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Mars-Pluto sextile Jupiter

Mars-Pluto sextile Jupiter

On April 24th Mars in Capricorn sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio and two days later on the 26th, Mars conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. Hello Lady Luck! Are you looking for the sexiest day for a hot date? Do it this week! Are you preparing for a product launch or a major business initiative? Go for Monday 23rd-Tuesday 24th - and no later than Thursday - and success is surely yours! Fortune favours the brave, they say, and especially now when opportunity knocks big time and every action you take is oh so fortunate! Nay intense, sexy, life changing! Take a risk and move in for the kill! Be it for love, money or whatever it is you want... You’ll find yourself at the right place at the right time, bursting with sexual energy and charisma to boot. If you have a monumental task to accomplish now is the time to strike. Time to impress! Don't be shy now… 

Where is your Luck? Check out your star sign!

Mars in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio bring you luck this week with Mars conjunct Pluto not far behind to seal the deal. Strike now, while the iron is hot! This is an amazing opportunity! The question is, are you ready? Let's see how the planets favour your star sign and what you can do about it... 


Hello Mir Big Shot! Up-up the career ladder lickety split you go, dear Aries, and you have the goodies to show for it. This is a fantastic opportunity to shoot for your most ambitious goals or ask for that promotion with perks attached. Company car? Yes. Bonus? You name it! If it’s love you’re after, you’re pretty serious by the looks of it. You want a Mr Money Bags to make a beeline for you, someone accomplished and well off who can treat you with respect and have the deep pockets to match. Aim high!


You’re dreaming of the Great Escape, dear Taurus, preferably with someone who truly rocks your boat. And why not? You have a fantastic opportunity to break out of your usual routine and reach for something exotic in love. Stretch the boundaries! Single? It’s Mr Foreigner who does it for you right now. Don’t go for your usual type. How about a lucky dip? Let someone new sweep you off your feet! If you are an agent or work in academia, marketing, broadcasting or publishing, you now have the opportunity of a lifetime to get yourself noticed.


How do you feel about sex therapy, dear Gemini? Relationships reach extra deep right now and you might even experience a powerful breakthrough with someone, bonding more closely than ever before. If you’re single and getting up close and personal is a step too far right now, then how about a deep tissue massage to detangle all these physical and spiritual knots you’re in? In other news, this is a fantastic opportunity to get funding for this big and life-changing project you’re working on. Sniff out the money!


Take a risk, dear Cancer! You’re pretty risk-averse as a rule but there has never been a better time to go for what you want. Play to win! Competition is fierce, but luck is on your side. Whether you’re dealing with Mr Sexy or Mr Antagonistic, someone is goading you on, teasing and harassing you out of yourself until you go all the way. Do! This might mean going up to the one you fancy and asking them out straight up - or giving your best ever performance to beat the competition. Winner takes all! A creative or speculative collaboration gets a lucky break.


Have you ever considered working from home, dear Leo? Or moving your business abroad or taking on an international project? Opportunity knocks and it knocks loudly! This is your chance to perfect your skills and become a super-specialist in your field, someone whom others will seek out desperately, even if they don’t quite know it yet! And that’s a real turn on in itself. So is working out at the gym where you might also meet Mr Hot And Muscly… A home renovations project gets the green light. A therapy breakthrough is also possible.


You want to shout your love from the rooftops, dear Virgo! You feel so full of joy that there are no words to express it - and given how good you are with words, that’s saying something. Fancy the pants off of someone? Tell them! Get that date. Burning hot for your sweetheart? Plan a little luxury getaway together. It will be the sexiest break you’ve had in a while. If it’s work you’re wondering about, strike while the iron is hot! Your media presence is sexier than ever, gaining you fans and shooting your popularity through the roof.


Time to bring home the bacon, dear Libra. You can seal a lucrative deal now - especially if you’re looking to monetise real estate. Buying and selling property is incredibly lucky for you right now. You could benefit financially via your home and family too and, whichever way you look at it, great riches are yours! If you’re going ‘yeah, yeah yadi-yadi-ya but what about love?’ get ready for a confidence boost. A conquest of yours or even an encounter with your childhood sweetheart is just what you need to remind you that you’ve still got it.


You rule the roost, dear Scorpio, and this is your chance to establish your dominion over all. Use the Force! Your powers of persuasion are absolutely hypnotic right now and nobody can say ‘No’. Are you trying to get someone into bed? Are you going for a raise? What is it? Money? Power? Love? All you have to do is ask! You could sell ice to an Eskimo right now so get moving! A trip or encounter could prove really lucky for you now. Dreaming of a sports car? Why not?


You are making bags of money and hiding it all under the mattress, dear Sagittarius! Something’s up but you’re quite cagey about it. It’s a guarded secret and you don’t want anyone to know how good you’ve got it. You have hit a pretty big vein over here and are determined to keep it all to yourself and mine it for all it’s got! And as for love? Things are heating up considerably behind the scenes… You have a secret admirer. What a confidence boost this brings!


You’re King of the Hill, dear Capricorn and nobody dares mess with you! Everybody wants to be your friend and get on your good graces and, with so many supporters ready to fulfil your every wish, there is nothing you cannot do! Your friends are cheering you on so go on… Move in for the kill! Power, success, financial rewards are all yours with the mere flick of your little finger. If there is someone that you’ve got your eye on, this is your moment. You are oozing self-confidence and what an incredible turn on that is!


You’re quite the political beast, dear Aquarius, but of the ‘activist’ kind and not the sleazy way said politics usually happen at the office. Still, you can outmanoeuvre pretty much anybody right now. Play for the Big Time! Use your influence! You may have enemies but you also have a name and the powers that be have your back. Use your power for good in the world if you wish - something you, dear Aquarius often want. Do you have a secret crush on someone in your vicinity? Get yourself noticed!


How about a friendly vacation, dear Pisces? Maybe you fancy someone from your social circle? That’s where all the action is, you see, and going on a group adventure is sure to bring the sexual tension to the boil. It’s all above board and in the name of fun, of course, and things can go swimmingly if you relax. Your luck knows no bounds and you could score a legal victory now, enjoy VIPs support and popularity, and even realise a long held dream. The universe has your back! The question is, what are you dreaming of? The world is your oyster.

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