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Mars in Leo Be Bold!

Mars in Leo Be Bold!

Mars, astrology's sex god and feisty fighter, moves into Leo on 1 July to stay there till 18 August setting your heart on fire! How so? Your Mars in Leo horoscopes has the answer...

Mars in Leo is lionhearted, chivalrous and proud - astrology's quintessential knight in shining armour. Mars, this sex god-slash-feisty fighter moves into Leo on 1 July to stay there till 18 August 2019, where he plans to turn the whole world into a sage! If it ain’t BIG don’t bother... It’s time to act with dramatic flair! To roll out the red carpets! To boldly go after your goals! Do it in style and do it with all your heart. Mars in Leo is not interested in half-measures. Dramatic performances and displays of leadership will feature largely over the next seven weeks and a part of your horoscope is about to light up a blaze! Which part is that? Let’s find out!

Your Mars in Leo transit 2019

Mars is raring to go and energise a part of your life that hasn’t seen such action lately. Where does your world light up over the next few weeks? Where are you motivated to shine and be admired by all? It depends on your zodiac sign…  If you need to speak to an actual flesh and blood human being, capable of giving you direct answers, then call 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) and ask one of our gifted psychics your question now!


July will be a month of big, dramatic, joyful living, dear Aries! Let your inner party animal come out and play! Pursue hobbies, have fun and enjoy love and sex in your natural spontaneous manner! It’s a good time to try for a baby or spend quality time with your children too. Your creativity is about to receive a huge boost so if there’s a hobby you want to turn into something more, or a creative enterprise that you want to get off the ground, now’s the time!

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Security is a big thing for you, dear Taurus, and the time has come to tend to your castle! Put in a moat, paint that picket fence and secure your perimeter! Home and family, land, property and real estate, moving house, working closely with a parent or carrying out renovation works all receive a huge thumbs up over the next six weeks. This is a good time to tend to your foundations, put the past to bed, connect with your creative source and frolic in your inner landscape!

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Get ready to shine at what you do best, dear Gemini! Time to step out and about, travel, teach, learn, write, meet people, network and express yourself! It’s time to engage with the world around you to the max. It will change your life! A short trip could energise you or bring creative opportunities. This is the moment to launch your blog, write your novel, teach that course or air your TV show! A very sexy, stimulating seven weeks lie ahead.

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Hey big spender! Money rocks your world, dear Cancer - you like to make it, have it, spend it - and the time has come to pull out all the stops and boost your assets. You love making the dough and thereby raising both your self confidence and purchasing power. The next few weeks is your best chance to actively pursue a raise, monetise an asset or establish a fresh and more creative source of income. Let your natural talents shine through!

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Lights, camera… The stage is yours, dear Leo! Get ready to make your mark! How? Well, just by being your sexy, dramatic, royal self, of course! Mars puts you at the centre of attention, giving you immense sex appeal, as well as the drive and confidence to achieve most anything! Yes, even fame! So get ready to make ripples now and for a while to come. You have the power to transform your life and leave a dent in the lives of others in the process... Single? Nobody is able to resist you now, you sexy beast!

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This is a time of important endings, dear Virgo. It’s time for you to clear the decks and detox physically and emotionally. Go on a retreat or spend some time alone. This will work wonders! You’ll feel rejuvenated on a soul level. You could also experience a creative awakening or discover aspects of your sexuality you never knew existed! If you work behind the scenes, in a hospital, in government or in a large institution, the next few weeks will be an unusually busy time. A clandestine love affair could awaken hidden passions!

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Where does Libra shine? Well, dinner parties, social gatherings and club meetings of course! Where else? And politics. Dear Libra, you’re the society sign par excellence, so go out there, rub shoulders with the rich and royal, meet and greet, network, flirt and make important alliances! The next few weeks fuel your ambitions and give you huge energy and drive to change your world and go after your dreams! A very active, sociable period lies ahead. Things could heat up sexually with a friend!

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Get ready to rise to the top, dear Scorpio! You naturally excel in positions of authority and it’s time for your leadership skills to shine forth! You’re entering a golden seven weeks when it comes to your career. Go after your most bold, ambitious goals! Step into the spotlight! It’s time to pull out all the stops and aim straight for the top. Actively go for that promotion, raise your profile, go for that title and let the world honour you for your achievements!

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Are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life, dear Sagittarius? Leo falls in your very own numerical slice of the zodiac, the house of exploration and travel. Get ready to explore new frontiers! Cowering in a corner won’t do, nor will trying to stick with what you know. Time to embark on a life changing journey. Be bold! Dare to step onto uncharted territory! Whether this is going somewhere far away for a holiday, going to college, publishing your work or breaking into a new market. Share your vision and spread your wings!

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Where does Capricorn naturally shine? Well, in handling power of course! And that means business… It’s time to go for that merger, get that fat loan out to pursue greater riches or cement that business partnership. You will be passionately involved in forming business deals, dividing property, sorting out taxes and handling large budgets - most likely of other people’s money. Big financial changes are on their way! You could also have a life changing sexual encounter.

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Aquarius is an eminently worldly sign and there’s no point thinking yourself a rebel, contrary or here to change the world if there’s nobody around to rebel against, stand out from and build your brave new world with… Others hold all the cards over the next few weeks! They challenge you, rile you up and motivate you to actively engage - whether in love, creativity or combat! Agreements and partnerships of all kinds are energised - romantic and professional. Single? Time to let others change your world!

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How do you feel about buffing up, dear Pisces? Off you go to the gym and the health food store! You’re hugely motivated to exercise, eat well and polish up your health over the next few weeks. Pisces is extremely good at imbuing the everyday with magic. Do you have a glamorous summer job? Or maybe you work in the arts? A creative project could really take off now or you could combine business with pleasure this summer in an eye opening way. Expect major lifestyle changes!

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