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Mars into Capricorn: Set Goals, Aim High!

Mars into Capricorn: Set Goals, Aim High!
Mars is in Capricorn from October 26th until December 4th. This is a great time to pursue your career goals and to set yourself new targets to reach.
Mars in Capricorn Keywords: sensible, productive, prepared, orderly, responsible, reliable, hard-working, goal-oriented, disciplined, determined.
Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which means that it is extra-efficient in this sign. When Mars is in the sign it rules, Aries, it can be quite impulsive and doesn’t always make sensible choices. When it is in Capricorn, it is much more grounded and can work steadily and productively towards its goals. Learn more about Marswith The Planets in Astrology
Mars in Capricorn needs a plan. It needs to feel productive and useful. It wants tangible results from its actions. Think about ways in which you can bring some of these qualities into your everyday life. Men with Mars in Capricorn are often very ambitious, materialistic and driven to succeed in business. (Check out Mars through the signs and your ideal man!)  
True story: a businessman, aged 42, with Mars in Capricorn has been extremely successful in his career and currently earns in excess of half a million dollars a year. Yet, he is always striving for more. Now he’s aiming for a billion dollars. He wants to do big projects that will be seen in the community and the world at large. His latest one involves working with large companies to sponsor homeless people into work. He plans a television series that will follow the lives of these homeless people off the streets and into gainful employment. Not only that, he’s battled with cystic fibrosis all his life and the doctors marvel at his strength of will. He won’t be beaten. Each time he has a setback, he comes back fighting stronger than ever!
There is another way in which a man with Mars in Capricorn can express himself that has a much more feminine and softer energy. Capricorn loves the earth and enjoys organic farming, cooking, caring for animals and the land. True story: a 49 year old man with Mars in Capricorn was a qualified accountant and his wife a pharmacist. In their mid-twenties, they moved from the UK to NZ with three young children. Because his wife found a good job first, he decided to take care of the home and the children and he loved every minute of it.
His Mars in Capricorn enabled him to run an orderly household, to have all the meals ready when everyone arrived home, to plan the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, the ironing, taking the kids to school. He did it beautifully and the marriage thrived as his wife earned the money while he supported her fully and took care of the home and children. One of the great things about Mars in Capricorn is that it’s thrifty. He loved going to the supermarket and buying whatever food was on special offer that day. In fact, he ran such an efficient household that they were able to pay off their mortgage in record time. This is another positive way in which Mars in Capricorn can be expressed.

How can you make best use of the energies of Mars in Capricorn?

  • Make a start on the project you’ve been putting off. Just do it. Don’t make any more excuses.
  • Make a list of all the things you want to achieve. Set yourself daily baby steps so you can measure your progress.
  • Set clear boundaries for yourself and others. If you don’t want to be interrupted for a few hours while you get some work done, turn off your phone, don’t check your emails and don’t allow yourself to be distracted from your goals.
  • Start a new fitness programme or diet.
  • Organise one area of your life. E.g. a room in your house, a wardrobe, your office.
A famous person who exemplifies the determined spirit of Mars in Capricorn is David Livingstone, a missionary and explorer of Central Africa. He was noted for his superhuman tenacity and his indestructible strength of will. Here is a perfect Mars in Capricorn quote:
“I will go anywhere, provided it be forward.”
In the face of severe obstacles and setbacks, he kept on moving forward towards his goals.
Louis Pasteur, French microbiologist renowned for his remarkable discoveries that have saved countless lives, had many planets in Capricorn in his chart including Mars.

A couple of his quotes indicate his Mars in Capricorn energy perfectly:

My strength lies solely in my tenacity.
It is surmounting difficulties that makes heroes.
He was extremely hard-working and spent his lifetime focused on taking actions towards achieving his goals. And his accomplishments are known throughout the world. That’s the power of Mars in its exaltation in Capricorn.
Mars in Capricorn has strong sexual passions but also great self-control so you’d never know it on the surface. Because Saturn rules Capricorn, they are able to control their sexual energy. They can be celibate for many years, controlling their sexual urges. Or they can be very sexually active, earthy and physical. They can be a little slow to get started, but boy, once they’re moving, they don’t want to stop!

Famous People with Mars in Capricorn

Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, David Livingstone, Walt Disney, Bob Marley, Marlon Brando, Edgar Cayce, Woody Allen, Julia Roberts, Lady Gaga, Sharon Stone, Steven Spielberg, Grandma Moses.
Where is your Mars? Find out by drawing your free birth-chart, then check out Mars through the Signs!  
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