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Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius 2016: A Warrior on a Meaning Quest

Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius 2016: A Warrior on a Meaning Quest

On April 17th warrior planet Mars goes retrograde in Sagittarius, the sign permanently on a quest for meaning, expansion, freedom and adventure. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride! 

The red planet begins its backward motion in Sagittarius but later continues in Scorpio, before it turns direct on June 30th.  This makes for an intense and memorable few months from now and all the way to the end of August (that's when Mars gets fully up to speed again). Chances are you’ve been uneasy about the future for some time now - ever since mid-February, when Mars first began treading water.  As this warrior god now drops his weapons and embarks on a quest, you had better do the same, because no amount of pushing and shoving will get you anywhere while Mars is on down time. Major offensives are bound to fail or worse - send you off on a wild goose chase. So you had better adopt a more philosophical approach.

What to Watch Out For…

Get ready to witness some strange behaviour…  Peaceful types lose their temper, cautious types find themselves in the middle of the action and proud warriors suddenly become timid, lacking direction and drive. Don’t worry. Everyone will be back on form by summer’s end.  

On the physical level, Mars retrograde can make life frustrating. Nerves can get frayed, energy levels zapped, and the body’s immunity lowered.  So watch your health and avoid burning the candle at both ends.  (Our weekly fitness horoscope can keep you ticking along nicely!) 

On the psychological level, unresolved anger and hostility can rise to the surface nowBut he who strikes first looses, so try to get to the bottom of the issue before you go on the offensive.   

Projects that appeared to be ticking along may now meet with unforeseen obstacles.  Refrain from pushing on regardless and conserve your energyApril 28th offers a chance to adjust to the new circumstances. If at all possible, avoid launching new projects now, as these may suffer from constant hiccups. Use this period to revisit old projects, iron out the details in current ones and launch after June 30th or - even better - after the end of August

Avoid buying mechanical equipment and, if possible, having elective surgery over the next two and a half months.

How You Can Benefit…

This is an excellent time to resolve unfinished business or revisit desires that have been put on the back-burner. The energy you pour into a relationship or project now can have lasting effects, even if it seems slow going at present. Mars retrograde will bring to light anything that has been left to fester for far too long - especially if it’s bound up with something you really want.  Now is your chance to release pent up forces and break new ground. If you are prepared to trust this process, you may just achieve a significant breakthrough.  

Where is your Mars? Your free birth-chart reveals all. Read all about Mars through the signs.

Mars Retrograde 2016: What’s the Deal for Your Star-Sign?

Mars retrograde will shine a spotlight on a different life-arena for each zodiacal sign whilst in Sagittarius. Read your star-sign below and, if you know it, the sign on your ascendant.  (Find out your ascendant by drawing your birth-chart - it’s free!) If Mars retrograde really puts you up against it, you can always grab a lifeline from our expert psychic life-coaches on 0207 111 6384.


International relations, travel, education and publishing, as well as spiritual or legal matters may take up a lot of your energy in the next few months.  Activity in any of these areas may be filled with friction, requiring you to temporarily step back and re-evaluate your approach.  This may not be the best time for a relaxing journey abroad or for the quick resolution of a court case.  A long journey could be life-changing now, as would any time you pour into getting an education or renewing your faith. You may even experience a temporary loss of faith, requiring you to re-evaluate your belief-system. On the other hand, a legal case that has been dragging on for some time may be ready for resolution. Marketing or publishing projects could also receive a new lease of life.  May 22nd may bring a breakthrough in such matters, opening up new vistas for you. But it won’t be until August when you have the wisdom to truly move forward. Your star-sign is ruled by Mars, so you can expect a strange few months ahead. Find out how the planet on your ascendant affects your personality and appearance too!


You are about to experience changes around what they call ‘the stuff of life’ (i.e. taboo subjects like birth, death, sex and taxes…).  This period will test your strength, bring you face to face with your fears and transform you at a deep level. But it can also eventually lead to a new sense of trust and personal empowerment.  You can use this time to address any deep-rooted phobias that stand in the way of greater physical and emotional intimacy between you and your partner.  Alternatively, matters may arise around shared finances, a loan, debt, inheritance or tax issue that will take a long time to resolve.  Above all, this is an opportunity to transform a situation that’s needed your attention for some time. May 22nd may bring an important financial or personal breakthrough and by August you will be ready to move forward with renewed strength. A clairvoyant reading could help you pull through this, but if you feel unsure as to what to expect from such an experience, check out our psychic blog and get the lowdown as to what to expect from a good psychic reading.


Relationships, partnerships and dealings with others will take up all your energy in the months to come. Some may become challenging needing a more enlightened approach on your part. (A celtic cross love tarot reading could help you achieve just that!) Get all the help you can because you may often find yourself reacting to others’ erratic demands and unable to act on your own initiative. On the plus side you can use this time to re-establish old alliances and break new ground in your relationships by resolving unfinished business.  May 22nd signals a major turning point in your interactions with others, when an important relationship achieves critical mass or when you can reach an understanding or collaboration. But it may be a while after that - not until August - before others can come on board a hundred per cent and allow you to move forward as a team.


Prepare for a frustrating few months at work. Your day-to-day routine may become too demanding, things may slow down inexplicably or you may struggle with an assistant now. Watch out for tensions with employees and co-workers. If you are looking for work, be patient. You may literally create a role for yourself from scratch through a drawn out apprenticeship or by accepting a position that undergoes many changes before assuming its final form. This is also a good time to address bad habits and revisit your fitness programme. Try to establish a good daily routine to ensure minimal wear and tear and pay attention to matters of health. May 22nd may bring a work or health matter to a head. Even so, it won’t be until August before you can truly commit to your new job or working schedule.  Bank on your strengths (find out more in the star-signs and their strong points).


Prepare for love to rock your world. If you are in a relationship, Mars may bring more romance into your love-life or urge you to reconsider your attitude toward children. Alternatively, your children may need more of your time than usual over the next few months.  If you are single, events now and over the summer may introduce you to a whole new world of love. In love already? Check for love-compatibility between the star-signs, as you may be in for a bit of an adventure! Mars will also shine a spotlight on how you use your free time and creativity. Do you have an outlet for your creative self-expression or do you fritter away your energy on unfulfilling social activities?  If you own a business, you may rethink your strategy and, if not, you can fruitfully use your energies now to turn a hobby into something more serious. May 22nd brings a creative or romantic breakthrough. But it won’t be until August before you can truly commit to a project or person that makes your heart sing. 


The focus is on your home base and family and on what makes you feel secure. You may be preoccupied with laying down a firm foundation, building a secure nest for yourself or creating a sense of belonging and continuity.  You may find yourself adding an extension to your house, giving much of your attention to a parent or preoccupied with having a family of your own. This is also a good time to explore your ancestral background, resolve any long-standing issues with family members and establish a clearer sense of who you are deep down at root.  May 22nd signifies a breakthrough with a home or family matter, but it won’t be until August before you can build a firm and secure foundation from which to pivot upwards. Home is where the (ch)art is, so keep at it!


Get ready to become increasingly absorbed by your siblings, colleagues, fellow commuters and pretty much anybody in your immediate environment. You may be faced with bizarre experiences on the road, strange exchanges with your neighbour or brother and encounters that give what’s familiar a whole other hue. Take extra care when driving or travelling. At the same time, you can pour your energies into expanding your network and the way you link up to the world. Use this time to examine how you communicate with others and find out how you can best put yourself and your point across. May 22nd could signal an exchange or news that brings a matter to a head.  By August you will be ready to sign on the dotted line - if that’s what’s at stake - or establish greater influence in your re-shuffled circles. Check your weekly fashion horoscope to look the part.


The spotlight is firmly on your finances with expenses firmly on the rise since February. You will be preoccupied with trying to keep a lid on your outgoings and with finding ways to increase your income, which appears to be dwindling consistently for the past couple of years. This is a good time to explore any untapped income potential, find more profitable outlets for unused talents and do what you can to boost your earnings and self-esteem. (Have a look at some ideas on us in Astrology and your Finances!) And have faith, for your effort will eventually produce results. Your physical body may also need your attention now and you can do much to raise your fitness levels. May 22nd will clarify matters around your finances or any physical condition. But it won’t be till August before you can set your life on a more secure footing.


Think yourself as a work in progress over the next two and a half months! Get ready for a busy time ahead when, amid much uncertainty, you will find yourself having to call the shots. Events will push you into the spotlight and urge you to face up to any suppressed anger or desire, which you may carry and which threatens to blow everything up.  This is a chance to examine how you come across and whether this is in accord with what you really want. Use this time to re-examine and re-energise your goals, and to win others over to your cause.  This is also a good time to pour all your energies into getting into shape, exercising and overhauling your image. May 22nd brings a confrontation that highlights what you need to work on. If you put in the work, by August you can push forward with greater vision, confidence and maturity, both in your personal and professional life. Get your personal year ahead predictor for the enxt 12 months for added assurance!


Tensions may have been bubbling under the surface for a while now, draining your energy. This may be office politics, having much on your plate, trouble with the authorities or a health or psychological problem that is bothering you. You may be required to take covert action in the coming months to address a health matter, uncover the truth or work on a large project behind the scenes. Alternatively, circumstances may force you into a period of isolation, where you simply seem to lack ‘oomph’. This is a great time for any kind of physical or psychological therapy. Whatever happens, you can now rediscover your inner strength and jettison whatever has been wearing you down.  May 22nd may bring a healing crisis, revelation or psychological breakthrough. By August you’ll be ready to accept your own part in all this and leave the past behind. Now may be a good time to see your destiny revealed and get your full report whilst it’s on special offer.


All your attention may be focused on a group project or the realisation of a cherished dream in the coming months. You will have to combine forces with a number of people to see things through to completion and you may need to use a more philosophical and far-sighted approach to handle tensions arising in the group.  Use this time to redefine your goals, resolve differences and make sure everyone on the team is on the same page.  Alternatively, you may be surprised by an unexpected eruption of anger and hostility coming from a friend. Knowing about each star-sign’s weak spots may help guide you through this, especially as this may be an opportunity to resolve a long-standing matter. May 22nd is when these social tensions come to a head or when you see the true potential of your vision. But it wont’ be until August before you can truly start building something concrete for the future.


Get ready for a total career overhaul. This is a good time to re-examine where you are going in your life and, if necessary, adjust your course. You may also want to revamp your public image and embark on activities that will raise your income and social status.  Relationships with bosses, parents and other superiors may be going through a period of recalibration, so patience is required for a favourable outcome.  Your parenting methods may also undergo a crisis or major learning curve, eventually hitting a re-set. May 22nd may bring a career breakthrough or other revelation about your status and life-direction. By August you will be ready to rise to the challenge of your new responsibilities. Catch your 2016 career horoscope to find out more.

--Important Mars-Dates--

  • Mars Stations Retrograde April 17th: A few days of great intensity and possible confrontations. (8 degrees Sagittarius)
  • Mars Opposes Sun May 22nd: A breakthrough (1 Sagittarius-Gemini)
  • Mars Enters Scorpio May 28th: A slight change of concerns. Dealing with the dirty underbelly (e.g. finances, sexual matters, power-distribution) of far-sighted projects and ideas.
  • Mars Stations Direct June 29th-30th: Another very intense few days, when all the work of the past few month is about to pay off (or not)… (23 Scorpio)
  • Mars trine Sun July 16th: A boost of energy and confidence to help you move forward more dynamically (24 Scorpio-Cancer)
  • Mars Back into Sagittarius August 2nd: Back to the bigger picture.
  • Mars conjunct Saturn & moves on August 22nd -25th: Lessons learned, the future beckons. (8-9 Sagittarius)
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