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Mars sextile Pluto: Power and Initiative!

Mars sextile Pluto: Power and Initiative!

On January 11th fiery planet Mars in the star sign of Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. This infuses the middle of this week with enormous power and energy! This force is at your disposal to go after whatever it is that you desire. You can take effective action toward your goals, get financial backing, ask that someone out and even transform your life. He or she who dares wins! This is also a hugely sexy combination, increasing your sexual libido and your stamina. You will feel this aspect most strongly if you have planets or points on or around 17 degrees of Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio or Capricorn - i.e. the earth and water signs. (Find out if this is you by drawing your free birth-chart!) But everyone can benefit from this wonderful aspect, simply by consciously deciding to take action toward a cherished goal.

Your Horoscope for Mars Sextile Pluto

So where's your chance to seize the day and make things happen? Your horoscope holds the key... Check out your star sign and your ascendant too. Do you have an important event coming up around this Mars-Pluto sextile? Find out how to make the most of it by calling 0207 111 6384 and speaking to one of our expert stargazers. 


Your career is in the spotlight, dear Aries. Office politics heat up and you can rise up in ranks or score a victory with a higher up. Is someone undermining you? You now have a chance to strike. Or maybe you’re very busy with a hush hush project? It’s time to pull out all the stops and make things happen. You ooze libido and sex appeal! Therapy, healing and charity set you on the right path.


You have a chance to join a powerful group or institution, dear Taurus. VIPs, mentors and people abroad can help you achieve your dreams. Action you take toward your goals is highly effective now. Do your best to network and connect! This is a good time to apply to university, contact immigration or ask for specialist support in reaching for your ambitions. It’s also a good time to pursue an aspirational friendship or make friends in high places.


Are you looking for financial backing for your career plans, dear Gemini? Strike now, while the iron is hot! Or maybe you are in the process of establishing an important relationship or business partnership that can help you reach for the stars. This is the time to actively pursue your ambitions. Apply for that loan, make that deal, commit more deeply in your relationship. It’s a moment of personal empowerment, when action brings results.


This is your moment to build important professional and personal relationships that can help you grow and expand, dear Cancer. Partnering up with important people abroad, or in the media or education, could be the key to greater freedom, helping you expand your business, gain an important qualification or publish your work. It’s also a good time to make a relationship official. A sexy holiday with your sweetie opens up new horizons.


An important work project could bring you a nice commission now, dear Leo. You can take action to great effect to establish a lucrative business partnership or build greater trust with someone in your day to day life. If you want to make key lifestyle changes, any action you take now is certain to bring results! You could also use this energy to have an operation that dramatically improves your health or explore your sexuality. 


Of all the zodiac signs, yours is the sexiest horoscope, dear Virgo! Love, romance and relationships now receive a huge boost of energy. Single? Go after your object of desire! Attached? Make time for a romantic tête-à-tête with you sweetheart. This is a chance at love, joy and togetherness, when big risks pay off. It’s also a great time to try for a baby, or collaborate with a partner toward a startup or other creative and speculative project.


Get ready to experience a great boost of energy and productivity, dear Libra. This can help you achieve wonders at work or push through an ambitious renovation project or real estate deal. It’s also a great opportunity to settle old scores, organise your household or draw on your past and your family connections to find work. Finally, you can take effective action now to establish positive lifestyle changes, address a health concern or purge bad habits.


This is your moment, dear Scorpio! Love knocks on your door and it’s up to you to make it happen! You ooze sex appeal and few can resist your advances. You have a fantastic opportunity to express yourself, showcase your talents and become more popular and influential in your circles. Meetings and conversations give you a chance at lovely things, from love and romance to creativity and financial gain. You’re playing with the big boys now.


This is a chance to get your household finances in order, dear Sagittarius. On a deeper level it’s an opportunity to establish a greater sense of security in your life, both financial and emotional. You could get together a downpayment for a property, invest in a renovations project or draw strength from your resources and past experience to direct toward your goals. It's a good time to establish a base from which to make money.


You rule the roost, dear Capricorn, now more than ever! You have a chance to impose your will and get things exactly where you want them. If there’s competition with colleagues, classmates, neighbours or siblings, you’re sure to prevail. There’s no real competition, so try to refrain from going in too strong. This is a chance to make your voice heard, learn something new, establish greater influence or take a successful business trip.


You’re up to something these days, dear Aquarius, and nobody’s the wiser as to what this is. But it's big. You have a chance to manoeuvre behind the scenes for personal gain now or build greater financial security through your involvement with powerful institutions. Equally, you may be spending money, investing your talents and resources in a major political or humanitarian project. In your love life, sex could unravel a secret or two now.


You have far more power than you know right now, dear Pisces, as is always the case when Mars is in your sign. You ooze sex appeal and are practically irresistible! And now that Mars is linking up with Pluto, your initiatives bring results, so make sure you act as you would want, in love and business. Especially as mistakes on your part will leave their mark on your social circle. Friends in high places help you put all your plans into action and get results!

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