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Mars in Libra transit 2019

Mars in Libra transit 2019

Get ready to go on a charm offensive! Mars, planet of action and sexuality enters zodiac sign Libra on October 4th, 2019, where it will fuel and energize relationships until November 19, 2019. Mars is not comfortable in Libra. Why? Well, when you constantly have to consult others it makes it harder to go after what you want - which is what Mars is all about.

Mars in Libra can’t just go “I want this” and club it over the head. He has to go into meetings, discussions and debates; he has to haggle and negotiate, he has to dress up and be diplomatic and considerate of others’ opinions. Indecision, endless discussions and arguments could be rife as a result. But, with a bit of practice Mars can win others over and excel in sales, popularity contests and politics alike!

This is an excellent six weeks to strike a balance between different people and even between different aspects of your life. It’s a good time to pursue deals and agreements and meet in the middle. Oh, and looks matter! Invest time and energy in looking good. If looks could kill, Mars in Libra would certainly have something to do with it... Business should be good at this time too, especially for luxury items, as people are actively seeking beauty and pleasure. You might also be inspired to fight for a cause, for what's fair or on behalf of someone else!

Mars in Libra 2019 transit meaning for each Zodiac Sign

Mars stays in Libra from October 4 until November 19, 2019, filling you with desire, get-go and confidence in some area of your life. Where exactly? The horoscope for your zodiac sign (and your ascendant too!) can shed some light on that…


Mars in Libra draws you out of yourself, dear Aries, and into direct involvement with other people. Get ready to get very involved in a friendship, relationship or business partnership. Your partner might need more of your attention or, if you’re single, you’ll be putting lots of energy into reaching out to someone. Mars is your ruling planet and he’s out of his element in Libra. You might feel weaker as a result and find that others have more control over the situation than you’d wish. There’s no relationship without compromise… Others do win from time to time!


Six weeks of hard work and discipline lie ahead, dear Taurus! Mars enters your house of skilled work, routine, as well as projects that require persistence and daily practice to be completed. You’re entering a very productive phase when you can accomplish a lot and bring in extra work. Since you’re feeling so militant, it’s also a great time to tackle any health issues through diet and exercise. Avoid arguments at work and focus on your daily schedule. They say it only takes 21 days to establish a healthier habit and you have twice that from now until November 19th!


Libra is such a wonderfully friendly sign to yours, dear Gemini, so Mars in Libra October 4 until November 19, 2019 is really good news! First of all, this is your house of true love, entertainment and happiness and you’re unlikely to do something with Mars there unless it actually makes you happy. No amount of ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ will get you moving. But if your heart’s in it, you’ll be off like a bullet! This is a fantastic time to pursue love and romance, indulge in your favorite hobbies, have lots of fun trying for a baby or pour all your energies into a personal creative project.


Home, sweet home, dear Cancer and none sweeter than a Cancerian’s home! Woe is a Cancer who’s lost their shell, outgrown it or isn’t happy in it. Mars is here to help you muster all your energies and make improvements. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, move, redecorate or build an extension, you now have the motivation you need to get right on it. Mars in Libra might also make for more argumentative family members over the next six weeks.


You’re a busy-busy bee, dear Leo and you’re likely to have quite a few plates spinning at the moment! It’s more about quantity than quality right now. Speed is what you need in order to keep it all moving forward. Communications and short trips to meet with people will take up a lot of your time. Focus on making new contacts and expanding your influence. In your personal life, a sexy neighbor or classmate might show up or you might argue with a cousin or sibling.


You’ll be hard at it bringing in the dough with Mars in Libra over the next six weeks, dear Virgo. Libra is your money house and Mars gives you the motivation and energy you need to invest more time and effort into increasing your earnings. The motivation might be something like rising expenses and you might be intent on buying something or making an investment. Nonetheless, you have the energy to more than compensate for anything you now spend! It’s a great time to invest in your talents and work on securing a raise or more clients and sales. Check out your monthly Virgo money horoscope for tips!


You’re on top of the world, dear Libra! It’s only once every two years that Mars visits your sign and, when he does, your confidence increases ten-fold! Granted, there may be some problems and challenges cropping up, but they’re just here to get you off your butt and moving swiftly! Soon, you’ll be in the swing of things and people will naturally accept you as their leader. This is also a fantastic time to exercise and build a super-fit body.


People might underestimate you but they’ll be doing so at their own peril with Mars in the most hidden and secret part of your horoscope, dear Scorpio! You might be working from home, alone or behind the scenes or you might be the hidden party in a partnership or clandestine affair, anonymous, lying in wait. But it won’t be like this forever. Keep a low profile and let the politics unfold in the shadows. You’ll be ready to strike come November 19, when Mars moves into your sign!    


You’re entering one of the most sociable times of the year, dear Sagittarius. You’ve been surrounded by people for a while now and that’s only the beginning. Mars is in your worldly ambitions and social networking sector for the next six weeks and this will make you more ambitious and pushy with others, but it will also make others push back! Thankfully Mars is in polite Libra so you’re bound to find a happy compromise in the end. But you do need to collaborate. It’s a time to pursue the dream and make it come true!


You hardly need Mars to fuel your ambitions, dear Capricorn, and yet this is exactly what happens with Mars at the very top of your chart October 4 until November 19. You’ll be actively climbing up the greasy pole, pursuing a challenging goal and even exercising your authority, as more and more people will look to you to take charge. Your relationship with a boss, parent - or as a parent! - might also be highlighted as your responsibilities increase.


The next six weeks is a time for you to spread your wings, dear Aquarius! Mars in Libra ignites your adventurous spirit and motivates you to experiment and venture beyond all things familiar. Your energy might be consumed with striking an international deal, writing your dissertation or working on a PR or marketing project. You haven’t had Mars in such an exciting part of your horoscope for a long time now and he won't come back for another two years. Make the most of it!


You’ll be deeply involved in financial dealings with others October 4 until November 19, dear Pisces. Mars in Libra energizes your house of financial agreements, loans, taxes, bonuses and shared resources. This means that if there’s a matter with the bank, a sponsor or grants body, the taxman or your employer that needs your attention, you now have the energy to tackle it. Libra is about fairness too so you might also have that talk if you and your partner do not contribute equally to the household finances. It's a great time to transform your relationships and restore balance.

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