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Mars Retrograde

Mars Retrograde

Mars goes retrograde for the summer of 2018 from 26 June to 27 August in Aquarius and Capricorn. Are you ready to channel your inner renegade? The heat’s already building up since May and by June 26th - Mars’s stationing point - you can cut the tension with a knife! The bookends of retrograde Mars are always very tense / tiring and the same intensity will happen at the other end of the retrograde when Mars turns direct on August 27th. Mars won’t normalise its course until October 8th 2018 so give yourself time to ease back into things once the summer’s over.

Here are 10 things you can expect when Mars goes Retrograde

Mars goes retrograde once every two years for roughly three months. This wonky ‘miss-a-beat’ cycle makes Mars retrograde quite a disruptive influence so here’s a handy survival guide for Mars retrograde, irrespective of zodiac sign:

  1. The Mars retrograde period can be physically very tiring. You could be feeling listless, restless, without energy. Give things space to develop and give yourself time to rest and do things right.
  2. Renovations, repairs and building works are often everywhere with no peace and quiet anywhere you go! Just accept this.
  3. Latent aggression, repressed rage, lust and old gripes come to the surface. Don’t just snap, attack or seek revenge. Try to process. Consider your motives.
  4. Extra time is needed around a project that is affected by Mars retrograde now (check out the horoscope for your star sign and/or Ascendant to find out which area of your life Mars stirs up). Don’t push forward regardless. Take time to rework things, go back to the drawing board and even hold off your plans till the time is right.
  5. Don’t be the one who starts a fight when Mars is retrograde. The rule is: you strike first, you lose!
  6. Projects begun with Mars retrograde never quite seem to have the energy to come to a happy ending. Don't begin something new (like a new relationship, a new business or website, IVF). Use this time to iron out any kinks and work away at something.
  7. Expect some strange behaviour…  Graceful types lose their temper, people-pleasers rebel, confident types lose their mojo and fighters falter. Passion/interest inexplicably fizzles out. Ride it out.
  8. You might feel stuck, thwarted, frustrated or demotivated. Projects meet with unforeseen obstacles. In your despondency, beware of the danger of handing the reins of your life (and the blame if things go wrong) over to someone else!
  9. Avoid having elective surgery or purchasing mechanical equipment. Knives and machinery are ruled by Mars and you want the red planet to be firing on all cylinders for these to work well.
  10. This is a good time to go back and rework an area of your life that could do with a facelift. Redirect your energies toward something - your work, your health, your love life - that needs prolonged attention to start ticking over once more. Bring a project out of the back burner for a do-over.
  11. BONUS! Do you want to know a little secret? If you have Mars retrograde in your birth-chart (or by progression), the energy of Mars retrograde by transit will feel far more familiar and easy for you to handle. You won’t feel as discombobulated as everyone else. Indeed, you’ll have the advantage!

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Summer 2018 Mars Retrograde in Aquarius-Capricorn

Mars 2018 goes retrograde at 9 degrees Aquarius on June 26th 2018 and ends its retrograde at 28 degrees Capricorn on August 27th. Mars retrograde changes signs from Aquarius to Capricorn on August 12th. Aquarius, where Mars spends most of its retrograde, is a fixed sign. This creates a lot of stuck, stubborn energy for the summer and this is especially so with Jupiter in Scorpio, Uranus in Taurus and Mercury (soon to go retrograde) in Leo also occupying fixed signs in July and August. It seems, a stubborn problem will occupy you for much of this time, causing a sense of restriction and obstruction. You’ll be thinking ‘something needs to change’ or ‘this thing is gonna blow!’ Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac and this summer could yet make a rebel out of you. Aquarius also rules technology and groundbreaking thought. Is it time to give one of your more radical ideas a do-over? Is it time to toss out the rule book and go to plan B? Mars slips back into Capricorn on August 12th and this is your cue for a major restructure to make space for all this new stuff you’ve got in the wings. Capricorn is all about power, ambition, money and the establishment. We can safely expect some major political tiffs on the world stage and some serious reshuffling at the top.

Mars retrograde 2018 happens very close to the earth, a rare occurrence. So if you look up and see a large fiery star angrily looking back at you this summer, that’s Mars! He is brightest around the end of July, when the earth, Mars and the sun align at the so called ‘Mars opposition.’ That’s a really hot, antsy moment - a ‘full Mars’ so to speak - so watch this space! (Bear in mind that July-August 2018 is eclipse season too!)

Horoscope for Mars Retrograde Summer 2018

Check out your star sign and Ascendant below to find out how Mars retrograde 2018 will affect you! Is your ex driving you crazy? Has your love affair suddenly fizzled out? If you’re in a bit of a bind and don’t know which way to go, dial 0207 111 6304 from the UK or 1877 608 3731 from the USA and speak to one of our Top Psychics!


Mars retrograde transits always highlight issues of personal desire and potency for you, dear Aries. Mars is your ruler and so you might lose your usual dynamism as the red planet stops its forward momentum.  Mars retrograde signals a time when it’s not business as usual and when you need to work on yourself as you take the scenic route to greater self-understanding.

Mars retrograde 2018 for Aries: You need to take some extra time this summer to figure out your place in the world. You might endure arguments with friends, difficulties in your social circle or delays and obstacles around your hopes and dreams. By August you’ll be reconsidering your overall orientation in life. You might realise you need to rise to a new place in your career before you're admitted to a special club. Wait to launch any ambitious projects after the summer and use this time to iron out the kinks.

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For you, dear Taurus, Mars retrograde transits tend to indicate times of relative withdrawal from the world, but also delays and difficulties in relationships. These can often be times of healing and closure if you let them, and they can even ignite your creativity if you keep others’ interference to a minimum.

Mars retrograde 2018 for Taurus: You have a big question mark where your head should be as summer 2018 begins. You’re wondering where you are headed and your focus could be squarely on your career and future direction or even on a parent or boss. This person will continue to be difficult over the coming period but you’ll have extra time this year to figure out your next steps. You might decide that you want to complete your education, travel abroad or go on a outreach campaign before you can launch your new career and public identity. Use this summer to rethink your image and your future.

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Mars retrograde, irrespective of star sign, is all about your work as well as your friendships, hopes and dreams for you, dear Gemini. You might reconnect with people from your past, take a break from your day job or spend longer than usual on a work project, pouring all your efforts into realising an ambition.

Mars retrograde 2018 for Gemini: Summer 2018 takes you on a long journey. Give yourself extra time to iron out any legal, promotional or study plans. Adventures could meet with delays but this is good, keeping your mind on the bigger picture until you gain a whole new perspective. This is a good time to carry out the necessary research to get a grant or earn someone’s trust.  In August, your attention shifts to joint finances with a partner, institution or sponsor. You’ll need to sort those out before you can proceed with your most expansive plans.

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For you, dear Cancer, Mars retrograde always highlights career issues, making you question how happy you are in life. This might be a period when you feel demotivated to push forward professionally or when you feel creatively thwarted. You’re recalibrating your life direction so it’s taking a while! You will unleash your creativity once more once this transit is over.

Mars retrograde 2018 for Cancer: Summer 2018 is all about intimate relations and joint money ventures. If you’re looking for funds or trying to get a business project off the ground, you will find that you need extra time to figure out where the money will come from, whom to trust or how the whole enterprise will involve others. You might discover that you need to redefine your relationship with someone - personal or professional - or even defeat a foe before you can get closer to someone, get the energy to shift or secure that payout, loan or investment.

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Mars retrograde transits are all about your inherent sense of adventure, dear Leo. They also make you question your base and how secure you feel inside. These could be tiring times at home with your family or due to delays in travel, education, marketing or legal affairs. Mars retrograde could coincide with actual renovation works in your home.

Mars retrograde 2018 for Leo: A very important relationship is at the forefront of your mind as you head into summer 2018. This is a big summer for relationships! The universe is giving you extra time to work through any kinks in an existing relationship or even restructure your life so as to make space for a special someone if you are single. You might experience contractual delays and find that you need to sort out many tedious details - and even make lifestyle changes - before you can get yourself relationship-ready.

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All Mars retrograde transits tend to come with financial strings attached for you, dear Virgo, as well as with some tiresome talks and negotiations around money and other intimate, personal affairs. On the odd occasion, you might be able to cut yourself off from the world and indulge a passion of yours during these periods.

Mars retrograde 2018 for Virgo: Chances are you’re already pretty exhausted as Mars begins its summer 2018 retrograde. Mars has set up shop in your house of chores since May and you’ve been run off your feet ever since! This is your natural area of expertise so if you discover that your methods are somewhat lacking, it’s time to look for new solutions. Health, work and overall lifestyle will be key areas of focus this summer. You might discover that you have to go back to what makes you happy and rediscover your capacity for love, joy and creative fulfilment before you can finally build the lifestyle you want. Wait till autumn to start a new job.

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Mars is the ruler of your opposite sign, dear Libra, and its retrograde motion affects relationships, bringing delays and obstacles but also a chance to work through any issues with your partner or ex. Your earnings could also take a dip or you could spend unwisely. It’s time to reconsider what is of value to you and rework things you care about.

Mars retrograde 2018 for Libra: Do you know your heart? Your love-life is ready for a do-over! You could find yourself reminiscing about a past relationship, trying to work through unresolved feelings or even bumping into that person. This is a good time to work on your relationship or try and get closure on the past. You might discover that you have to rethink your whole living situation - whether this is your home, your family or your country of residence - before you can move forward in your love-life and find the happiness you seek.

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For you, dear Scorpio, the retrograde of Mars hits hard. Mars is your ruler (alongside Pluto) and it’s no fun when the captain of your ship goes AWOL. Daily routine becomes fraught with difficulty, work is hard going and you might feel your physical energy and confidence taking a dip. You might fruitfully focus on your body and fitness but do watch your health and don’t push yourself too hard.

Mars retrograde 2018 for Scorpio: Summer 2018 places your entire focus on home and family matters. Are you preparing for a relocation? Or maybe you’re hoping to complete a house sale or carry out renovations? The universe gives you extra time to move your base or make changes around your home. A parent or elder could also demand your attention. You might discover that you need to connect with old colleagues, address the past with a sibling, take a short trip, arrange transport or sort through paperwork before you can re-establish yourself.

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Mars is all about love, creativity and all things fun for you, dear Sagittarius, and Mars retrograde always highlights matters of the heart! Is it your happiness quota? Is it that old love affair? Or maybe that creative enterprise you’ve been dying to get off the ground? Life is one big party for the Sag so, if it’s suddenly become conspicuously quiet, it’s only to help you tune more closely into what makes your heart tick. Prick up your ear!

Mars retrograde 2018 for Sagittarius: Your mind is positively buzzing from overstimulation as we head into summer 2018! Maybe you’re travelling? Or maybe you work in media communications or entertainment and you’re in a kind of frenzy? Mars is determined to rewire your brain and totally change the way you think before the summer is out. Come August you’ll have to review your values and priorities in life. In particular, you’ll want to reconsider the way you earn your living or the financial dimension of your plans before you can proceed with a new idea.

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For you, dear Capricorn, Mars retrograde tends to bring intricate involvements with family and friends. Renovations and repairs are a definite possibility or you might be working on an ambitious project with a close-knit group of people. Social associations, friendships and family dynamics tend to undergo change as a result of this period.

Mars retrograde 2018 for Capricorn: Mars retrograde 2018 partly happens in your sign. So, come August, you will have the opportunity to give yourself a once-over, reconsider your attitude to life on all fronts as well as your personal goals and even your appearance. Don’t push yourself to act before you’re ready! Your mind is on money as we enter the summer - on how you earn, how you spend and whether you’re being true to your values. You’ll find that the path to improved finances passes through a change in your identity and the way you see yourself. Wait until September to launch!

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Mars retrograde periods tend to bring a change of plans, dear Aquarius. These times urge you to slow down mentally, rethink your path in life and work out the kinks of your most daring ideas. You might want to avoid too much talk, take a step back socially and give your thoughts time to hatch.

Mars retrograde 2018 for Aquarius: Mars is in your sign for spring-summer 2018 and all eyes are on you, putting you at the centre of the universe! Nobody can move an inch without your permission so what is it that you want? You’re not sure. Give your thoughts time to mature. A health problem might also plague you. You might have to wrestle some demons to the ground or take a step back from your usual activities and spend time recuperating before you can make your come back. You’ll be fully functional once more in September.

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For you, dear Pisces, Mars retrograde often highlights financial and legal issues. You could also be dealing with troublesome in-laws and this is not a good time to spend big. Travel, study or ambitious outreach projects could meet with delays. On a deeper level, Mars retrograde urges you to re-examine your navigational system in terms of values, beliefs and principles you hold dear.

Mars retrograde 2018 for Pisces: You’re feeling somewhat vulnerable as summer begins, uncertain as to where to pour your energies. Your defences are down and this leaves you open to attack from free-floating anger and aggression. Try to protect yourself by tuning into your intuition. You might use this time to recuperate, go on a retreat, work behind the scenes and navigate office politics. August will draw your attention to your social network and aspirations. You might discover that you have to reconsider a friendship or review an ambition before you find the inspiration you seek.

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