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Mars in Aquarius 2020

Mars in Aquarius 2020

Mars enters Aquarius on March 30th, 2020 and this is time to break the mould and try something new! What does Mars in Aquarius mean? Eccentric, inventive, original, independent, cool and sexy, dispassionate, intelligent champion, freedom fighter, unflappable.

What Mars in Aquarius in March 2020 means

Mars represents our drive, motivation and sexuality. It reveals what gets our blood pumping and the way we assert our will. (See Mars in AstrologyAquarius is rebellious and unconventional, abstract, idealistic and rational. Mars in Aquarius is an excellent time to experiment with new methods of doing things, break with tradition and strike out on your own terms. It’s time to express your unique individuality and showcase your own brand of cool!

You can make your social network work for you now. Get together with friends for a project or gather allies to your cause! Everyone is likely to feel more motivated to get involved in a joint effort now. Mars in Aquarius might also awaken your desire to fight for your ideals and make changes in your life, even if it means breaking the rules...

Mars in Aquarius can also be a time for sexual experimentation and liberation from taboos and preconceptions that hold you back.

People with natal Mars in Aquarius (check out your birth chart) are so cool and detached in the way that they pursue their goals that you can rarely detect what they want (or indeed that they want anything at all!) Could they possibly be a robot? An alien? You would not be surprised... They are obstinate and nobody can ever make them change course. They can subtly tyrannise others with their principles and ideals without anyone even noticing! That’s because they take the higher ground… These folk are fiercely independent.Anything progressive, radical or out of the ordinary gets their blood pumping. They are idealists and reformers! Time to join them...

Mars in Aquarius and Famous Folks

We can get a feel for the cool unconventionality of Mars in Aquarius by looking at some famous folk with this placement.

1.  Copernicus, the father of modern astronomy has Mars in Aquarius. He placed the sun at the centre of our solar system and revolutionised the way we understand the cosmos and our place in it. 

2. Leonardo da Vinci is another major figure with Mars in Aquarius. As the archetypal Renaissance Man he defies every attempt at classification. Is he an artist, scientist or inventor? He's accomplished in so many ways that he breaks every mould.

3. A more recent multi-faceted eccentric with Mars in Aquarius is engineer, aviator and film producer Howard Hughes.

4. Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy also has Mars in Aquarius. He revolutionised sexual attitudes, broke taboos and became a spokesperson for sexual (Mars) liberalism (Aquarius).

5. Comedians John Cleese of Monty Python and Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G, Borat) - famous for their innovative, downright whacky creative approach - are both great representatives of the rebellious and unconventional ways of Mars in Aquarius!

6. Male hearth-throbs with Mars in Aquarius testify to the incredible sexiness of this position: from the classic Cary Grant to cult figures like Christopher Walken to modern day hotties like Matthew McConaughey and Justin Timberlake. 

7. Women with Mars in Aquarius, on the other hand, have a kinky kind of cool like Scarlett Johansson, Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson.

8. There is a significant number of Mars in Aquarius women with a presence in public affairs: Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin, Condoleezza Rice, Maya Angelou, Carla Bruni Sarkozy and Queen Elizabeth II are examples; testament to this placement's interest in the wider social arena.

How does Mars in Aquarius affect your Star Sign?


With your ruling planet stepping out into the playing-field, get ready for lots of activity in your social scene. You may decide to let out the warrior within on behalf of a cause of your choosing. Try not to be too bloody-minded with friends and acquaintances or you might find yourself in disagreement. Time to join the rebels! Check out Aries monthly horoscope.


Mars is energising your career asking you to try something new! Showcase your professional originality and opt for something more unusual.  A great time to make progress, especially if you work with technology, or in other innovative and unconventional areas. How much of an eccentric are you? Time for the world to see! Check out Taurus monthly horoscope.


Is travel on your mind? You may want to go your own way and try something different. Or maybe you have manuscripts, exams or essays to hand in? Get those brain-cells pumping and come up with innovative and groundbreaking ideas! Your mind is cold as steel and sharp as a sword right now. And it is firing up on all cylinders. Use it! Check out Gemini monthly horoscope.


Intimate relationships are put through their paces as someone close to you may need more than usual room to move. You may simply have to trust them on this one. If you find yourself in the midst of murky joint finances, it's time to take a clear sharp head to things and find groundbreaking solutions. Things may also get hotter in the bedroom. Don't be afraid to try something new! Check out Cancer monthly horoscope.


Relationships heat up as you might meet someone who - in one way or another - gets your blood pumping! If you are attached, things will heat up with your other half. Others may now call the shots and it may be hard to know where you stand - especially if they play it cool and hard to read. Giving others enough space to roam may be key here. But do not let them push you around! Check out Leo monthly horoscope.


Work, work and lots of work for you over the holidays, dear Virgo, as Mars in your work-sector will keep you busy all the way through. Thankfully, Virgo does like to keep busy... Make sure to systematise your efforts and find innovative ways to use your time more efficiently. You can make your mark by coming up with original solutions to life's little annoying problems. A health issue might need your attention now too, so make sure to get enough rest and don’t get yourself all up in a tizzy. Check out Virgo monthly horoscope.


Ah, it’s all about love and romance for you, dear Libra, as Mars is in your play-pen and the game is on! Bring out your toys and take your fill of fun and pleasure... Just do whatever brings you joy! You can pour all your energies into a creative project now too and come up with something pretty impressive. If you have a family, your children will require much your attention. Make sure to have enough me-time too and let the big kid inside you come out and play! Check out Libra monthly horoscope.


Home and family matters are likely to demand all your attention over the holidays and into the new year. Renovations and real-estate projects will require a lot of your time and you may find yourself employing ingenious solutions or using new technologies to sort things out. On the other hand, try to avoid bullying tactics - whether it is you or another that is the perpetrator... If disagreements pop up, join forces and see the bigger picture! Check out Scorpio monthly horoscope.


You are entering a phase with lots of movement and travel, communications and exchanges. Time to meet interesting people and try new ideas out for size. Get ready for your world to liven up and become a little eccentric... You may find yourself right in the middle of whacky events and having a blast – so actively embrace it all and have fun! If you are involved in writing and communications, or if you want to start a blog, now is a good time as ever to give it a shot and let your unique voice be heard! Check out Sagittarius monthly horoscope.


This period is all about finances for you, dear Capricorn, and you may find that expenses are rising, or that you need to spend money on some piece of engineering... This is a good time to invest in new technology, or to bring the cold knife of reason to cut through useless expenses and find radical financial solutions. It's also a great time to brush up on your technical skills or discover an original talent that you can capitalise on. Check out Capricorn monthly horoscope.


With Mars in your sign, dear Aquarius, you hold all the cards! Everyone is looking to you to give them something fresh and original and to show them how it's done! Mars is engaging the power-drive on your space-ship and you can now jump to light speed toward a goal of your choosing. You are at your sexiest, most confident and formidable right now and nobody can stand in your way!  Stay cool and try not to boss people around too much. The force is with you... Check out Aquarius monthly horoscope.


This may be a bit of a strange time for you, dear Pisces. You may feel that some things are not quite right or even that there is scullduggery afoot! It may be that someone is acting up behind the scenes, or simply that things are changing and you sense it, hence your unease... Your best course of action is to retreat from the hubbub and plug yourself into the mother-ship for some much needed R&R. Lay low, and let the powers that be do their job, while you recharge your batteries during the next weekend. Check out Pisces monthly horoscope.

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