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Mars and Venus conjunct in Leo: Head over Heels!

Mars and Venus conjunct in Leo: Head over Heels!
Mars and Venus conjunct in Leo on September 1st 2015, falling head over heels in love with each other... Time to turbo-charge your life with renewed sex-drive, creativity and passion!  
2015 is a seminal year for love and relationships, as a triple conjunction between Mars and Venus - astrology's lovers and ambassadors of beauty and desire - serves to re-charge your va-va-voom! Their love affair, which began in February with Venus-Mars conjunct in Aries now continues with another passionate embrace in dramatic and chivalrous Leo. Get ready to feel strongly about things, come September 1st. (And it ain't over: Mars/Venus’ final meeting this year is November 3rd, so stay tuned!)
Do you have Mars and Venus conjunct in your birth-chart? This combo bestows oodles of drive, sensuality and charisma. But it's up to you what you do with all this energy. Adolf Hitler has it. Mother Teresa also has it. What it does is give you unwavering dedication to your aims, whatever those may be. Amy Winehouse has this conjunction too - indeed, exactly as we are seeing it now in the skies: Mars conjunct Venus retrograde and in the sign of Leo no less! Her life was nothing if not filled with drama, creative self-expression and passionate love. Nothing run of the mill will do with this combination.
Mars-Venus is a highly subjective combo and with Venus retrograde on top of this, you are unlikely to be thinking straight. So, take an extra moment to think things through before you make a big dramatic gesture.
Wherever the Mars/Venus conjunction appears in your chart it super-charges that area of your life, creating a sense of urgency and laser-like focus. Leo makes this vibe all the more proud, theatrical and over-the-top. Relationships become a love-hate affair, passions run high and your world is suddenly filled with royal castles, knights in shining armour and damsels in distress (who turn out to be warrior amazons in disguise in actual fact, so don't be fooled). Get ready to live (and love) BIG at summer's end... 

How does Venus/Mars in Leo energise your Star-Sign?

Vast amounts of sexual energy are put at your disposal with Mars/Venus conjunct in Leo. Bursting at the seams? Read on… If your love life gets too hot to handle, let an expert love psychic put things right on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470).
Time to give yourself over to the pursuit of happiness, dear Aries. Get ready for a major heat-wave in your love-life. Your sex drive is at an all time high and you need to channel it somewhere... Take your sweetheart by the hand. Baby-fever? Make the most of Mars and Venus in your sex zone! Single? Not for long! You can also work wonders now if you are in the creative industries, energising a creative project to keep it ticking over for a long time to come. Your popularity is soaring now too, so put yourself out there and have some fun! Aren't you a lucky one! Mars and Venus in your sign back in February turned you into hot property and their second meeting in your happiness-zone turns you into the hottest stuff around since the eruption of Vesuvius. Time to strut your sexy stuff and re-assert your superiority!
Love and passion knock right on your door, dear Taurus! Hestia is the goddess of the hearth and it's time to ensure that the fire that keeps your home warm and happy is well stoked. Family, real-estate or residential matters that need one last push to get sorted receive a powerful energy boost on September 1st, allowing you to stride forward with confidence. You feel sexiest in the privacy of your own home now, so make time to be alone with your sweetheart, especially if you want to start a family of your own. This conjunction gives you the focus needed to make your private life as happy as can be over the coming months. Single? A sexy new flatmate may change all that! Alternatively, a visit to your parents, or a party at yours could introduce you to a glamorous stranger. Mars and Venus helped you to jettison old baggage and pursue spiritual renewal over the course of the year. It's now time to light your fire from within.
Is someone having sex in your back yard? Or maybe it is you? Or maybe a hot new neighbour has moved in? Whatever it is, your immediate circle suddenly bursts into life from September 1st, awakening your naughtier side. Someone may turn your world upside down with their flirty ways, or you may find yourself facing competition and having to turn up the charm. Whatever it is, get ready to view all that is familiar and even boring in a whole new and exciting light!  On the career front, hot news may give you food for thought, or a communications project may now spice up your world, biggin’ you up among your peers and helping you spread your influence. Your voice has the power to ignite people's hearts now! Mars and Venus energised your social life back in spring and it's now time to join the dots, familiarise yourself, dear Gemini, and put your stamp on things.
Mars and Venus in the most sensual and materialistic part of your chart are boosting your sex drive and putting you in the mood for love, fine dining and generally the best that life has to offer. Get ready for a sexy and luxurious end to the summer, giving you the drive you need to go after whatever your heart desires, dear Cancer. If your finances have been flagging, September 1st gives you the oomph you need to sell your talents with greater confidence in the coming months, increase your assets and demand your dues. If you have been struggling with your body weight, September focuses your mind and gives you the determination you need to succeed. This is a good time to redefine what you want from a new relationship too and inject an existing one with renewed passion. Back in spring, Mars and Venus turbo-charged your ambitions. It's now time to match your ambition with confidence and seek a life of greater reward!
You’re super-hot stuff and your stock rises come September 1st, as astrology's lovers grant you beauty and sex appeal in equal measure. Get ready to look and feel irresistible as Mars and Venus boost your energy, giving you a radiant glow and sexy confidence! With the universe on your side, this is the time to be proactive about anything that your heart desires. Just ask and it shall be given, for nobody can deny your powers of seduction. You are also likely to be feeling intensely about many matters in your life - including love - and anyone who wants your attention had better clear their schedule. Single? Falling head over heels in love is a distinct possibility this autumn. Let the passion invigorate your being. This will allow you to push ahead on all life fronts in the coming months. Mars and Venus urged you to step out of your comfort zone since last spring. Armed with this new vision, it's now time to glam up and take the world by storm!
Something’s cooking way out of sight, dear Virgo, and it’s big stuff! The atmosphere is super-charged and the best way to enjoy it is to relax, take a back seat and…bide your time. This is a time of spiritual renewal, psychological breakthrough and creative inspiration. Make sure you enjoy it away from prying eyes! September 1st powers up your intuition too and gives you the confidence to release old hangups that you have used as an excuse not to move forward with your life. On the love front, there may be some hanky-panky that goes on behind the scenes now. If that’s you, make sure you are not acting on impulse. Secrecy may be called for at work too with intense concentration on a project behind the scenes bringing great pleasure. Back in spring, Mars and Venus in Aries kick-started a time of crisis and change. Now, as your birthday month enters, it’s time to release the past and get into position to make the most of the wonderful opportunities that are headed your way.
Friendship is no simple matter with Mars in Venus in your social zone. Are you lovers or just friends? Is this a friend or an enemy? Only time will tell. One thing is certain, that you are unlikely to feel lukewarm about certain people at this time. Someone in your social circle may be evoking powerful reactions from you - feelings that surprise you. Are you in love? Do you have a rival? Is an admirer turning your world upside down? Matters all, which can make for some intense interactions come September 1st and in the days to follow. They say you need to strike while the iron is hot, and your community is so 'hapening' right now that getting involved can help you energise your dreams for the future. This has been a seminal year for your relationships, dear Libra. Mars and Venus have been focusing all your attention on others and the role that they play in your life. Well, it’s time to widen the playing field!
Your public image is getting a sexy make-over, dear Scorpio, with Mars and Venus hotting up the most illustrious part of your chart.  Their love union gives birth to a new life direction, filling you with great ambition and high aspirations!  All your energy and focus is channelled into setting your life on this new course come September 1st and creating a new public persona to match. This may be a brand new creative project that carries your name, a glamorous new love affair that puts you in the public eye, or some other honour that raises your profile. Whatever it is, you are likely to throw yourself into this new role with single-minded flair! Any love affair you embark on now is likely to be rather public, so choose wisely. Back in spring, Mars and Venus urged you to pour all your energy and focus into a project that required daily discipline and dedication.  It’s now time to step onto the pedestal and receive due recognition for all your hard work.
Handsome stranger? Exciting travel plans? Embarking on a new course? Mars and Venus ignite your inherent thirst for adventure, dear Sag. You may throw yourself heart and soul into a course if you happen to start college or university now and any course of study is bound to make a huge impression on you, awakening your creativity and quickly bringing you to the attention of your superiors. Alternatively, it may be travel, a new vision or an expanding business that helps you spread your wings now. If you are single, love is definitely on the cards in all of these scenarios, giving you a taste of something new and unknown! Early in the year, Mars and Venus in Aries awakened your creative talents and introduced you to a powerful need for romance in your life. September 1st gives you hope and the freedom to pursue your heart’s desires - even onto the ends of the world!
Hot and sticky - that’s what Mars and Venus meeting up in your sex-zone feels like, dear Capricorn. An intense intimate encounter may change your world now, bringing the potential of sexual renewal. Alternatively, Mars and Venus may awaken a passionate interest in psychology or the occult that helps you turn your life around. On a more mundane note, Mars and Venus may energise financial agreements, bringing your attention onto debt, tax and insurance matters, as well as joint finances and divorce settlements. If so, September 1st brings a boost of energy to help sort out your finances once and for all. This won’t be a smooth ride by any means, but you now have the drive to set things right. Spring energised your private, home and family life and it’s now time to transmute this energy into something more, for instance by seeking financing for a new home, changing your household dynamics or sharing your inner world with someone else.
Get ready for your relationships to take a sexy and dramatic turn! Someone special is the apple of your eye around month’s end, taking up all your time and attention. That’s good, for the energy you pour into a relationship now will keep it ticking over for a long time to come. Mars and Venus awaken your combative side too, and you may well be openly competing for your partner’s (or a potential partner’s) attention by the time September gets underway. Relationships are all or nothing now and you cannot be easy-going about them - that includes business partnerships too. Let others urge you into action. Your life has been filled with movement and excitement ever since Mars and Venus met in Aries in early spring. These nascent moves are now developing into something more, manifesting in a new partnership or in changes in your existing relationship. Give them your full attention!
Everyday life is full of creative passion as Mars and Venus meet in the most unassuming part of your chart. If you have been letting things slide on the health front, this is your chance to kick-start a new diet and exercise routine to boost your immune system and wellbeing. Eating healthily also increases your libido, so it’s definitely worth a try. If you have been on holiday, September 1st may call your attention back to work, driving you to throw yourself fully into a new work project. That’s just as well, for with Mars and Venus in your discipline sector, you can achieve anything that you put your mind to now. If you are single then changes at work may also bring you a new love interest (just in time to show off your hot new bod). Mars and Venus have been helping you grow more self-assured since last spring. It’s now time to perfect what you started. And what fun it’s going to be!
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