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Mars into Sagittarius from 13th September – Time for an Adventure!

Mars into Sagittarius from 13th September – Time for an Adventure!
From 13th September until 26th October, Mars will be in the freedom-loving, expansionary sign of Sagittarius. What a contrast to the previous placement of intense, controlling, often manipulative energy of Mars in Scorpio!
Those with Mars in Sagittarius in their birth-chart need to explore new horizons, to be independent and free.

Mars in Sagittarius in Action

True story: a woman with Mars in Sagittarius has been in an on and off relationship for several years. Why? When the relationship is going well, when they are each inspiring one another, when there is passion and freedom, she is happy to make a commitment to stay in the relationship. The minute there is an argument or disagreement, if she feels trapped or suffocated in any way, she is packing her bags and is out of the door. No advance warning, she just disappears.
Each time her partner is in shock. What just happened? Mars in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and only likes to see the good things in life. (Check out the Planets in Astrology) It doesn’t want to face unpleasantness or anything it perceives as difficult or constricting. That’s precisely what happens to someone who has many planets in Sagittarius in their birth-chart.
What worked in this relationship in the end was to try to see the funny side of the situation. Jupiter is the comic, the clown, and Sagittarius has the ability to see a situation from a broader perspective.
On a good day, the couple sat down and discussed the mechanism at play when she is triggered to run away. They decided to make it amusing. So what they did was hang up a pair of training shoes right in front of the front door. If they were in the midst of an argument, she’d be heading for the door and would see those training shoes and burst out laughing! It triggered her to connect the dots and to see what she was about to do. That stopped her destructive behaviour pattern and the couple were able to work through the difficult times without long and painful separations.
Another way of dealing with the escapist tendencies of Mars in Sagittarius is to make sure you do physical exercise to burn off the emotions.
During this transit you can expect to feel more impatient and restless.

Good things to do while Mars is in Sagittarius

  • Start a new sport or physical activity
  • Dream BIG
  • Go on a course and learn something new that you feel passionate about
  • Watch funny films, see a comedian, tell jokes
  • Plan a trip to somewhere you haven’t been before
  • Go out for a meal and enjoy cuisine from a distant land
  • See your cup as half full and not half empty
  • Appreciate all the good things in your life
  • See your life from a bigger perspective
  • Go to a party or host your own celebration
  • Go and see a foreign film
  • Self-publish a book
  • Write a blog about your travels or experiences
  • Do something spontaneous and a little ‘off the wall.’
  • Develop your spiritual side e.g. go on a retreat, attend an inspiring workshop
Men with Mars in Sagittarius are adventurous, passionate and enthusiastic. They often like to try out several partners, but not necessarily all at once! They are confident, optimistic and love to travel and experience different places and cultures. They are attracted to inspiring and motivating people. They are often born with a silver spoon in their mouths, sometimes through an inheritance or just a series of very lucky breaks. This is the kind of person that receives divine help in the eleventh hour.
Women with Mars in Sagittarius like a man who has a wild, zany nature. They date a variety of different types of men, especially those who are highly educated, sporty and passionate.
There’s often a quirky side to someone with Mars in Sagittarius. They like to go against the norm and blaze new trails. For example, when Ellen DeGeneres announced in 1997 that she was a lesbian, this bold disclosure of her sexual orientation sparked huge interest in the US tabloids. For many years her career was adversely affected by her openness and it was a very depressing time for her. This is typical of Mars in Sagittarius. It wants to be honest, not to hide anything, and it is willing to take a huge risk.
Luckily, as is typical of the fire element she didn’t give up, and now she is one of America’s best-known comedians, she has her own very successful show and she is a prominent gay/lesbian role model.
This is a perfect quote from Ellen herself that illustrates the energy of Mars in Sagittarius:
“I think what saved me is being honest. I think I somehow had the courage to do something and to say something that I knew would possibly end my career. Instead of making business more important, I made my soul and my life more important. And I think by being truthful, and being honest, that saved me.”
—Ellen DeGeneres

Famous People with Mars in Sagittarius

Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, Gianni Versace, Jennifer Lopez, Jack Nicholson, Vladimir Putin, Prince Harry, John Travolta, Ellen DeGeneres, Angela Merkel, Meg Ryan, Saddam Hussein, Dustin Hoffman, Luciano Pavarotti. 

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