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Jupiter in Virgo 2015-2016: Persist and Prosper!

Jupiter in Virgo 2015-2016: Persist and Prosper!
Lucky Jupiter enters Virgo on August 11th 2015 opening new doors and bringing you luck in a whole new area of life all the way until September 2016! Persist and prosper is the motto that gives you access the Universe's bounty now. So where are you lucky for the next 12 months? Read on to find out!
If you are a Virgo sun-sign, Virgo Ascendant, or have lucky planet Jupiter in Virgo, then you are entering a magical year of monumental growth and development, when your life will come along in leaps and bounds! Make sure to push yourself out of your comfort zone during this time. Go after all your dreams now! If you are a fellow earth sign (a Taurus or Capricorn) you will also feel Jupiter in Virgo's blessings strongly, feeling happier and more optimistic than you have for a long time. 
If that's not you, no worries; everyone will experience Jupiter as luck in a specific area of life. Water signs (Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer) will see their social life and relationships expand. Fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius and Leo) will get a helping hand with work and finances. And air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) will experience new emotional riches in their private life.
Jupiter takes 12 years to come full circle. Last time Jupiter was in Virgo was August 2003 -- September 2004, and September 1991-- October 1992. While things never repeat in exactly the same way, you can take a look back to those periods to get a sense of how you experience Jupiter in Virgo.
Jupiter in Virgo: Aspire to Excellence
Jupiter brings luck, opportunity and abundance wherever he goes. Virgo is the zodiac's perfectionist - discriminating, diligent and hard-working. With Jupiter in Virgo, luck comes through self-improvement, persistence and attention to detail. It is time to be the best that you can be and to strive for perfection. 
Jupiter also shows where we can derive meaning and a sense of purpose in our lives and in Virgo it points to finding meaning in the joys of the everyday and in the satisfaction of a job well done.
Jupiter’s move from Leo to Virgo
In the past 12 months we had Jupiter in Leo, which was all show, leadership, big ideas and dramatic self-expression. Taking a risk and coming up with a grand life-plan was the way to growth. This phase is now over and the next 12 months are all about being able to concentrate on the nitty gritty. Progress lies in removing impurities, refining, perfecting and delivering excellence. If you dreamt big with Jupiter in Leo, now is the time to put in the work to make things happen!
How to make the best of Jupiter in Virgo
  • Show discipline & put in the work 
  • Hone your skills to perfection
  • Streamline and become more efficient
  • Be productive 
  • Refine, purify, distill your life
  • Engage in problem solving, analysis & research
  • Tend to your health and wellbeing
  • Go back to nature
  • Go back to school
  • Put what you know to practical use
Industries favoured by Jupiter in Virgo
  • Organic farming / wholesome, artisan and healthy foods 
  • Handmade, natural goods
  • Clean technologies / nano-technologies / applied science.
  • Streamlined operating systems
  • Sanitising, purifying and refining processes
  • Holistic medicine, alternative therapies and self-improvement
  • Detoxing, Yoga and Mind-Body techniques
  • Service industries
  • Skilled work
  • Environmental causes

Where's your Luck with Jupiter in Virgo?  Read your Star-Sign!

Wherever Jupiter transits in our chart, he brings protection, prosperity, opportunity and expansion. Read on to find out what blessings Jupiter has in store for your star-sign!  Alternatively, call 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) and book an appointment with one of our trusted astrologers who can reveal what's in store for you personally for the next 12 months!


Jupiter in Virgo brings you luck with health and work matters and helps you imbue your day to day life with a new sense of meaning and purpose. You may be up for a promotion, be given greater responsibilities at work or move to a brand new office that feels more expansive, prosperous and productive. Or you may decide to embark on a brand new nutrition and exercise routine, improve your work-life balance or address a medical problem. You are much more likely to enjoy doing what's good for you over the next year and you will find that any treatment the doctor orders goes well. This is an excellent time to introduce beneficial practices and routines into your working life and daily routine, which can stand you in good stead for a long time to come. It is also a great time to re-train, find ways to increase your productivity and find intelligent solutions to life's little problems. Over the past year, Jupiter in Leo brought you much joy and popularity, and helped you give birth to your creative vision. It's now time, with Jupiter in Virgo, to put in the work to perfect that vision and make things happen. Time to streamline your world, dear Aries! 
August 2015-September 2016 is an excellent period in which to
  • embark on a training course
  • hire an employee
  • embark on a new health and exercise routine
  • apply for your ideal job
  • establish a better work-life balance
  • address a health concern
  • get a new pet
  • streamline your life
Think back to Sep 2003-Sep 2004 for clues as to how Jupiter in Virgo tends to improve your day-to-day life and wellbeing.


Jupiter in Virgo brings you luck in love, children and creative endeavours and gives you the courage to follow your heart! The next 12 months are going to be a really happy time for you, dear Taurus. This happiness will largely stem from your offspring, from a new love affair or from throwing yourself heart and soul into a new creative project - all of which can imbue your life with greater meaning and purpose now. Jupiter in Virgo is all about being true to yourself and doing what makes you happy. You may fall in love, experience a major creative awakening or simply have more fun than you have had in years. If you have been trying to conceive, the next 12 months will be a very favourable time. If you are single, then a new love affair will now expand your world. By the same token, couples can now experience a second honeymoon. It's time to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk, dear Taurus!  You will also find that you are incredibly popular with Jupiter in Virgo, so this is an excellent time to promote yourself. Jupiter in Leo was a more introverted period for you, helping you secure your foundations, bond with family members and feel good about who you are deep inside. Now that's all done, Jupiter in Virgo is your moment to step out of your shell and follow your bliss! The spotlight is all yours, dear Taurus - have fun!
August 2015-September 2016 is an excellent period in which to
  • find true love
  • get pregnant
  • have more fun
  • promote yourself
  • pursue a hobby
  • explore your creative talents / express yourself
  • start a business
  • appreciate your children
  • follow your heart
Think back to Sep 2003-Sep 2004 for clues as to how you experience the transit of Jupiter through this most joyous, creative and loving part of your chart.


Jupiter in Virgo brings you luck with home and family matters and brings you greater self-reliance, helping you find a sense of meaning and purpose from within. The past year was an intensely extroverted time for you with Jupiter in Leo, when you expanded your network and established yourself in your immediate circles. It's now time to tend to your inner world and secure your foundation, dear Gemini, before you can move ahead with all your creative ideas. Home and real-estate matters are greatly favoured over the next 12 months and the coming year is an excellent time in which to move house, purchase a new home or renovate and expand your existing residence. This is also an excellent time for mending family bridges and establishing good rapport with your parents. You will find that your private life holds the key to your wellbeing and development until September 2016. You will benefit greatly if you decide to put in some effort to understand yourself and your roots better, undergo therapy if you want to, and reposition your innermost sense of who you are on a more positive basis. 
August 2015-September 2016 is an excellent period in which to
  • upgrade / buy or sell a home
  • renovate / redecorate / clear out clutter
  • sort out real-estate matters
  • ask for help from a parent
  • establish better family relationships
  • undergo therapy
  • research your roots / ancestry
  • re-visit your home country
  • develop greater self-reliance
Think back to Sep 2003-Sep 2004 to see how you experience Jupiter through this innermost, private and family-oriented part of your chart.


After a relatively introverted period get ready to feel much more optimistic, dear Cancer! You are entering a very exciting time in your life, when you can expand your network, meet lots of new and interesting people and increase your influence. Jupiter in Virgo opens many doors for you and gives you the knowhow you need to exert greater influence over your environment. The next 12 months are an excellent time to go back to school, get in with a new and inspiring crowd, mix it up, travel, and improve your networking and communication skills. You should slowly find yourself in an environment that is super-conducive to your growth and wellbeing. It may be that a sibling, pen-pal, neighbour or class-mate has a lucky break just when you are close enough to have this luck rub off on you too. Jupiter in Leo helped you consolidate your assets and increase your self-esteem over the past year, but did not produce much opportunity to move forward. This is all about to change! Jupiter in Virgo will get things unstuck, putting you in touch with people who can help you move full steam ahead. You will have plenty of opportunity in the coming year to put all your much coveted assets to good use, dear Cancer!
August 2015-September 2016 is an excellent period in which to
  • go back to school 
  • learn new things / improve your communication skills
  • set your ideas into motion
  • mix in with a lucky crowd
  • expand your network
  • upgrade your car
  • travel around / experience a 'global village'
  • benefit from a sibling
Think back to Sep 2003-Sep 2004 for clues as to how you experience Jupiter in this sociable and stimulating part of your chart.


Jupiter in Virgo brings you luck and protection in your finances and helps you find meaning in life by being true to yourself and your values. Jupiter has just spent a whole year in your sign, dear Leo, bringing you opportunities to expand your world, reinvent yourself and come up with an overarching life vision. Now is the time to give this vision substance by investing in those talents, projects and relationships that have meaning and take you closer to what you want. You may do that by re-training, by putting in the work needed, or by finding people who can be an asset to your endeavours. Your outgoings may increase over the next year, as you try to consolidate everything that you began, but with Jupiter in your money house, you can be sure that you will have enough funds to compensate for that. You won't want to sell yourself short at this time or compromise your value system for a job or relationship that's not worth your while. This coming year is all about investing in those people and projects that are aspirational and that can help you make your goals a reality!
August 2015-September 2016 is an excellent period in which to
  • train/develop your talents
  • aim for a pay-rise
  • improve your self-esteem
  • invest in the projects/people that matter
  • go ahead with a major purchase
  • buy a luxury item
  • increase your assets
  • consolidate a relationship
  • tend to your body
Think back to Sep 2003-Sep 2004 to see how Jupiter in Virgo influences your money and self-esteem.


Jupiter in your sign singles you out for a year of exceptional luck and opportunity! It's time to take the initiative and to push forward with everything that you want to achieve - whether this is a relationship, a new job, a change of career or a baby. Time to re-envision your life, embark on a new adventure and experience a new sense of meaning and purpose. You have just spent a year clearing house with Jupiter in Leo, when all your personal desires had to take a back seat to various pressing concerns that needed your attention. As Jupiter enters Virgo, the cosmos finally gives you the green light to push forward with your personal goals and desires, opening doors for you wide to travel, study, expand your business or find true love. The last time that Jupiter was in Virgo was Sep 2003-Sep 2004. Does that ring a bell? Projects and endeavours that began back then have now come full circle and it's time to embark on new adventures. If you got married back then, it may now be time to focus on your career. Or if you found your professional niche back then, it may now be time to expand your business or to start a family. It all depends on what it is you want most, dear Virgo! You are in for a year of exponential growth when you can move ahead in leaps and bounds on all fronts. Make sure to grab life with both hands!
August 2015-September 2016 is an excellent period in which to
  • take the initiative with ANYTHING that you desire
  • step out of your comfort zone!
  • embark on a new career
  • start a new business / expand your business
  • travel abroad
  • fall in love
  • get married
  • start a family
  • upgrade / move house (you may even live abroad)
  • go to university
  • revamp your looks
  • tackle any health problems
Just like back in 2003-2004, you are now beginning a whole new cycle of growth, luck and opportunity that will inform the next decade of your life!


Jupiter in Virgo functions like a guardian angel, bringing you luck and protection in your darkest hour and helping you release the past and look forward to a brighter future. You will have secret helpers or even discover that you have a major benefactor during this period and that things work out magically for you, even during those times when you fear that all is lost. Over the past year, with Jupiter in Leo you reached the culmination of a cycle of growth that began back in 2004-2005. It's now time to let it all go and renew your spirit ready for a whole new cycle to begin in the autumn of 2016. Encouraged to let go of old concerns, you will find that your greatest luck comes from helping others rather than focusing on your own ego-drives during the next 12 months. Jupiter in Virgo favours spiritual pursuits and being of service. Your intuition will be especially strong too and may even come through via psychosomatic symptoms, so listen up! It's time to take a bow, dear Libra, replenish your spirit and let go... From September 2016, Jupiter will enter your own sign and you will be ready for a marvellous new beginning!
August 2015-September 2016 is an excellent period in which to
  • do some soul-searching
  • do any form of healing or therapy
  • release the past
  • listen to your intuition
  • make time to renew your spirit
  • give unconditionally /  show compassion
  • lose yourself in something greater
  • use your intuition
Think back to Sep 2003-Sep 2004 for a glimpse of how Jupiter in Virgo prepares you for a whole new life cycle, which kicks off immediately after.


Jupiter in Virgo brings you worldly luck, allowing you to get into the right circles and pursue your dreams. The next 12 months will raise your profile in your community and give you access to friends in high places. This serendipitous flow of events should see you get into your stride and find your groove again, professionally and socially. Jupiter in Leo was a time when you developed great expectations and set ambitious goals, but you had to  'fly solo', as you carved out a new path for yourself. As Jupiter moves into Virgo now, you will gradually find your people and gather plenty of support for your dreams and plans for the future. Jupiter in Virgo is also very lucky for friendship, helping you reconnect with old friends and make beneficent new ones. Any clubs you join now and friends you make will be with you for a long time to come. Get ready for a very outgoing 12 months ahead - a time of great reward for you dear Scorpio, when a whole cycle that began back in 2006 now bears fruit. 
August 2015-September 2016 is an excellent period in which to
  • pursue your dreams
  • become a member of a vibrant community
  • join a club
  • make friends
  • heal old friendships
  • establish yourself professionally
  • network
  • be a team-player
Think back to Sep 2003-Sep 2004 for clues as to how you experience Jupiter in this highly sociable and rewarding part of your chart.


Jupiter in Virgo brings you luck in your career, helping you draw the attention of VIPs and raise your profile. This is a time to be ambitious, dear Sagittarius. You will derive a greater sense of hope and meaning by aiming high and doing the best you can to steer a more aspirational course in life over the next 12 months. Jupiter in Leo was an explorative time for you, when you opened yourself up to the unfamiliar and stepped out of your comfort zone. Having seen what's out there, it's now time for you to aim for the best that you can get out of life, while Jupiter is in Virgo. You may get a promotion at this time, enjoy the favour of a VIP, or become more publicly visible and known in your field. As you are aiming higher, don't feel down if you perceive a gap between where you are and where you want to be. This is only to be expected, as your goals develop and expand. Just put yourself out there and the universe is bound to respond favourably. You are starting a whole new cycle of development in your profession, so put your best foot forward!
August 2015-September 2016 is an excellent period in which to
  • put yourself out there
  • send out your CV
  • raise your visibility
  • take on responsibilities
  • get married in style
  • approach VIPs
  • take on a new role
  • set ambitious goals
  • change direction / re-envision your career
Think back to Sep 2003-Sep 2004 to get a sense of how Jupiter in Virgo influences this highly aspirational part of your chart.


Jupiter in Virgo raises your spirits, gives you hope and awakens you to a whole world of possibilities, forcing you out of your comfort zone. Encounters with people from totally different walks of life bring you luck, broadening your horizons and making you optimistic about your own future prospects. This is an excellent year to travel, go to university or just try something new. International, religious and legal matters also receive a helping hand now, as do any projects involving publishing, marketing and broadcasting. If you have been trying to push ahead with any such issues to no avail, then the next 12 months should see you coming along in leaps and bounds. Jupiter in Leo was an intensely private, transformative and emotional period for you, where you were dealing with financial and relationship matters. Jupiter in Virgo now brings a much more outgoing, progressive and expansive influence, when you can finally focus on your future vision and spread your wings.   
August 2015-September 2016 is an excellent period in which to
  • travel abroad
  • go to university
  • publish, lecture or teach
  • start a blog / radio show
  • expand your business
  • settle a legal matter
  • promote/market yourself
  • step out of your comfort zone
  • experience a great adventure
Think back to Sep 2003-Sep 2004 for clues as to how Jupiter in Virgo helps you break new ground.


Jupiter in Virgo brings you emotional riches and financial gifts. You may be the beneficiary of a financial investment, grant or loan while, at the same time, your emotional bonds with a special someone may deepen. This will be through intense and transformative experiences that you have together and which bind you to each other, giving you a new sense of purpose. Your life is about to change in some meaningful way, making you feel truly blessed. Jupiter benefits all kinds of financial transactions for the next 12 months, which is an excellent time to seek an investor, find better insurance or sort out your taxes. Jupiter in Virgo may also see your sex life reach new heights, helping you experience a true sense of merging with someone. Jupiter in Leo has been bringing you luck through others and helping your relationships grow over the past 12 months. Jupiter in Virgo now takes your relationships to the next stage, consolidating your bonds - both personal and business - and bringing you powerful blessings.
August 2015-September 2016 is an excellent period in which to
  • experience real intimacy
  • bond with someone
  • invigorate your sex life
  • receive a gift / blessing
  • apply for a grant, loan or benefit
  • sort out tax or insurance
  • find an investor
  • study the occult
  • regenerate your body
Think back to Sep 2003-Sep 2004 for clues as to how you experience Jupiter's financial and personal blessings whilst in Virgo.


Jupiter in Virgo brings you luck in your relationships, which gives your life new meaning. A romantic or business partner may be instrumental to your growth now or you may come into contact with someone who can help you further your aims. This is an excellent year to get married, go into a business partnership or find an agent, as any relationship you form now will benefit you for years to come. If you are single, you may meet someone special this year, who will lift your spirits and raise your expectations from your relationships. Aim for the best, dear Pisces! If Jupiter in Leo helped you get ahead at work, it's now time to turn your attention to your relationship, as Jupiter in Virgo will make a special someone very lucky for you. Similarly, Jupiter in your opposite sign also brings you favour with the public. So, if Jupiter in Leo helped you polish up your skills, with Jupiter's move into Virgo, it's time to go public and bring everything you have learned out in the open. Jupiter will ensure a favourable response from others no matter what you do!
August 2015-September 2016 is an excellent period in which to
  • get married
  • commit to your romantic partner
  • begin a relationship
  • initiate a new business partnership
  • find an agent to represent you
  • seal a deal
  • go public
  • be open to others
  • find a teacher
Think back to Sep 2003-Sep 2004 to see how Jupiter in Virgo brings luck through people, relationships and collaborations into your life.
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