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Mars Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: All Or Nothing – You Are Unstoppable!

Mars Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: All Or Nothing – You Are Unstoppable!
Sex, power, magnetism, passion and strong desires!! That’s the flavour of the day when Mars in Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn come together. We can expect to be single-minded even to the point of obsession.
Mars is all about your energy (see the planets in astrology), and in Capricorn it will help you to stay grounded and productive. With Pluto added to the mix, if you are focused on a particular goal, nothing will stop you from achieving what you want.
So if it’s a relationship, you can be very seductive and alluring and draw to you the person you are wanting in your life. Conversely, you may be drawn to someone with a great deal of sexual energy, someone who is magnetic with a smouldering intensity. Pluto often indicates a karmic connection where you meet someone and you feel as though you have known them forever. So you could meet that special soul-mate during this transit.
If it’s connected with your work and you have a deadline or a project that urgently needs to be completed, you’ll be able to accomplish a humungous amount today.
Whatever you set your mind on, as long as you focus your attention like a laser beam onto it, you’ll be able to achieve your goal. Obstacles will drop away like flies, unable block you. The advantage with this aspect is that you will have a great deal of positive energy and drive. You will want to accomplish a great deal, you want to be in a position of power that you can use in a responsible manner. 
This is a wonderful time for getting into a financial project that promises great rewards. Don’t expect it to be easy, but if you are willing to work hard, you could strike it big. You might be inclined to get obsessive, even to the point of not eating or drinking because you are so focused on achieving your goals. Just make sure you take some time out to get a broader perspective of your actions so that you don’t burn out.
If you have this aspect in your natal chart, you have an extremely strong will. If you don’t get your own way, you could have a tantrum and start to manipulate others in order to get what you want. Instead of using this energy in a destructive way, you have to learn how to handle others more creatively, so that there is a win-win situation and not just one party forcing its will over the other.
True story: a woman, aged 35, married a man with this aspect. He had been all sweetness and light during their courtship, patiently waiting for her to accept his offer of marriage. Sexually, they had a very powerful connection and the chemistry between them in bed was amazing. They couldn’t get enough of each other. However, as soon as they got married, all his possessive characteristics came to the fore. Mars conjunct Pluto often indicates hidden fears that have not been addressed, and he projected his fears of loss and abandonment onto his new wife. She was astonished when he wanted to know exactly where she was every minute of the day, he checked her emails, her text messages, and he would be extremely jealous if she even looked at another man. She felt as though she was under constant surveillance.
So it’s very important to examine your fears and not to blame others for how you are feeling. This transit will give you an opportunity transform yourself and to take back your own power.

With Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, the following life areas are in the spotlight

  • Structures – both personal and collective. With Saturn ruling Capricorn, it includes all structures: religious, financial, health, educational, political. Which areas in your life need to be restructured?
  • Authority – issues with authority-figures could arise. Are you the authority in your life or are you allowing others to boss you around?
  • Stability – do you feel centred and grounded? Are you being realistic or are you living beyond your means? Do you need to downsize and lower your expectations?
  • Fears – this is a time to face your deepest fears, to do whatever frightens you and to walk through it empowered and free.
  • This can be a time of endings and new beginnings. It all started in November 2008 when Mars and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn. Think back to that time in your life. It’s possible that you had some major changes like moving country, changing your career direction, ending a significant relationship, getting into a new relationship.

Mars Conjunct Pluto Keywords:

Courage, will, determination, intensity, transformation, power, destruction, magnetism, intimacy, sexuality, rebuilding, fanaticism, suppression, violence, obsession, jealousy, possessiveness, control, strength, renewal, rebirth, persistence, relentless, all-consuming, breakthrough.

Famous people with this aspect

Franklin Roosevelt, Paul McCartney, Yves St. Laurent, Ringo Starr, Brooke Shields, Patsy Cline, George Michael, Candice Bergen, Emily Dickinson, Emile Zola, Kevin Spacey, Rudolf Steiner, Sir Edmund Hillary, Donovan.  
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