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Mars in Pisces: Things are about to Get Steamy

Mars in Pisces: Things are about to Get Steamy
Mars enters Pisces on January 12th to stay until February 19th. Mars in Pisces is a romantic, a dreamer and an idealist. Once in the deep waters of the world-weary fish, the warrior god becomes complex and elusive, his motives unfathomable. Mars in Pisces needs to be inspired to action - whether by his imagination, divine intervention or unconditional love, or by witnessing suffering that gives him a moving cause to fight for!
Mars is a lot steamier in Pisces than he was in cool Aquarius. Magic, romance and candlelight are the way to generate a sexy atmosphere now. Go for the full works: candles, flowers, music-serenades - the lot! (But note that with Venus and Mercury still in Aquarius, getting soppy is a definite turn off. Use your imagination to bring a romantic touch to your clean, intelligent banter instead. Dressing up in weird and whacky ways should work wonders now too… In February, once Venus joins Mars in romantic Pisces, love will get much more sentimental and dewy-eyed!)
Mars in Pisces can be incredibly seductive! Casanova had this placement - as did Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor! (Juliette Binoche and Michelle Pfeiffer are also good examples). It is also a very artistic placement with geniuses such as Vincent van Gogh and Michelangelo under its wing. Music - the most elusive of the arts - is also big with this position, witness Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Miles Davis, Annie Lennox, Bono, Tina Turner, Enrique Iglesias, Phil Collins, Ricky Martin, and Billie Holiday among others. The idealistic rebel Che Guevara, who was moved by his desire to 'help the people' (a Mars in Pisces sentiment) also had this placement.
If you have personal planets in Pisces, get ready for increased activity in your life: If you're a Pisces Sun or Pisces Ascendant, you will be the one in charge. If you have Moon in Pisces, you may become emotionally worked up in lots of dealings with people. If you have Mars in Pisces you will feel more sexy, aggressive, enterprising and motivated; if you have Mercury in Pisces you may become more nervous, highly mobile and argumentative; and if you have Venus in Pisces you will feel more attractive and see your love life heat up! Get your free birth-chart to see if this is you!
Key Dates for Your Diary!
These aspects may begin to be felt two days before the date below, when they become exact
15th January - Mars square Saturn in Sagittarius: A difficult day when obstacles will block progress and things will feel like hard going. Avoid major undertakings on that day. Best to quietly work away on an (already) demanding project. Sexual advances may be met with a cold response now...
19th January - Mars conjunct Neptune: A highly romantic, seductive, creative, imaginative and compassionate day! Perfect for work that requires you to tap into a world of imagination. Also perfect for little selfless acts of kindness. You won't be able to detect people's motives very clearly today, so steer clear of potentially dodgy dealings. A good day to romantically woo your object of desire!
30th January - Mars sextile Pluto: A powerhouse day when you can get lots done, with nuclear amounts of energy at your disposal. You can move mountains today! Sex is satisfying too.
31st January - Mars conjunct Chiron in Pisces: A potentially strange day, when you may encounter unsettling aggression from others or your own repressed anger. Psychosomatic reactions are a clue. Alternatively, a teacher or healer may help you reconnect with your drive and energy. Sex has healing powers today.
4th February - Mars quincunx Jupiter in Leo: A moment to check whether your actions are aligned with your overall goals and adjust your methods. A not-so-satisfying but potentially useful day.

How Mars in Pisces will Affect Each Sign

Mars in Pisces from January 11th to February 19th will energise a different life-arena for each sign, making this the perfect time to pour your energies in particular activities for best results. Read your Sun-Sign and Ascendant below.
Secret longings may confuse your aims and hidden activities may block your progress. You are not at your strongest and most effective in the outside world now, but it's an excellent period for some me-time, to let your imagination and creativity flow, and to engage in spiritual pursuits. Why not enjoy a retreat?
This is a time of intense socialising with group involvements, friends and social engagements taking up a lot of your time. Beware of arguments or misunderstandings with all this energy knocking about. This is also an excellent period in which to work toward your dreams and make progress on collective projects.
You can promote your career and public image and work to establish your authority. Anything you do now will bring you high visibility, so make sure to act cleanly, imaginatively and motivated by the good of all concerned. A good time to make your mark and fight for recognition.
Travel looks oh-so-sweet right now and you might find yourself chasing after your dreams in far away exotic places - whether through inner journeys of the mind, or by actually taking a long trip. You can expand your horizons now, increase your intellectual influence and set sail for inspiring destinations.
This is a very sexy transit, with intimate relationships heating up on all fronts! A desire for closeness and passion may be accompanied by increased activity in the bedroom, but also a likelihood of arguments and tensions - both due to your desire for intensity. Joint finances are tricky now.
Your partner holds all the cards right now! They call all the shots, so why not just avoid arguments and let them lead the way into sweet romance? Relationships may require a degree of sacrifice now but, then again, it's a relief not having to control every detail - even for you. Let your partner inspire you!
Work may become hectic now with lots to do (and little time to do it in). This is a good period in which to make progress at work and get things done. Tensions may be rife too, so the best thing is to focus on the task at hand. Make sure to get rest, feed yourself properly and avoid too much stress.
This can be a highly romantic period for you with love high on the agenda! If tensions rise, then you can work them out in the bedroom. It's also a great time to just have fun, pursue your hobbies, throw yourself into a creative project and let your imagination run wild! Children may be demanding now but this too won't be without its perks.
Home and family-life may become more active now or see tensions rising. You can bring an artistic touch into your home, or selflessly give a family member all your attention and support. This is a good time to pour focus on your private life and tend to the things that make you feel secure.
The next six weeks will see a lot of commotion all around you stimulating your mind and making for a very interesting and imaginative period. You may even tire yourself out with all this talking and running around, but one thing is certain: you will not be bored! You are very convincing now too, but beware of overtaxing your nerves or becoming argumentative.
Your finances require an inspired touch now. You may see your expenses rising - maybe because of a creative project, or because other people need your help, or even because you are tempted to make a large purchase that you have been dreaming of for a while. Keep a close eye on your outgoings! On the other hand, you can use your imagination to increase your earnings now.
You are at your most seductive, pro-active and effective right now! You can pursue your ends with little interference from others (apart from the 15th of the month, when you might find yourself temporarily blocked by higher ups). Take this opportunity to make progress with whatever it is that you desire, while Mars is giving you the energy and stamina to do so!
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