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Total Lunar Eclipse on April 14th at 25 degrees Libra

Total Lunar Eclipse on April 14th at 25 degrees Libra
During a Lunar Eclipse the earth is in between the Sun and the Moon.
Eclipses can affect you from 3 months before their occurrence and up to 6 months afterwards, so they can have a far-reaching effect in your life.
This eclipse in Libra will trigger changes in your business and personal relationships.
What to look out for:
·       Are you compromising too much and feeling resentful?
·       Do you need to be more direct instead of beating around the bush?
·       Is it time to end a relationship that’s no longer fulfilling to you?
·       Are you letting go of your dreams in order to keep the peace in a relationship?
True story: A Libra woman aged 56, is an extremely talented musician whose dream has been to pursue a musical career. Her partner has not been supportive of her dream and has been critical and told her repeatedly that it is a frivolous pursuit.
Because she is not only a Libra Sun, but also has other planets in Libra,  she likes to keep the peace and doesn’t like to create any waves. For over 20 years, she’s followed a different career yet all the time the music has been calling her. This eclipse could be the catalyst for her to go for her musical career and not to look for approval or permission from anyone else. It could signify the end of the relationship if her partner is not able to come to terms with this shift in her behaviour. Eclipses often indicate a loss, but in the long run it can be the best thing that has ever happened to you.
A Taurus lady, aged 60, found out during an eclipse that her husband had been cheating on her for many years. She was in complete shock at first, but when she analysed the situation in the cold hard light of day, she realised that they had been drifting apart for several years and that this realisation gave her the opportunity to start a new chapter in her life.
Although it was a very painful experience, it was also a wonderful one. She now has her own place, she is financially independent, she has trained for a new career that she loves and she feels better about herself than ever before. She’s even started dating again!    
A Virgo man, aged 39, was in a business partnership with 3 other people. They were expecting to have an important contract renewed, only to be told that the company was going out of business. That contract was vital to the survival of their business and as a consequence he was without a job. After the initial devastation wore off, he picked himself up, he started his own consulting business and he’s much happier working for himself, he’s earning more money, he’s not making so many compromises with his partners, and he’s enjoying his work more than ever.
Think back to the times in your life when you experienced losses or challenges.

This eclipse could mark a significant turning point for you when you may have to pick yourself up and chart a whole new direction in your life. It might feel scary, but it can also be exhilarating as you learn to live on the edge.
Good things to ask yourself:
-        Where are you not standing your ground?
-        Are you in a co-dependent relationship?
-        How can you find serenity and peace?
-        What are you looking for in your relationships?
Don’t be afraid to face the truth about a relationship even if it’s painful.
If you have been unwilling to make changes and you’re in a rut, this eclipse could be a much-needed wake-up call for you.

How will this eclipse in Libra affect you personally?

The eclipses work in pairs:

Aries / Libra

You may go through an identity crisis and need to reinvent yourself. You could get out of a relationship and start living alone, or you may get into a relationship or partnership.
You’ll be working with finding balance between your needs and the needs and demands of your relationships.

Virgo / Pisces

You may go through a healing crisis on many levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You’ll want to find your purpose in life and ways to make a valuable contribution through your work. Is the deepest part of you being satisfied? If not, what kind of work would satisfy your soul?
Look at your work. Are you feeling fulfilled? Do you need to change your career direction? Do you need to upgrade your skills?

Leo / Aquarius

This eclipse will focus on your creativity and bringing out your special talents. You may decide to pursue a career in the entertainment business, start your own business or expand an existing business.
A love affair can end or a new one can start. You may decide to have a child or you might get pregnant around the time of the eclipse.
Be careful about anything speculative as gambling can result in huge losses.
A friendship can end and a new one can begin. You may need some time alone in between.

Cancer / Capricorn

This eclipse will trigger your security needs. You may decide to buy a piece of real estate or land. Make sure you are not over-extending yourself financially to do it. There could be a crisis in your family that could bring you all closer.
You’ll need to look carefully and the balance between home / family and you work. Are you a workaholic not spending enough time with your family? What adjustments do you need to make?

Gemini / Sagittarius

What do you need to learn? Do you need to go on a course of serious study? Do you need to get licensed, registered? The eclipse could trigger a desire to go back to school or to train in a completely new field.
You may relocate to another state or even country. You will need to examine where you are playing it too safe and where you need to break out of your limitations which are largely self-imposed.

Taurus / Scorpio

The eclipse will centre around how you value yourself and your talents. Are you doing a job for the money only and hating it? What are you passionate about and are you willing to make that into your life’s work?
Your finances could receive a jolt if you’re too deeply in debt or you’re too attached to things that no longer serve you.
You’ll need to examine everything connected to money: how you spend it, your attitude towards it, where you invest it, how you plan for the future.
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