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Jupiter Trine Uranus: Freedom and Progress - Take A Leap of Faith!

Jupiter Trine Uranus: Freedom and Progress - Take A Leap of Faith!
Jupiter in Leo trines Uranus in Aries on March 3rd and again on June 22nd 2015, creating an accelerated period of exuberance, growth, freedom, innovation and progress!
More Jupiter-Uranus KeywordsLiberation, Serendipity, Synchronicity, Luck, Positive Change, Confidence, Optimism, Excitement, Fast Track, Zest for Life, Taste of Freedom.  
This is your cue to cut loose, break free and take a leap of faith! Remember, fortune favours the brave!
Like a bolt of lightning, Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus in Aries brings electrifying changes. This transit is exhilarating but it may also feel scary at times, as we career at great speed toward a totally new and uncharted future. These giants first fell into perfect synch back in September 2014. Think back: did anything happen in your life in September that was sudden and quick? Did it set you free to seek greener pastures, or bring exciting opportunities knocking at your door? If so, March the 3rd brings a chance to envision a new future! By June 22nd, free from cumbersome constraints and armed with a new vision, you will be on a fast-track toward a new tomorrow. This is a time of great opportunity!  We are at the halfway point of amazing changes, spanning September to June. Now is the time to hope, dare to remove obstacles to growth, take a leap of faith and change your life!
Bear in mind that so-called 'lucky' aspects may not always feel lucky. Let's say you experience Jupiter-Uranus's liberating and progressive vibes in your career. Their first pass may all at once 'liberate' you from your current job! Ouch. Or, say you experience Jupiter-Uranus in your relationships...lo and behold, an old relationship suddenly ends 'setting you free'... Hmmm. Yes, the universe works in mysterious ways and none of this may feel exceptionally lucky to begin with. But do rest assured: Jupiter trine Uranus is indeed lucky! You can be sure that whatever is going on will improve your life exponentially!
This lucky vibe will not last forever. Now is the time to make use of the prevailing fair winds and boldly go forth where no man or woman has ever gone before!

How Jupiter trine Uranus affects each Star-Sign

Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus in Aries is bringing luck and opportunity, whilst clearing your path of obstacles. But it's up to you to dare to take the leap and change your life! You have until June to make it happen. Read on to find out more.
New Identity & Increased Popularity
Now and until June is the time to take risks, use your charisma and move ahead with all your creative plans! Think back to events in September 2014, for that's when you set off on your current path. You are in the process of acquiring a new identity and may see your popularity and zest for life rising. Bold and daring, you are an instrument of change, with great amounts of sexual and creative energy at your disposal. This is a liberating time, where you can take a leap of faith and seek happiness, creating a better future for your children. You have luck in all your endeavours until June 2015!
Releasing the Past & Expanding your Home and Family
Things move at great speed in your home and family environment. Think back to September 2014, when this transit first kicked in and this cycle of liberating change began. Since then, events beyond your control are breaking down barriers to a new and improved home and family life. Real estate matters and house renovations can now move quickly, as your whole base of operations is rapidly expanding. You may also experience sudden flashes of intuition and personal revelations that are liberating at this time, breaking down psychological barriers. You have until June 2015 to make use of these lucky vibes to build a better family life and improve your home base. Time to leave the past behind and take a leap of faith!
New Friends & Broadened Perspectives
Your social circle is expanding at breakneck speed!  Think back to events in September 2014, for that is when the first instalment of these exhilarating changes came in. You are in contact with fascinating friends and allies who expand your world and open up your mind. You are suddenly in the midst of a global village, surrounded by free spirits and progressive ideas! These bring accelerated learning and help you rapidly increase your influence. A short trip may prove exhilarating in the first half of the year. If you have brothers and sisters, then let them be your lucky charm now! You have luck on your side in all your travels and communications until June 2015, so leap forth and make things happen!
New Career Directions & Financial Growth
Your professional image is changing rapidly and your career and finances are becoming super-charged with luck and energy. Think back to September 2014, when this transit first kicked in delivering its powerful message of change. You are being liberated from responsibilities and financial burdens that are not conducive to growth, while sudden career changes can help you improve your financial situation. You can take a professional leap of faith now. As you discover new talents and resources, you can reinvent your public image, pursue new directions and find ways to increase your income. You have luck on your side until June 2015 to completely reshape your career and finances. Prepare for take off!
New Horizons & Personal Growth
You are on a journey of personal growth and inspired leadership. Think back to September 2014, when this influence first started kicking in, paving the way for change. Your popularity is rapidly increasing since then and contact with foreign countries and ideologies is opening up new horizons. You may have sudden opportunities to travel and explore foreign lands, to publish and increase your popularity through the media, or to study new and liberating philosophies that expand your mind. Your world-view is rapidly changing, making room for bigger and better things in your life. You have until June 2015 to pave a new future and take a leap into the great beyond. Adventure awaits!
Psychological Growth & Emotional Freedom
This is an intense emotional time, when you are being liberated from emotional and financial baggage, breaking through into greater independence! Think back to September 2014, when Jupiter and Uranus first met. Did something happen to set you free and transform your life? It is a time for accelerated healing, when you can let go of the past and open yourself up to change. Your intuition is strong now, guiding you to make lucky changes, especially in your intimate relationships and finances. Sex may be a spiritual experience now. You can rid yourself of debt, emotional hang-ups and other unpleasant baggage until June 2015, and proceed with a lighter step into a new and better future!
New Relationships & Expanding Social Circle
Exciting changes in your relationships are giving rise to new dreams and aspirations. Think back to people and events around September 2014, when this influence first began. New and exciting individuals are now entering your life to help you expand your influence and bring accelerated social and professional growth. You may be free to move in exalted circles, enjoying favour with VIPs. You may meet just the right people to help you pursue your dreams and it may all happen incredibly quickly! Your personal relationships call for greater freedom now, as you seek to spread your wings. So, go on, take a leap of faith! Seek out those who can help you achieve your dreams!
New Job or Daily Routine & Growth in Stature
Your professional life may be taking off big time, with new work helping you grow in stature and raise your profile. At the same time, a new approach to health matters and daily practices may be helping you advance in your career. Think back to September 2014, when this transit first began, for something may have happened then to pave the way for the present exciting changes! Events are setting you free professionally, giving you leeway to expand your public image and find innovative ways to work. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is part and parcel of who you are becoming. You have until June 2015 to take a leap of faith and change your job, improve your wellbeing and increase your prestige.
New Romance & Broadened Horizons
Your desire for love, romance and adventure is at an all time high, accompanied by intense wanderlust. This trend began in September 2014, broadening your horizons and waking up your heart to a whole new world of delights. Romantic adventures and creative projects may expand your world, through the media or by taking you abroad to foreign lands. This is a time to express what's in your heart freely, for it brings accelerated growth. Sex may be liberating and mind-blowing, and you may feel more adventurous than usual. Feel free to express yourself and explore what's in your heart until June 2015, for such explorations will bring you luck now!
New Foundations & Beneficial Partnerships
Radical changes around your home-base and family are liberating you from unhealthy emotional and financial entanglements. The very ground you stand on is shaking, freeing you to change your life at a core level. This is a transit that promotes honesty in your close relationships and psychological growth, releasing you from financial and emotional strictures that may have held you back. A separation may bring alimony now, or home and family projects may carry a financial boon or bring passive income. This is an emotionally intense time, when sexual contact may feel liberating. Think back to September 2014, for clues as to where you may achieve an emotional or financial breakthrough. Real-estate projects receive an injection of cash and proceed at lightning speed. Aim to get everything sorted by June 2015, while luck is on your side!
New Ideas & Growth Through Partnership
This is an intensely social and active time, when you can exponentially expand your influence and your area of operations. This exuberant vibe first kicked off on September 2014, throwing you a major lifeline. Both romantic relationships and business partnerships bring luck and growth now, expanding your world. This may also be a time of increased publicity, even a media frenzy, as you suddenly find yourself at the centre of many progressive and exciting discussions and negotiations.  Your world is expanding at a super-rapid rate, buzzing with ideas and influential people who are prepared to make things happen!  You have until June 2015 to radically expand your influence and form those partnerships that promote positive change and growth!
New Resources & Expansion at Work
An innovative use of your resources is opening up new work opportunities. You are highly inventive where money is concerned and are happy to pour your energies into work to increase your earnings. This brings great luck and opportunity at work, making you popular with your colleagues and employees. Think back to September 2014: did anything happen then to intimate better working conditions? Now comes the second instalment of those proposed changes. Get ready for work and money matters to gain momentum now and until June 2015, expanding your duties, releasing you from boring tasks and increasing your earning powers! So give it your all! Progress is here and you're the best person to implement the requisite changes. 
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