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Jupiter square Pluto: An Unstoppable Force!

Jupiter square Pluto: An Unstoppable Force!

Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn on November 24th, then again on March 30th and August 4th 2017. Get ready to enter the vortex!This creates an unstoppable force! It's got the whole world in its grip, but where does it take place in your own horoscope? We’ll soon find out!

The Jupiter-Pluto square has a mercenary quality about it. Have you got a goal in mind? If so, you're prepared to get there by any means! It's the equivalent of channeling a huge amount of energy into one searing laser beam. That's great if you have a tough challenge ahead for you will stop at nothing to get it done. But it's not so great for staying tolerant and open-minded. That's because your mind tends to narrow down, fearful that an increase in understanding will lead to a dangerous loss of faith and conviction. Time to reclaim your power, take charge and go after what (or who!) you want. Just don't lose yourself in the process...

Globally, we could see tax-dodging scandals, xenophobia and religious fanaticism. On the plus side, great sex, success and riches are potentially yours for the taking!

Jupiter square Pluto Horoscope for your Star-Sign

Jupiter square Pluto will not accept half-measures. It makes you unstoppable in some area of your life. Is it in love? Or money? Well, it all depends on your star sign. If you’re losing your nerve (or fear you've gone too far!) just dial 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470). Our spiritual life coaches are happy to help.

Aries Jupiter-Pluto Horoscope

Relationships heat up, dear Aries. There's a lot riding on your interaction with others in your horoscope. A chance meeting could change the course of your life! Others are motivating you to raise your game right now and set ambitious goals. Are you against some stiff competition? Your very reputation is at stake and you want to win this fight. You want to be victorious! You want respect. But can you admit it to yourself? And do you have what it takes? 

Taurus Jupiter-Pluto Horoscope

As a Taurus you’re pretty set in your ideas. You could now latch onto one particular belief and hold on for dear life! The good horoscope news is that you are motivated to practice what you preach - whether that is at work or through some new health fad or diet craze. If you work in media, travel or publishing, get ready to throw yourself into a project heart and soul. Do it! Otherwise you run the danger of becoming neurotic and fanatical. 

Gemini Jupiter-Pluto Horoscope

There are no half measures in love right now, dear Gemini. You're either all in or you're out. You could fall for someone hard and fast, getting very up close and personal. Whirlwind romance? Your horoscope advises on a prenup before you sign on the dotted line (unless you're the one who stands to benefit of course!) Money seems to be pulling its weight around. Is the tax man after you? Or is funding finally available to get your business off the ground? Sex is passionate and life changing. 

Cancer Jupiter-Pluto Horoscope

Relationships are heavy-duty these days, dear Cancer. If you're hitched, you're in the midst of life-changing events with your spouse that are testing your relationship. If not, you are thinking you wouldn't touch relationships with a ten foot pole. And who can blame you? But your horoscope suggests that a family, property or residential matter is now raising the stakes. Whether you are trying to buy a home, move or start a family, an important someone is involved and this puts you on high alert. 

Leo Jupiter-Pluto Horoscope

Your Jupiter-Pluto horoscope wants you fully engaged with meaningful work, dear Leo. No point being half-hearted about it. You are full of ambitious ideas and cannot wait to implement them! Time to make your working environment super-productive. You're switched on and could learn a lot in a very short space! Better that than sitting around and worrying about things. You see, the danger with this transit is that you could turn neurotic, obsessing about your health. Find something meaningful to do instead!

Virgo Jupiter-Pluto Horoscope

Big risk, big reward, dear Virgo. That's the way it goes where love, pleasure and money are concerned. Love, joy and self-expression call you to. What are you afraid of? Do you dare take a risk and invest yourself completely in this love affair or project? Do you dare put yourself out there? The stakes are high but so is the potential for reward, happiness and profit, if your horoscope is to be believed. A child could change your life. But, again, do you dare take the risk?

Libra Jupiter-Pluto Horoscope

You hold all the aces, dear Libra. Others are simply waiting for your cue. Are you in a relationship? You have had to dance around others for too long. The time has come to focus on you. Single? Jupiter is bringing fantastic opportunities in your horoscope on that score. But you need to be brave and look within for answers, face your dark side or tackle a family situation that’s been bugging you. Whatever your relationship status, choose to grow, forgive and embrace life!

Scorpio Jupiter-Pluto Horoscope

Scorpio is big on secrets and a few of them are due to come to light in the coming months. Are the authorities having a field day? Or maybe it's your therapist? Your horoscope shows that you're focused intensely on a hush hush project. Knowledge is power and you're not giving any of it away! Or maybe you’re hidden away working on your novel… An affluent neighbour could knock on your door with a lucrative (but potentially illicit) proposal.

Sagittarius Jupiter-Pluto Horoscope

Money, that's where it's at, dear Sagittarius. Love it or hate it, you can't do without it. You’re moving in affluent circles right now, meeting people who can motivate you to increase your earnings. Or maybe it is you who is intent on investing your cash and talents into an ambitious team endeavour? Your horoscope shows that you have the stamina and determination to go after your most ambitious dreams right now and put your stamp on the world!

Capricorn Jupiter-Pluto Horoscope

Who's calling the shots? You are, dear Capricorn! Your career is heating up dangerously and you will soon achieve world domination! Time to go after your loftiest goals - whether this is tying the knot, climbing up the greasy pole or becoming lord of the universe. The only trouble is yourself. What do you fear? The whip and the carrot are working together in your horoscope to drive you onwards and upwards. You may think you’re under attack and it's 'do or die.' But, in actual fact, you hold all the power. Embrace it. Don't abuse it. 

Aquarius Jupiter-Pluto Horoscope

Your convictions run deep, dear Aquarius. You may be thinking that you have the Truth and that you are right and everyone else is wrong. But have you checked with yourself (or your therapist) recently? Are you sure it is not your own personal demons you are perceiving lying in wait everywhere out there? Even the highest ideals can have a dark edge to them. Find yours. Your horoscope indicates that travel and learning, religion, publishing and broadcasting could change your life in the next ten months. 

Pisces Jupiter-Pluto Horoscope

Are you benefiting greatly from someone's benevolence, dear Pisces? Or maybe you are being a little loose with your taxes, loan repayments or other financial agreements? Gifts come with strings attached, so see what this friend, club or society wants from you first. If it’s kosher, incoming funds could help fund your dreams right now. As for relationships... Are you obsessing over a friend? Your horoscope shows close encounters of an unforgettable kind that could change the pecking order of everyone around you. 

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