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Mars in Capricorn, February-March 2020

Mars in Capricorn, February-March 2020

Action planet Mars enters ambitious and hardworking Capricorn on February 16th to stay until March 30th, 2020. Onwards and upwards with your Mars in Capricorn horoscope! 

This is a great time to set goals, come up with an action plan and succeed. Mars is exalted, i.e. super-efficient in Capricorn. Mars is more impulsive when it’s in the sign it rules, Aries, but when in Capricorn, Mars can work more strategically towards its goals. 

Mars in Capricorn needs a plan. It needs to feel productive and see tangible results from its actions. Why not use this Mars in Capricorn transit to think about ways to bring some of these qualities into your everyday life? Here is how to do it:

  • Make a start on the project you’ve been putting off. Just do it. Don’t make any more excuses. 
  • Make a list of all the things you want to achieve. Set yourself daily baby steps so you can measure your progress. 
  • Set clear boundaries for yourself and others. If you don’t want to be interrupted for a few hours while you get some work done, turn off your phone, don’t check your emails and don’t allow yourself to be distracted from your goals. 
  • Start a new fitness programme or diet. Organise one area of your life. E.g. a room in your house, a wardrobe, your office.

Mars in Capricorn is sexually very passionate but you’d never know it on the surface, as they're able to control their sexual energy. They can be celibate for many years or they can be sexually very active and physical. Mars in Capricorn can be a little slow to get started, but oh boy...once they get going, they never want to stop!

How does Mars in Capricorn in 2020 affect my Star Sign?

How does Mars in Capricorn on February-March 2020 energise your star sign? It’s all in your Mars in Capricorn horoscope! For more personal coaching and help to achieve your goals, why not get in touch with one of our expert spiritual advisors by calling 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470)?


Mars in Capricorn energises your career! You are usually one to jump in blindly, but the time has come for you to set goals and come up with a definite plan to achieve them. Plan first, act later. Once you have your plan, you can get started right away (what a relief)! Where are you headed?


Now’s the perfect time to attack a marketing or publishing project, ambitious academic pursuits or extensive travel plans with greater gusto. Mars in Capricorn motivates you to expand your horizons, extend your reach and disseminate your ideas. Looking to travel? Check out these holidays from heaven.


Mars in Capricorn means it’s time for you to tackle challenging financial matters and not take no for an answer. Now’s your moment to sort out your taxes, organise your divorce settlement or come up with ways to get the best loan or mortgage. Mars also heats things up in the bedroom! Looking to improve your love life? Get your personal intimate lover report!


With Mars in your opposite sign, it’s others that are calling the shots now. Time for you to cooperate. But handing others the reins is not such a bad thing. It motivates you to build relationships, set clear boundaries where necessary and join forces with others to reach your goals.

Find out about the biggest relationship threats for your star sign.


Mars in Capricorn gives you the energy to deal with life's nitty gritty. Snowed under with work? Do you need to carry out house repairs? (Get astro-decor tips in venus aspects and good taste) Or maybe you are worried about your health and have simply been lacking the energy to start a diet? Whatever it is you now have the oomph to tackle it!


Mars in Capricorn comes around only once every two years. It's a fantastic opportunity for you, diligent and understated Virgo, to have some fun! Now’s the time to turn a hobby into a business, try for a baby, have great sex or find true love. Express yourself! Whatever your heart is yearning for, it’s time to make a definite plan and get started right away.


Home and family matters that have been dragging on for years now receive a turbo-energy boost! Sort it all out till March 30th, dear Libra, while Mars is on your side. Whether this is unpacking boxes, selling property, building an extension to your house or setting boundaries with a family member.


You can tackle most anything successfully now. Whether this is passing a difficult exam, establishing your business, solving a neighbourhood problem, sorting out paperwork, fixing your car or building a new network, Mars is your guy. Oh, and time to speak up! This is a busy time. Do you want to know where your luck lies? 


Mars in Capricorn is intent on improving your financial situation. Set firm financial goals, come up with an action plan and get serious about achieving them. Set a budget and follow it. If expenses rise, this will motivate you to seek a better income and come up with a plan to monetise your talents. 


What do you want out of life? What do you need to get done? Mars in your sign puts you in the driving seat until March 30th. This is your once in a two year opportunity to attack challenging tasks. What you do now will leave its mark, so act responsibly. It may also be time for an operation or a personal makeover. Have a look at how the transits affect your personal horoscope with today’s natal horoscope.


If you need to work on something away from prying eyes this is your moment to do this. This is also the perfect time to get closure in matters that go way back. Your sex life could also get interesting, as Mars brings out urges from deep within.  If so, your daily love tarot horoscope could help keep you sane. Lots is going on behind the scenes now - all hush hush…


This is a sociable period. You may be working with others toward a common goal or competing for the same goal. Your community comes to life and could see many changes over the next six weeks. Time for you to energise your social network and seek a better place among your peers. You can also work well toward a cherished dream now. Why not plan using the best planetary hours?

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