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Jupiter sextile Saturn: Great Opportunities!

Jupiter sextile Saturn: Great Opportunities!

We have a major aspect building up this month and that's Jupiter in Libra sextile Saturn in Sagittarius on August 27th! That's two giants of the solar system shaking hands across space and providing solid opportunities for growth and advancement! The aspect happens only once so this opportunity won't stick around for long. Catch it while you can! Jupiter opens a big door while Saturn ensures that any action you now take will deliver steady, reliable, measurable returns for a long while to come. Whether it's love, money or professional advancement you're after, strike now while the iron is hot!

Your Jupiter sextile Saturn Horoscope

Where does opportunity knock? Is this the opportunity you’ve been waiting for? The Jupiter sextile Saturn horoscope for your star sign has some answers. If you need more hands on guidance, call us on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) and speak to one of our top psychics now!


If you’re hoping for a good legal outcome or if you need to consult a professional to resolve a long standing issue - from a doctor to an agent - now’s the best time! An international deal could be sealed now, a marketing project could bring much publicity or you could meet someone special in your travels. It’s also a great time to tie the knot! 


This is the best time to eliminate a health problem for good - especially something that’s long overdue and you have previously ignored. An operation could go swimmingly now or you could do a super-detox, purge your body of toxins and embark on a fruitful diet and exercise routine. Work can also see great progress, especially if you work on commission or hoping to earn extra perks.


Love and commitment go hand in hand! A pregnancy could solidify your partnership or you could decide to move to the next level with someone you’re dating, especially if this is something you’ve been reluctant to do in the past. This is also a solid chance for a creative partnership that’s here to last! Agents facilitate your creativity now and it’s a good time to bring in a big new client for your start up business.


Your biggest priority now is getting your life in order and establishing greater security through your work. You might get an opportunity to work from home or land a job that allows you to move to a bigger place, add an extension or improve your personal and family life. It’s a chance to build greater self-reliance and self confidence through developing a new skill or keeping to a strict discipline. You can also make psychological health improvements.


After all the fuss in your sign this month, you now have an opportunity to burst onto the scene and stay there! A media project could get off the ground or you could develop the contacts you need to finally go ahead with a creative idea or start your own business - especially if this is something you attempted before but had abandoned. Love also has its day and you could meet someone now who’s a solid romantic prospect!


It’s a low key period for you and in keeping with that you now have a sparkling opportunity to build greater security and self reliance in your life. This could mean financial gains that allow you to get your own place or start a family of your own. Or it could mean turning one of your properties into a source of income. On a deeper level it’s time to invest in what makes you feel secure, make the best of your talents and feel good about yourself. 


You’ve been Jupiter’s favorite child since September 2016 and like the benevolent chap that he is, he wants to see that you come out a winner. You’ve grown and it’s time for everyone to see that. So speak up, make that sale and leave your mark! This is a solid learning opportunity - whether through a new job or by going back to school - and a time to network. If you wanted to try your hand at writing but have been afraid, now’s the time!


This is a great financial opportunity! Expenses have been rising and earnings have been dwindling but you have a guardian angel! A secret benefactor who’s here to help you build greater security and earnings. Staying behind the scenes is lucky for you now and could help you establish a new income in time - especially if this is a project you’ve been considering for a while. If your finances are solid, maybe it’s time to give back? 


Your friends are lucky for you now, dear Sagittarius! Look to your social circle for help and support as you try to pursue a key personal desire, grow and mature. Having the right people around you can be the key to your success, helping you become more respected and giving you a totally new sense of who you are. All your dreams are there for the taking! Take responsibility for yourself, stay humble and go for it!


You’re the big boss pulling the strings behind the scenes, at the end of the day, and all your efforts are about to be recognized, raising your status and making you even more ambitious than before! Staying hidden allows you to move toward your goals that much faster. If you’re helping others or work in a large institution, a victory is in store. Even a negative event will turn out in your favour, giving you something new to aim for. 


Life gives you wings, dear Aquarius! An international project brings great and lasting rewards and establishes you as an authority in your circles beyond all doubt! Travel, marketing and publicity are lucky for you now and even though you’ve had to choose your friends carefully in recent years, you now stand undisputed at the top of the pecking order! Large, wide-ranging, expansive projects are favored! 


Your career is safe as houses and comes with incredible perks! Are you at the top of your profession? Then it’s time to cash in on your success. If you’re still looking for your direction then let others help you by giving you access to money and resources! Don’t be afraid. You’re someone others can rely on at the moment and this gives you their loyalty!  Use your power wisely. A bond could be made public.

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