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Mars in Aries: Energy and Initiative!

Mars in Aries: Energy and Initiative!

Mars enters Aries,

on 1 January 2019,
at 02:19 GMT

Mars enters Aries, its home sign, at the very beginning of 2019 to stay there all the way till 14 February. This is a major event that gives you a powerful kick start to 2019! This is a time of energy and initiative, perfect if you want to take action and push fast forward with your plans! Have you been talking about something endlessly, never quite finding the courage to make a start? This is your chance! Mars in Aries is all about courage. He is a fighter, a hero and a pioneer! This is an excellent time to start a vigorous exercise routine, boldly pursue your desires or pour all your energy into something totally new and untried.

Mars also represents your sex drive! If you are wondering what this means for you personally, get your free birth chart, then check out your Mars star-sign in Mars through the signs!

Your Mars in Aries Horoscope

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Mars visits his home sign, Aries, once every two years and this is a time you should always note in your diary. This is when you are at your sexiest, most powerful and most effective! You call the shots and can make huge strides with anything that you put your mind to. It’s an excellent time to focus on yourself, transform your body or take a bold initiative. But watch out for arguments, as Mars makes you even more ballsy.

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Mars in Aries is like the proverbial rod that keeps you on your toes. You’re fired up from within and trying to stay a step ahead! You may be undergoing frantic preparations behind the scenes, getting ready for the big push or to unveil an ambitious project that will need all your strength once Mars enters your sign on 14 February. Your sex drive is also on the rise. This is an energetic time even if you’re keeping what you’re doing very much under wraps.

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Your world springs into life once Mars enters Aries! This may be because you have events to attend and places to be. Or it may be because you are pouring all your energies toward an ambitious dream. Either way, it’s all about carving a place for yourself out there in the world, among your peers, whether by attending parties or from the comfort of your computer. Your magnetism is on the rise but so is your bravado. No fighting.

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Mars in Aries is here to add turbo blasters to your career trajectory. January 1st to February 14th is the ultimate time to pursue your career ambitions with energy and dynamism and promote yourself to a higher position. You’re certainly the best man / woman for the job and you’re not taking ‘no’ for an answer. If you’re already where you want to be, then this is your chance to use your authority to implement changes and do things your way. 

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As a fellow fire sign, you feel an affinity with the energy and enthusiasm of Mars in Aries. Of course, he is much more rash and crude than you would ever allow yourself to be but nonetheless, this is exactly what you need to get yourself fired up about something that could take you outside of your comfort zone. Whether that is speaking in public for the first time, travelling to an exotic place or creating your first blog. Time to spread your wings!

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Mars in Aries is a bit of a fireball coming from left field and could well be a thorn in your side. You like your world neat and tidy, you see, and an Arian Mars is a bit like a Tasmanian devil. In he comes, wrecking havoc and he’s gone in a flash. But it’s not a bad thing. If you want to transform something in your life - your body, your finances - this is your chance. A bit of crisis kicks your sex drive into high gear too. Embrace it!

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Mars is that hot sexy stranger that catches your eye at a party and with Mars in Aries, the game heats up in your relationships! Get ready to pour all your energies into making someone yours. If you’re already paired up then you may be helping your partner achieve their goals. They’re looking very sexy right now and this sharpens your focus! Mars in Aries also represents that brutish kind of person that gets your hackles up. Arguments could call for your expert diplomatic skills.

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Mars rules your star-sign, alongside Pluto, giving you the rightful reputation of the sexiest and most mysterious sign of the zodiac. But there’s no mystery to Mars in Aries. What you see is what you get! What can you do with this one-dimensional, rah-rah-rah kind of energy? Pour it into your work, look for a job, embark on an ambitious training programme or start a new health and exercise routine! Your day to day life is about to get rather full on, so find something constructive to do.

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You’re so sexy right now that sex oozes out of every pore of your body! Mars in Aries puts you on a winning streak and you had better make the most of it while you can, till February 14th. Go after that piece of gorgeousness you have had your eye on, set up your own business, double your sales, give a concert, go out and live a little. Forget shoulds and musts, chores and have tos. It’s time to do what you want and have some fun!

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Your home comes to life with Mars in Aries until February 14th. What does this mean? It could be anything from hot sex in the bedroom to arguments with your family to embarking on ambitious renovations. Are you building an extension? Or maybe you feel so energetic you just have to move some furniture around? You’re normally a career oriented sign but be ready to pour a lot of your energy into your home and family in the next six weeks. Watch out for accidents around the house.

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Get your car serviced, your railcard and season ticket renewed as you’re likely to see increased travel and movement in the next six weeks. Your world springs to life, calling you to be places on short notice, as meetings and communications fill up much of your schedule. This is the perfect time to get your point across, clearly and convincingly. No need to be too forceful - you’re formidable with words in the best of times! - or you might end up arguing. Time to move ahead with your ideas!

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Expenses start rising the minute Mars enters Aries. You may find yourself unhesitatingly forking out in return for things that you want, as well as getting an extra bill or two for things you hadn’t planned on.The good news? Your earning power could double to meet these new demands! If you’ve been thinking of ways to bring more money in, you now have the courage to implement your ideas! It’s also a great time to get sexy, exercise, build body strength and look your hottest! 

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