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Jupiter square Neptune 2019

Jupiter square Neptune 2019
Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces
14-18 degrees of Mutable Signs
13 January / 16 June / 21 September 2019

Jupiter and Neptune join forces to expand your consciousness in 2019! Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces throughout 2019 and it's time to DREAM BIG. Don’t worry if you’re dreaming the impossible dream… Give yourself permission to do just that in 2019 and let your spirit soar. Be limitless! Dreams are how the universe expands and it’s time for a great big universal growth spurt!

Jupiter expands everything it touches whilst Neptune transports you to a magical place. Together, they take you out of this world and into la-la land. Sounds a bit too airy-fairy perhaps but with such powerful planets in down to earth, realistic and money-oriented Capricorn, a bit of star-dust might be just what you need to balance the scales and uplift your spirit. Get ready to be transported to a world of romantic hopes and dreams and infinite possibility!

The Jupiter-Neptune square becomes exact on the 13th of January, then again on the 16th of June and the 21st of September 2019 at 14-18 degrees of Sagittarius and Pisces. It will affect you most if you have planets and points in the middle of the mutable signs - Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini and Virgo (between 10 and 20 degrees). Is that you? Prepare for take off! Be careful when dealing with the real world whilst you’re up there, however, because your judgment will be way, waaay off…

The greatest danger with Jupiter-Neptune is being blithely naive. Blind faith can move mountains but it can also lead you off the edge of a cliff! So what’s the antidote? Some good old realism! Pull in Saturn in Capricorn and the 2019 ongoing Saturn-Neptune sextile to help you make the most of this period by taking responsibility for your life. Own your part in things. Don’t ignore your duties. Do your due diligence and put in the hard work required to make your dreams a reality. It’s rather like flying a kite: Let it soar…but don’t let go of the string!

The 2019 Jupiter-Neptune Square

What’s special about this 2019 Jupiter-Neptune square is that both planets are in their signs of rulership. This rare event has not happened since the mid-19th century (1852-53) - a time of rapid globalisation, spiritualism and the US abolitionist movement, (including symbolic publications such as ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ and ‘Clotel’). It’s time to transcend limiting beliefs, unify your consciousness and see certain problems for what the they truly are: nothing but false perceptions in your own mind.

Jupiter and Neptune renew their relationship roughly every 13 years. This cycle began back in 2009 so have a think: what crazy ideas took hold of you back then? You’re ready to take them to the next level, salvage what you can and discard the rest. Look to the Summer of 2012 and December 2015 for extra clues of how this cycle is playing out in your life. It’s time to make sense of your spiritual journey of the past 10 years and bring it to bear on your here and now.

2019 Jupiter-Neptune Square, Dates:

  • 13 January 2019, 18:58 GMT, 14022
  • 16 June 2019, 15:21 GMT, 18043
  • 21 September 2019, 16:43 GMT, 16059

How does Jupiter squaring Neptune in 2019 affect my Zodiac Sign?

So without further ado, let’s have a look at how the Jupiter-Neptune square of 2019 affects your star sign! What are the promises and the pitfalls? And what’s the key (or ‘string’) to holding it all together?


Of all the signs, you’re the least likely to bet the farm on some impossible dream in 2019, dear Aries, but you’ve still gotta guard against false gurus and an escapism that might urge you to do just that… You’re dreaming dreams of God, forgiveness and redemption and yearning of great escapes where all your troubles are magically washed away... Dream big by all means, spread your uplifting message and inspire the world but don’t shirk your duties. Others depend on you to step up to the plate and handle your worldly position responsibly. Guard against blind faith and propaganda and take the slow path to success. This is the key to realising your vision. Your beliefs uplift you and you could even have a mystical experience of spiritual renewal!

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Taurus and its money don’t like to be parted but this is no time to ditch paying your taxes, or fall in arrears on a loan because you’re feeling rebellious. Jupiter and Neptune get you thinking airy-fairy thoughts about your finances and this could make you irresponsible with your payments if you’re not careful! Are you thinking that all your debt could be magically whisked away or that if you ignore it, it will simply disappear? Don’t! Honour your legal obligations or they will come back to bite you. Maintain your moral integrity and you could experience some truly transformative encounters that inspire you to build a better world. Let your community uplift you!

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This transit could transport you to the highest highs and lowest lows, dear Gemini. Your career and relationship expectations are utterly unrealistic at the moment but so what? You’ve gotta dream the impossible dream, or else what is there to look forward to?  That is all fine. Aim for the stars! But don’t neglect to honour your personal commitments. If you’re doing all of that with someone else’s money they’ll soon come demanding the bill! Worse, yet, are you betraying someone’s confidence with your irresponsible professional behaviour? Don’t fall prey to cheap flattery. Commit to being worthy of the trust others place in you and you can dream as big as your little winged heart will let you!

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Are you pouring all your energies into a pipe-dream, dear Cancer? That’s fine, believe it or not, and you have little choice but to do that now. This project absolutely inspires you and you’re willing to go the extra mile to make the impossible happen. And since you’re busy doing that, you’d best rely on others to keep you grounded. This could be your spouse or your mate, a business partner or a tough audience. Honour your contracts and agreements. They are the ones keeping you tethered in this world while you take flight in pursuit of a grand idea that crosses nationalities, cultures and borders! Meaningful daily rituals uplift you now.

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Are you hopelessly, madly, deeply in love, dear Leo? An experience of utter closeness and romance - a true sexual and spiritual union - could well sweep you off your feet in a whirlwind and you’re willing to give all for love. This honey-moon phase won’t last forever, of course, so you’d better have something solid to fall back on. That’s your work and your daily routine. Healthy and responsible daily rituals tether you to this world, giving you the safety you need to open your heart and let it soar - plus helping you effect a smoother (eventual) landing. Nobody can be the perfect lover forever but the sky is the limit for a while so enjoy it! Hobbies, speculations and creative activities lift your spirits.

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Have you opened your home to every beggar and vagabond on the street, dear Virgo? Do you feel your heart bleed for someone, arms wide open? Your people-judgment is way off and you could easily fall prey to deceit if you’re too trusting, letting some real con-artists into your personal quarters. Best lock that door. But no matter what happens out there, you’re ready to open up and let go in here, deep inside - a form of instant psychological healing. It will help if you acknowledge your need for love and creative self-expression in this world, taking responsibility for your happiness. Commit to your talents, your joy, and to living authentically from the heart. This will help keep you grounded and on the ball, while you dream up your home-life and family, complete with your ideal partner to boot.

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Are you learning new things, dear Libra? Or maybe your brain is totally highjacked by some mad fad? Perhaps you’ve become a breatharian or vouched to eat nothing but broccoli for the rest of the year and you could find yourself espousing some pretty silly daily routines if you're not careful. Ensure your health is not affected by being on the road too much. Make sure you’ve got the facts right and that you’ve not been misdiagnosed. Trust half of what you hear. Another danger is that you talk too much and do too little, a bit like a wandering gypsy. Look to your home and family responsibilities and to building a solid base to keep you grounded.

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Is this idea a real money maker, dear Scorpio? Your usual financial acumen might be a little off. Your creative ideas might be absolutely inspired but they are a little risky…You're prone to overspending in the name of love and pleasure, feeling generous. And you're willing to give romance a go! So what’s the antidote if you want to stay in the black and even show profit by the end of the year? Do your due diligence! Adopt a scientific mind, keep learning, stay abreast of the facts. Be informed. This will help you detect any red flags. Clearly demarcating your territory and making sure all the paperwork is up to scratch will also help a great deal. Expressing your love and creativity inspires you!

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You’re finally free, Sagittarius! Free to pursue adventure and your most secret and private dreams. But while this new-found boundlessness is absolutely inspiring, there are still bills to pay. Your financial responsibilities are a good thing actually for they are exactly what keeps you grounded, urging you to make the most of opportunities coming your way. Living in a private fantasy world and acting irresponsibly could lose you much ground, jeopardise your security and erode your sense of self so, don’t do it! Embrace your romantic vision but do come up with a budget that could help you make a start. Focus on building your earnings, your confidence and self-esteem to stay tethered to this world. 

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You’ve got a real spiritual bent this year, Capricorn, and that’s just as well with all those heavy-weight planets in your sign. You’ve got to take a more philosophical, perhaps even more forgiving, view on your situation if you are to make a fresh start. But ask yourself this: are you being honest with yourself? Or are you spouting beautiful lies to make reality more bearable? Is someone else pulling the wool over your eyes? This could be the year when all is forgiven with a sibling, colleague or neighbour - water under the bridge - but only if you're willing to accept responsibility for your actions. An inspired idea for a blog, book, film, TV or radio show could also sweep you off your feet. But all of that will disappear in a puff of smoke if you don’t take responsibility for your who you are, for your mistakes and for your personal desires. Your life is in your hands now. You're the architect and the creation too.

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Avoid lending money to friends at all costs, dear Aquarius, unless you consider it a gift! You might feel really inspired to give to your community without thought of return and that is a truly noble deed. Pouring your energies into charity or the pursuit of a dream uplifts you! But you might be disappointed if you find out that the funds have been used differently to what you’d imagined. So, you're better off going under cover and getting involved yourself... This way you’ll find out who’s your true friend, who’s not and how it all goes down behind the scenes. Better to be the puppet-master than the puppet but it will require you looking beneath the surface to detect what’s real. You dream of a better world, weaving it even as you sleep! Pay attention to what’s hidden and you’ll be in a better place to build it when the time comes.

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You’re a natural dreamer, dear Pisces, and with both your rulers in mutual aspect, you could really lose your grip on reality... The antidote? Keep a trusty friend nearby! Your social community is the voice of reason right now, keeping a tight hold on the string of your kite and preventing it from flying away into the stratosphere. You have some pretty big ambitions and you might get a little too carried away, getting too big for your shoes, slacking off and cutting corners. Trying to fake it till you make it? It won’t work unless you engage your social conscience.  What do you want your contribution to be to society?  What world do you want to live in and whom do you want to call your peers? Others look up to you and you don't want to disappoint. Commit to your ideals, become a pillar of society and others will forgive you a slip up or two.

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