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Jupiter opposite Uranus: Breaking the Rules!

Jupiter opposite Uranus: Breaking the Rules!

Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries on boxing day, December 26th 2016, then again on March 3rd and September 28th 2017. Hold onto your hats. You’re in for an exhilarating ride! Your Jupiter opposite Uranus Horoscope has the details.

This is one of the most exciting, liberating planetary aspects you can experience. It brings rapid changes and technological breakthroughs. As tons of energy is released all at once, this makes for unstable times… But it could also precipitate a spiritual awakening! In terms of the grand astrological clock, get ready to see the full effect of decisions taken back in 2010, both on the world stage and in your personal life. 

Jupiter-Uranus is good news if you’ve been feeling stuck in your love life and are ready to move onto the next relationship level. Things could now happen really fast! But it’s bad news if you can’t give your lover some room. Hold tight and you lose. Give them room to roam! Or maybe you're the one who wants more freedom? That’s fine, but you can’t demand special treatment. You’re not the exception to the rule. You've got to balance freedom with fairness! Result? Some rather unconventional partnerships could be on the cards… 

If you have planets or points around 19-26 degrees of the cardinal signs, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries, then this opposition could turn your life upside down. Is this you? Check your birth-chart and find out!

Your Jupiter opposite Uranus Horoscope!

Where does Jupiter-Uranus awaken the rebel inside of you? Where does it release you from your burdens, opening up new vistas? It’s all in your star sign horoscope!

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Your life is changing fast, Aries, and, frankly, you’re used to keeping up with the pace. The question is, can you keep doing what you’re doing yet also make room for others in your life? Not others in general but someone in particular. Someone who can take your life onto a whole new level of partnership and companionship. Your horoscope says you will have to be a little less single minded and spare a moment for a more fair and balanced view.


Taurus is the star sign that’s most resistant to change. But, horoscope-wise, the time has come for you to make some changes to your daily routine, your habits and your schedule - and make them fast! You want to lose weight? Great! Follow your insights and release yourself from the psychological hangups that keep you returning to the cookie jar. A new job or task could also precipitate rapid changes in the way you function day to day.


Gemini is always up for a bit of fun and the coming months are likely to stimulate you to the hilt! Sudden infatuations? Tick. Love at first sight? Yeah! Single? Great! Don’t make any promises you cannot keep. Your love life is about to get very exciting! Hitched? Find new and fun hobbies to do with your loved one is your horoscope advice. A creative project or personal business could suddenly hit the big time bringing you lots of fans.


Although you like to initiate change, dear Cancer you are not a big fan of it being thrusted upon you. Oh well. Get ready for your life to be turned upside down! But worry not. Your horoscope brings positive, exciting change! A glass ceiling you’ve been bumping against for years could suddenly shatter bringing a major career breakthrough. You could move, buy your first home or start a family and - hey presto - your life is going in a whole new direction at the blink of an eye.


As a Leo you love love love to express yourself - more so to an adoring audience. Have you tried your hand at writing, presenting, blogging or anything else that allows you to get your thoughts out there and connect with people? This is your moment to spread your ideas and gain followers. If you’d much travel physically, then get ready for exciting journeys and experiences that could truly blow your mind. As for love… Single or hitched, your horoscope is about expanding your view on love and your field of operations.


Poor old Virgo, as meticulous as you are, you simply cannot control the financial changes coming your way. But relax… They could work in your favour! For instance, a lottery win could suddenly release you from debt. Or they could cancel each other out. Say, you get a raise only to realise that most of it is going to the tax man. Your horoscope wants to play fair. Love-wise, your relationship priorities are changing brought on by new riches or by a desire for intimacy with fewer strings attached.


Dear sweet Libra, you love to be all loved up and one half of an item. But be prepared to give your partner loads of freedom right now. Give some and then double it! Open relationship? Ok. Long distance relationship? Fine. Unusual match? Why not? All and any of these combinations will give you lots of room to grow and learn yourself. Single? You may think you are looking for a normal relationship but you are not. Your horoscope says it’s time for adventure and experimentation!


How do you mostly occupy your time, dear Scorpio? Get ready for it to change, your horoscope says. Majorly! You could suddenly find yourself liberated from your usual chores and wondering what to do with your time. Or  - hey presto - a health breakthrough finds you able to do many things you weren’t able to do before. Like spending time with a special someone. Unhoped for changes at work, a new diet fad or an exciting new project could also bring a refreshing change to your daily routine and open new avenues for love.


You’re pretty freedom-loving as it is, dear Sagittarius but your desire for love and adventure is off the charts right now! Your horoscope gives you yet more electrifying sex appeal. You’re in love one minute and out of love the next, and no-one can predict your next move. Love at first sight is a distinct possibility. Celibacy is another - if you’ve had too much of a good thing going on. If you’re happily loved up then pour yourself into a personal project you’re passionate about. Your creativity reaches dizzying heights, giving you a huge fan base. 


You’re a sign with traditional values, dear Capricorn, often ruling your home with an iron fist whilst managing complex relationships professionally. Expect rapid developments in your horoscope on both fronts! Changes at home could suddenly liberate you to pursue a more ambitious career.  Or it may be that a prestigious new role abroad suddenly requires you to pack up and move house or make do with a rather more unconventional family set up. Single? Don’t rule out the idea of suddenly getting married and having a family, all in the blink of an eye, no matter how preposterous!


Have you ever tried to set up your own YouTube channel, dear Aquarius? How about publishing on kindle or putting your music on iTunes? It’s time to share your whacky, out there ideas with the whole wide world! Technology is definitely the way to go if your horoscope is to be believed. Seriously. Be prepared to go viral! Travelling could also blow your mind and do wonders for your popularity. And if it’s love you’re looking for, look as far as the eye can see. Let an exotic encounter change your life forever!


Ever the dreamer, dear Pisces, money is neither here nor there, although you can be quite dynamic in securing a living. Well, your finances are in for a few surprises in your horoscope! Not all bad, we assure you. A source of income could dry up just as you receive an unhoped for inheritance. Or, your partner gets a raise allowing you to divert resources toward a newly discovered talent. In your love life too, you’re ready for change. This is a good time to have lots of sex and open up your energy centres!

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