speculative business agreement. And you can win love and popularity too, enjoy a passionate romance or have a baby, if that’s your wish, now that the forces of change are on your side. All of this is sure to rejuvenate you and positively impact your work and lifestyle.

Leo -  The Purifier

It’s high time to purify your life of anything that doesn’t work or is an emotional burden to you, dear Leo. This is a healing energy that’s accessible to you throughout 2018 and you can use it to improve your health, find a better work and lifestyle balance, make repairs to your home, address problems in your family and personal life and even undergo fruitful counselling so that you can put the past - and any bad habits associated with it - well behind you. The net result will be a shinier, brighter, happier you! 

Virgo - The Shocker/Truth-Speaker

You’re after the truth in the best of times, dear Virgo, and Jupiter-Pluto propel this tendency of yours to the max. You have no time for superficial conversations and your words might often shock others with their depth, raw emotional power and truthfulness. This might lead to some interesting encounters. Above all, this is an opportunity to express yourself, creatively. If you have a writing or media project you’d like to carry out this is the right time. This externalisation of what’s inside will have a therapeutic effect on your soul.

Libra - The Builder

The objects you surround yourself with and the very ground you stand on, these are the things that offer you a sense of solidity and continuity. And here is where all the action is, dear Libra. This is an opportunity for you to grow your assets, make lucrative investments or capitalise on land and family heirlooms. Jupiter and Pluto turn you into a master builder - a builder of fortunes and solid secure foundations for the future. This will have a positive effect on your day to day dealings with everyone around you.

Scorpio - The Magician

Jupiter is in your sign, dear Scorpio and Pluto is your ruler. This can only mean one thing, that you are the master magician in 2018, ideally positioned to make the most of this lucrative and powerful energy! You sense that this is a special time and are ready to make the most of any opportunities coming your way. There’s a magical aura around you and you can mesmerise anyone in your path to draw to you the necessary attention, power and resources. Net net, you’ll be richer in every respect by the end of it.

Sagittarius - The Money Maker

You’re a money making machine, dear Sagittarius! And we’re talking big bucks! Financial opportunities knock on your door, as if brought by angels. You’re compelled to make the most of others’ generosity as well as any talents and resources you might have to grow your resources exponentially. A hidden benefactor could well facilitate all this. Time to showcase what you’ve got. You will come out of this period with renewed vision and hope for the future, as well as more confident in yourself.

Capricorn - The Transformer

You’re a master transformer with Pluto in your sign, Capricorn, and you have the power and magnetism to achieve most anything you put your mind to. And now, Jupiter in Scorpio gives you the richest possible playground in which to exert your influence. Others are like putty in your hands, you have a lucrative support network and a chance to mould the world as you want it. This is a time of great reward that brings inner renewal and a spiritual kind of satisfaction.

Aquarius - The Politician

Everyone looks to you to take charge of the situation, dear Aquarius, but this high visibility that you currently have will require careful handling on your part. You need to be a good politician this year and use your power and influence to move various strings behind the scenes. You can achieve your goals if you’re aware of dangers at every step and don’t discount potential hidden enemies or even self-sabotaging tendencies that could trip you up. By using your power to do good, you will achieve your dream and earn the admiration, love and respect of your peers.

Pisces - The Protégé

Jupiter and Pluto pull a cushie little number on you, dear Pisces. You have such VIP support  - and we’re talking people with power, influence and rather deep pockets - that you have nothing to worry about. If you want something, ask. You’re popular and your story inspires those who hear it. And no matter how nefarious your social circle appears sometimes, you can only benefit. It’s a time to relax, travel, publish your work, expand your business, market yourself or go back to school. Your stock will rise as a result.

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