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Mars in Sagittarius: The Call to Adventure

Mars in Sagittarius: The Call to Adventure

Mars enters freedom-loving Sagittarius on January 3rd 2020 to stay until February 16th. Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of the adventurer, the seeker and the philosopher. Planet Mars represents what gets you fired up, sexed up and hot under the collar. It’s what gets you going! Mars in Sagittarius ignites your wanderlust and thirst for knowledge. You’ll need plenty of room to roam over the next weeks - especially in the area of your horoscope that Mars rules - and you’ll have plenty of energy to pour into the area covered by Sagittarius in your chart. Time to explore new horizons! Mars in Sagittarius is an expansive, restless kind of energy that is also disarmingly honest. Ellen DeGeneres has it. Prince Harry also has it, as does Kim Kardashian.

Mars is pushing ahead full force in 2020! Actions and risks you take January 3rd and February 16th, should prove very lucky for you! 

Good things to do while Mars is in Sagittarius

  • Start a new sport or physical activity
  • Dream BIG
  • Go on a course and learn something new that you feel passionate about
  • Watch funny films, see a comedian, tell jokes
  • Plan a trip to somewhere you haven’t been before
  • Go out for a meal and enjoy cuisine from a distant land
  • See your cup as half full and not half empty
  • Appreciate all the good things in your life
  • See your life from a bigger perspective
  • Go to a party or host your own celebration
  • Go and see a foreign film
  • Self-publish a book
  • Write a blog about your travels or experiences
  • Do something spontaneous and a little ‘off the wall.’
  • Develop your spiritual side e.g. go on a retreat, attend an inspiring workshop

Mars in Sagittarius Horoscope January –February 2020

So let’s have a look at how Mars in Sagittarius can help you get there between January and February 2020. This is a lucky time! The horoscope for your zodiac sign holds the answer… 


Mars is your ruler, dear Aries, and you simply can’t stand to be locked up, hemmed in, staring at the same four walls during his stay in Sagittarius. Your thirst for adventure is all fired up! You’re ready to book yourself a ticket, practically to anywhere, enroll yourself on a course and do anything you can to break up your day to day routine, even if it has to be on credit. Aries has a pretty low boredom threshold and your urge for new vistas is now even stronger. Your view of the world could well be transformed as a result. Do it. Step outside your comfort zone!


You’re a child of Venus, dear Taurus, and so you tend to project aggressive martial qualities on others or, worse, suppress them deep within yourself. Right now, you need greater freedom in your relationships, as well as lots of free time to be alone, meditate, get creative and let your inner world come to life. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and it might well ignite sexual passion, as would any kind of travel. You’re ready to pour a lot of energy into what (and whom) you’re passionate about, as well as into any joint financial ventures.


Get ready to be fired up and energised by everyone and everything all around you, dear Gemini! Others have your attention, riling you up, turning you on and putting you up to no good. Or is it? Any kind of working collaborations and group enterprises are lucky for you right now! You feel the need to explore new social networks and make new friends. Above all, you feel the call to venture forth and make your dreams a reality! Even if that causes a certain amount of friction with others... Oh and what a marvelous adventure that will be!


Mars rules your career, dear Cancer, and you now want greater freedom to explore fresh goals and reach for the top. Thankfully you also have the energy and dynamism you need to put in the hours to get to where you want to be. Time to explore new professional vistas! The secret to your success this time around is that your heart is in what you’re doing. Mars and Jupiter work in tandem to make this one happy, lucky, exciting mission into the professional arena, helping you raise your profile and express your creativity!


Get ready to have some good old fun, dear Leo! You haven’t been having much fun of late but Mars in Sagittarius is about to fire up your libido and your desire to enjoy yourself, travel and experiment a little. Your heart is aflutter! What you’re looking for is not a meaningless adventure but a heartfelt connection with a true kindred spirit. You’re ready to let the past fall away and make space in your soul - and home - for something new. Get ready for a taste of freedom! That can sometimes be scary, we know. But you’re ready for it at last. It is lucky. It is good.


You have a knack for deep analytical thought, Virgo. You’re always motivated to get to the heart of a matter and uncover the truth, whether that is as an accountant, writer-editor or transformational therapist. Your mind needs room to roam now! You’ll do your best work in the coming six weeks, especially with something that goes way back. Travelling might be a part of this, even if you stay in your very own home. It might be a mental journey, or real physical travel to your home place, to the past or to somewhere that feels like home and lets your spirit soar. Avoid family frictions. You’ll find time spent in nature invigorating.


Venus is your ruler, dear Libra, with sexy and virile Mars forming your opposite number. But unlike Venus-ruled Taurus, you’re much more actively involved in the relationships, competing interests and financial deals all around you. Well, Mars rules all of the above and you’ll need a free hand in all your dealings over the next six weeks. You're drawn to free spirits, seek expansive new partnerships and are looking for adventurous ways to raise your stock with others and your income. You’ll be involved in deals and communications, going places, learning things and building a lucky network! A sibling might need your time and energy.


You have a marvellous ace up your sleeve, dear Scorpio! Mars, your ruler, has ties with Jupiter in your sign and the two together make you unbeatable! You have everything it takes to go after what you want and get it - and more! There’s a magnetic aura all around you, you ooze sex appeal and are hot property for the next six weeks. You can use your powerhouse energy - and funds - to go after a personal desire, make more cash, make a meaningful job change, or work out at the gym and get a killer body - or all of the above!


Your sex appeal is off the charts, Sagittarius! Mars in your sign means there’s nothing you cannot be, do or have. You have the power. You have the vision. And you have some strong backs to support you. The moment has come to take charge and go after everything you want. Is it love you’re after? You can now muster up the courage to make the first move! Are you itching to embark on a risky creative venture? You’re brave enough to just do it! Time to wash those last vestiges of Saturn right out of your hair…


Time to tidy up loose ends, dear Capricorn. You’re entering one of the most important and defining periods of your life and you don’t want to have your past dragging you down. There’s lots to organise and arrange behind the scenes. You might need to work in secret on a big project or lay low and recover to regain your strength. You’re slowly building the foundation of your future hopes and dreams, helping you to pivot and reach out toward yet more adventurous vistas. You need the freedom to come and go as you please at home and to explore your world unseen. After February 16th, you’ll be ready to come out of the shadows and focus squarely on yourself!


Get ready for a super-busy period ahead, dear Aquarius! Mars in Sagittarius plugs you straight into an information (and social network) superhighway, where your ideas can travel quickly and reach the people you want them to: the ones who can help you realise your dreams. You’re a cerebral sign, an ideas person, and tend not to just have unconnected ideas here and there, but a grand design! Well, get ready to put your most daring and expansive plans into action! This will allow you to come to the attention of VIPs and reassert your authority. Network, dear Aquarius, it’ll prove lucky for you!


Mars brings you into the public eye, dear Pisces. And with everybody watching as they are, you cannot put a foot (or fin) wrong. But it’s all happening in Sagittarius after all and as long as you mean well, are honest and never stop trying to improve, nobody will blame you if you fall flat on your face. Your ambitions are fired up and you’d like nothing better than to find new, more adventurous ways of earning a living. You might get a little cavalier with your money over the next six weeks but thankfully you have protection. Efforts to raise your profile will lead to gains, both financial and in areas such as publishing, broadcasting, marketing, law, travel and education.

Mars in Sagittarius in your birth chart

Those with Mars in Sagittarius in their birth-chart need to explore new horizons, to be independent and free.

Men with Mars in Sagittarius are adventurous, passionate and enthusiastic. They often like to try out several partners, but not necessarily all at once! They are confident, optimistic and love to travel and experience different places and cultures. They are attracted to inspiring and motivating people. They are often born with a silver spoon in their mouths, sometimes through an inheritance or just a series of very lucky breaks. This is the kind of person that receives divine help in the eleventh hour.

Women with Mars in Sagittarius like a man who has a wild, zany nature. They date a variety of different types of men, especially those who are highly educated, sporty and passionate.

Famous People with Mars in Sagittarius

Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, Gianni Versace, Jennifer Lopez, Jack Nicholson, Vladimir Putin, Prince Harry, John Travolta, Ellen DeGeneres, Angela Merkel, Meg Ryan, Saddam Hussein, Dustin Hoffman, Luciano Pavarotti. 

True story: a woman with Mars in Sagittarius has been in an on and off relationship for several years. When the relationship is going well, when they are each inspiring one another, when there is passion and freedom, she is happy to make a commitment to stay in the relationship. The minute there is an argument or disagreement, if she feels trapped or suffocated in any way, she is packing her bags and is out of the door. No advance warning, she just disappears. Each time her partner is in shock. What just happened? Mars in Sagittarius is ruled by lucky Jupiter and only likes to see the good things in life. It doesn’t want to face unpleasantness or anything it perceives as difficult or constricting. 

What worked in this relationship in the end was to try to see the funny side of the situation, which suits Jupiter perfectly. On a good day, the couple sat down and discussed the mechanism at play when she is triggered to run away. They decided to make it amusing. So what they did was hang up a pair of training shoes right in front of the front door. If they were in the midst of an argument, she’d be heading for the door and would see those training shoes and burst out laughing! It triggered her to connect the dots and to see what she was about to do. That stopped her destructive behaviour pattern and the couple were able to work through the difficult times without long and painful separations.

Another way of dealing with the escapist tendencies of Mars in Sagittarius is to make sure you do lots of physical exercise to burn off the emotions.

There’s often a quirky side to someone with Mars in Sagittarius. They like to go against the norm and blaze new trails. For example, when Ellen DeGeneres announced in 1997 that she was a lesbian, this bold disclosure of her sexual orientation sparked huge interest in the US tabloids. For many years her career was adversely affected by her openness and it was a very depressing time for her. This is typical of Mars in Sagittarius. It wants to be honest, not to hide anything, and it is willing to take a huge risk.

Luckily, as is typical of the fire element she didn’t give up, and now she is one of America’s best-known comedians, she has her own very successful show and she is a prominent gay/lesbian role model.

This is a perfect quote from Ellen herself that illustrates the energy of Mars in Sagittarius:

“I think what saved me is being honest. I think I somehow had the courage to do something and to say something that I knew would possibly end my career. Instead of making business more important, I made my soul and my life more important. And I think by being truthful, and being honest, that saved me.” —Ellen DeGeneres

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