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Mars Retrograde in Scorpio May 27th-June 30th 2016: Dig Deep

Mars Retrograde in Scorpio May 27th-June 30th 2016: Dig Deep

Mars retrograde goes back into Scorpio on May 27th and you can have another go at whatever you started back in February. 

Mars began its retrograde in Sagittarius on April 17th, sending you on a meaning quest. As Mars regresses into Scorpio now get ready for a focus-shift. Whereas before your were concerned with what lies ahead, now the focus shifts to what lies underneath. Your attention shifts from re-working the bigger picture of your plans to going deeper into what makes you  - or someone else - tick.  It’s time to explore the nitty gritty, the dirty underbelly, the meatier side of things. For instance if you were discussing a possible job offer, now it’s time to address the finances. If you were getting to know someone, it’s now time to see if you can trust them. You have all of June to do so.  After this, you will be able to resume your forward thrust with greater gusto. 

Remember that with Mars out of action, libido and energy are low. A kind of apathy may prevail, so don’t push for fast results. But don’t take the lack of overt, obvious activity to mean that nothing is going on either. Things are boiling deep under the surface, ready to rise up to the top when the time is right. (Things reach critical mass by June 30th, gather speed by July 17th and emerge into full view by August 24th.)

Mars retrograde brings re-structure. Ever notice building-sites springing up in your vicinity when Mars goes retrograde? We certainly have! Mars urges you to reconsider your motives and what you really want. It also allows you to change tactics if what you’ve been doing has proved ineffective. Make the most of Mars’ downtime by strengthening your resolve, getting clear on what you want and re-channelling your energies more constructively. Then, once Mars turns direct on June 30th, you will have something to fight for!

Here’s Mars' Retrograde 2016 Full Itinerary:

  • Mars Stations Retrograde April 17th: Days of great intensity and possible confrontations. (8 degrees Sagittarius)
  • Mars Opposes Sun May 22nd: A breakthrough / release of energy (1 Sagittarius-Gemini)
  • Mars Enters Scorpio May 27th: A change of concerns. Dealing with the dirty underbelly (e.g. finances, sexual matters, power-distribution) of far-sighted projects and ideas.
  • Mars Stations Direct June 29th-30th: A very intense few days, when all the work of the past few months is about to pay off (or not)… (23 Scorpio)
  • Mars trine Sun July 16th-17th: A boost of energy and confidence to help you move forward more dynamically (24 Scorpio-Cancer)
  • Mars Back into Sagittarius August 2nd: Back to the bigger picture.
  • Mars conjunct Saturn & covers new ground August 22nd-25th: Lessons learned, you're ready to commit as the future beckons. (8-9 Sagittarius)

How does Mars Retrograde in Scorpio affect Your Star-Sign?

Mars retrograde in Scorpio will shift attention to matters lying beneath the surface. Where can you expect to do most of the digging? Read your star-sign below and, if you know it, the sign on your ascendant. (Find out your ascendant by drawing your free birth-chart!) If Mars’ re-entry into Scorpio brings up all kinds of demons from the deep, reach out to one of our expert psychic readers on 0207 111 6384!


You may have had your eye on a holiday or on ways to escape from it all but now Mars brings your attention to more urgent matters. You may undergo an operation or other medical procedure that has been on hold for a while. Or you may be called to review your bonds with loved ones, discover how well you really know them, if you can trust them and what keeps you together, including financial commitments and emotional dependencies. Insurance papers, taxes and loans may take up much of your time now. Any kind of therapy at this time will reach deep so make sure you are ready for it. Think of this period as an initiation into the mysteries. You can also discover hidden aspects of your sexuality if you are in a physically active relationship. If you use June to uncover the real root of a problem, you will be better able to proceed with your plans in August-September. If experiences during this period seem a bit uncanny, get some specialist assistance from our free daily psychic reading!


The focus shifts strongly to your marriage, your business partner or an important relationship. After an emotionally and financially intense March and April, you are ready to review relationships and agreements. A development that may have begun back in February can now be revisited and you are ready to re-structure a relationship now. Be bold, face the truth and jettison what is rotten or unnecessary between you. This way, when Mars stations direct on June 30th you will be ready to move forward having addressed the deeper issues in your relationship and committed more deeply to one another. Or you will be clear as to what you want from a potential partner if you are single. If your relationship isn't working, now is the time to see if it can be improved or not. By digging deep into what holds you together with another, you will be all the stronger and able to proceed to more emotionally and financially courageous undertakings come August-September.  Your daily love tarot horoscope can offer much support and encouragement at such a time.


Mars moves from your relationship to your work sector, shifting the focus from your one on one interactions to the nitty gritty of your life. If it is a business partnership that you have been working on, May 27th will bring your attention to the work you want to do together and the details of how to set this up. If you have been absorbed into a romantic relationship, then your work or other practical day to day matters will now demand more of your attention.  But the two may be linked, so you may, for instance, change the way you run your household or work on something together with your partner. June may call for a purification of sorts on your part, where you clean out all kinds debris that prevents you from functioning smoothly. By tending to practical matters and making yourself more efficient now, you will be better able to enter a fruitful partnership in August-September. Is someone being extra difficult? Find out how each star-sign deals with rejection and how to turn it around!


After spending a few months in your work sector, Mars turns his attention to more speculative, romantic and creative matters. If you have been interviewing for a job, then this is the time to ask yourself what you really want - for instance whether this job will give you the kind of creative freedom and joy that you seek. If you have been working hard and feeling that something is missing from your every day life, then Mars will remind you that no amount of work can fill the gap that love can provide. Time to restructure your schedule to allow more time for fun, to pursue hobbies, mingle if you are single, be with your sweetheart otherwise, or spend more time with your kids. Mars in Scorpio will also allow you to pick up where you left off back in February with a speculative project or romantic dalliance. Get to the bottom of what makes you happy and make space for it in your life. This will help you bring more meaning into your work as we head into August-September. What sort of career would suit you best? Check your astrological midheaven!


Mars has turned your love-life upside down ever since March and April. Now he’s backtracking into Scorpio and it’s time to bring whatever romantic adventures you have had…home to meet the parents. This may be literal or metaphorical. For instance, it may simply be time for you to touch base with yourself and check how you really feel about a person. Or it may be time to test whether you can let that person come closer and into your personal space. If you are happily coupled up, then this whole experience may revolve around taking your love to the next level and having a family - if so now’s the time to check how you feel about having a family of your own. If this whole Mars transit has been more about work and setting up your own business, then it may be time to restructure your home to make space for an office. If you have been thinking of home renovations back in February but abandoned the idea, you may revisit it in June and July. If you do what you need to restructure your home-base or inner world now, you'll be ready to push on with your romantic or creative dreams in late summer and autumn.  Is he or she your soul mate? Find out how to improve your relationship with our special personalised report!


Your attention has been firmly on home and family matters since March. You may have had to make repairs to your house, plan a move abroad, tend to your family or a parent or rethink your approach to having a family of your own. On a deeper level you underwent a psychological ordeal, striving to set your life on a more meaningful foundation. If you have been feeling isolated, the next couple of months will energise your network and bring you out of your shell. A sibling may come to help you with an ailing parent or a trip with friends may re-energise you. Mars will also help you rework a writing project you began in February or catch up with your studies - more so after June 30th. Use June's lack of drive to review where you are at. It may be that you have been forced to act on faith since March-April - something that would’t sit well with your sign. If so, June is the time to dig deep and get to the facts. Doing so will give you the gutsy determination you need to push forward with meaningful personal, home or family matters come August-September.  They say that home is where the heart is: your chart tells all!


The focus of our energies shifts from communications and negotiations (which may have been backtracking or in a stalemate recently) to matters of greater substance. For instance, if you have been having a long and drawn out argument, now is the time to sort out your differences on a financial level. If you have been working to establish yourself professionally, you will now think about how to increase your income and better handle your outgoings. On the romantic level, if you have been flirting with someone and keeping their interest piqued on a non-comital level, you may not have to invest more of yourself if you want to keep that person in your life. The key question is: are they worth it? What is and isn’t worth investing in - financially or emotionally - will be a key question in months to come, picking up on matters that may have first had your attention back in February this year.  If you have been exploring your options and been all talk, it’s time to put your hand in your pocket or otherwise for a more substantial commitment - especially after June 30th. Sorting out financial disagreements - or showing someone that you are willing to invest more into a relationship - will allow you to move into a new and more exciting space relationship or business-wise by August-September. Check your Chinese horoscope for a different perspective if you’re still not sure!


Mars in your sign puts you back in charge of your destiny, picking up on matters that have been left hanging since February. But it doesn’t do so straight away. You may have to rethink exactly what it is that you want first. You may also have to revamp your appearance, all the better to draw people in with your famous magnetism!  By entering your sign, Mars is shifting your focus from what you want to have to who you want to be. You may have been working on ways to increase your earnings in the past three months only for your plans to stall by mid-April. If so, this is a chance to re-think your overall approach, before you start investing in a particular course of action. Take charge of the situation and work on yourself and what you want in June, so that you can put your own stamp on the proceedings more dynamically come July. The personal strength and leadership you develop over the next two months will help you invest your energies where they really matter and permanently increase your sense of self-worth (and earnings) come August-September. Need to win someone over? Here’s how to make each star-sign fall in love!


Mars has been taking you on a rollercoaster ride since March with everything that you want hanging in the balance! Things may have started off dynamically but by mid-April they began stalling. As Mars dips back under the horizon of your solar chart, it’s time to retreat from the spotlight and work out your own psychological hangups, meditate, address any health concerns and iron out your plans. You may have to walk the corridors of power and see how you can best channel your energies away from the spotlight. Or you may have to put your energies in service of a greater project without quite knowing what’s in it for you! Keep an eye out for saboteurs, including your own demons and insecurities. Dig down deep into peoples secrets, as well as your own. Who can you trust? More to the point, can you trust yourself? Try to guard against needless paranoia. Sexual dalliances during this time could change you on a deep level. Use the next two months to gain closure on the past, unroot potential obstacles and purify your intent. Then, come August-September, you will be able to push forward with everything your heart desires - all the more confidently for having done your bit. Check out what your numerology soul number has to say about what’s truly in your heart.


Have you been working undercover on a vast project in the past couple of months? If so, now is the time to bring others on board and see what they have to offer. Alternatively, you may have been away or undergoing therapy of some sort. Recent activities had a tendency to isolate you from the group and Mars’ re-entry into Scorpio may bring a welcome change with friends and acquaintances popping out of the woodwork. The next couple of months may see your friendships restructured. Have you been undergoing a secret vetting process to get into an exclusive club? If so, June and July is the moment of truth - to meet some of the people, test your alliances and see how you fit in. Mars is also the god of sex and he has been touring shady parts of your world… Have you been having a secret affair? Has it all gone a bit quiet since mid-April? If so, a friend may have something to do with. Time to have it out with them. This transit may urge you to burn - as well as rebuild - bridges. If you have ever thought of consulting a psychic on the matter but hesitate, our psychic blog can tell you all about the benefits of a psychic reading and what to expect. Finding out who your allies are in June and July will help you direct your energies into grander projects come August-September without worrying about whether anyone has got your back.


The past couple of months have seen many changes in your friendships and social circle. You have been busy trying to recalibrate where you belong in all this - who’s your friend and how you can connect with the right people to promote your aims. Various delays may have caused you to doubt certain people and plans in April, making you wonder if a different approach is in order. Now the focus shifts to your own status and public image, the responsibilities you carry and the goals you have set for yourself. How do the aims of the group fit in with your own? Do you need to take on more responsibilities and be less of a team player? If a friendship has been tested, it may be time to be more conscious of the image that you yourself project, which may affect the situation. Career matters that may have been left hanging since February can now be revisited too.  Use June and July to get clear on where you are headed, revamp your public image and tackle any responsibilities. This way, you can bring others on board your career plans much more meaningfully and confidently come August-September.  It always helps to look the part, so why not check in with your weekly fashion horoscope?


Mars has been challenging you to develop your authority since March. This may be through parenthood or due to reshuffles at work resulting in you taking on more responsibilities and a higher position. But things have started to stall since mid-April and it’s now time for you to consider the vision you want to bring to your new role. How do you see things going forward? What principles do you want to adopt? If you have been negotiating a career change, now it’s the time to consider any legal implications or test your faith in this path. An expert or VIP you met back in February may return to energise your cause - especially by June 30th. If the whole drama is playing out at home - for instance if you’re in conflict with a parent or in-law - now’s the time to rethink your stance. Doing so will help you fight for what you believe in with greater confidence come July. Use June to come up with a vision for the future or get clear on where you stand on a moral, religious or philosophical issue. This will give you the strength to raise your status, carry out your responsibilities or face authority figures in August and September down the line. Your 2016 career horoscope can tell you more about the major career changes in store for you this year!

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