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Katie Price or Jordan? The Gemini Dilemma

Katie Price or Jordan? The Gemini Dilemma

Katie Price was born on May 22 1978 in Brighton (time unknown). Her full birth name is Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield Price but in her celebrity career she’s been known by two names, Katie Price and Jordan. Jordan is the pseudonym she used for her career as a glamour model and Katie Price is her real name which she’s currently known by. 

This is quite typical for a Gemini Sun sign to have two names, as this is the sign of duality and a typical Gemini likes to double up and have two things where they only need one. If you’re a Gemini or you know a Gemini, do you have two homes, two phones, two pets or some other possession or article that you prefer to have in duplicate?
Katie Price has two names and they represent very different persona; Jordan is the sexy glamour model whereas Katie Price is a sweet name and suggests the ‘girl next door’. This split is typical of Gemini and the ability to swap between two clearly defined personality traits is one of Gemini’s hallmarks. There can be a chameleon-like quality to a Gemini and you’re never quite sure which side of their personality is going to show up. The adjective ‘dual-natured’ applies directly to the Gemini sign.

Katie Price’s birth chart

As there’s no time of birth for Katie Price, her Moon is either in intense sexy Scorpio or in free-spirited Sagittarius. A Scorpio Moon would fit her glamour model persona with it’s connotations of intrigue and sex. The perfect foil to this Scorpio Moon is the other feminine planet in her chart which is Venus in Cancer. The two feminine planets: the first, the Moon, in daring seductive Scorpio and the second, Venus, in kind and caring Cancer, the sign associated with the mother. This suggests two very different sides to Katie Price which matches her Sun sign Gemini profile.
Venus is conjunct Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in Cancer which shows the maternal side of her nature. She’s currently pregnant with her 5th child and she won Celebrity Mum of the Year in 2009. Her Venus in Cancer hints at vulnerability and she’s likely to feel deeply wounded by her alleged third marriage break-up and claims of infidelity on her husband’s part.
There is a tough business woman inside of Katie Price too and this is represented in her chart by a powerful Mars/Saturn conjunction in Leo trine to the glamour planet Neptune. Mars is the male planet and the planetary aspect of ambitious Mars/Saturn in Leo indicates that Katie knows how to promote herself. Leo likes to take centre stage and the trine aspect to Neptune keeps her in the public gaze. Neptune is the planet most closely associated with the media, the world of images, glamour and sometimes illusion.
Mars/Neptune knows how to work the media and keep the hype going. Her TV programmes, novel-writing and autobiographies are prolific fitting her Gemini Sun, as Gemini rules the media and writing and is a quick sign. Whether happy news or sad news, Katie Price continues to be a household name, although with her lovely Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Cancer, this is one Gemini who really wants to play happy families.

The Husbands

Katie’s challenge is to hold true to her Gemini nature at the same time as being committed to finding love and choosing a partner wisely. Two of her husbands have been water signs, Cancer and Pisces, and the third was a fire sign Aries, and none of these Sun signs is traditionally compatible with a Sun Gemini. Gemini is one of the air signs and they gel best with Libra and Aquarius or their opposite sign of Sagittarius.
Katie Price famously met Pisces Peter Andre (b. February 27 1973) on the TV show “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” and they were married from 2005-2009. Her second husband was Cancerian Alex Reid (b. July 21 1975) and they were married for less than a year from February 2010-January 2011 and she married her third husband Aries Kieran Hayler (b. March 22 1987) in January 2013.
A quick look at all their charts in relation to Katie’s chart doesn’t show any stunning synastry (relationship astrology) between them so perhaps she’s not yet met Mr Right. When Jupiter goes over her natal Mars in October 2014, she could find that the right partner comes into her life as Mars rules men in a woman’s chart.
Here’s the lowdown on Gemini in love which might give Katie some tips and advice on how to stay true to her Gemini nature.

Gemini In Love

Gemini is one of the mutable signs and one of the symbols associated with Gemini is the butterfly that likes to flit from flower to flower. A typical Gemini is on the move constantly and wants to be continually interested in and entertained by life. Geminis often have the radio or TV on in the background, they use their hands to talk and they usually have a wide and diverse social circle. They can crave continual activity.
The term ‘settling down’ may bypass some Geminis who couldn’t think of anything worse. Yes, they want to fall in love and be in love but a relationship needs to be able to breathe and have movement and stimulation within it. If things become stagnant or boring, Gemini will be off looking elsewhere for a fresh injection of energy.
Geminis are at their best in love when they can talk easily with their other half as this is the sign of communication. Keep the lines of communication open and be best friends as well as lovers. A typical Gemini loves to meet new people, stay connected with their friends and can be a real flirt. It’s often harmless flirting and they’re usually good at it because of their Gemini wit and love of fun. They need a partner who trusts them and allows them free rein to indulge their playful Gemini nature.
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