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Mars square Saturn: Courage and Discipline!

Mars square Saturn: Courage and Discipline!

Mars squares Saturn transit on October 27th, 2019 getting your “go” and “stop” signals all mixed up. Stepping on the brakes and gas pedal all at once can be exhausting so pace yourself. What you now need is courage and discipline! Don’t make rash moves. Play the long game. You may experience frustration, external resistance and personal inhibitions. Your feelings may turn cold and you may feel extra tired. The cosmos is not just being cruel. It wants to strengthen your resolve and help you develop a winning strategy. Avoid making sexual advances as they are likely to be rebuffed.

Mars represents your sex drive, you see, and Saturn is having none of it. Find out more in Mars through the signs. And do check with the requisite authorities before you move forward with your plans. That’s Saturn looking over Mars’ shoulder. Check out your Saturn in Capricorn horoscope to find out how Saturn is affecting your sign until 2020!

You can use Mars-Saturn to great effect to tackle a difficult task - anything that requires endurance, patience, steely determination and a firm hand. 

Your Mars square Saturn Horoscope

What do Mars and Saturn have in store for your star sign? It’s all in your horoscope!


No, the world is not against you! Mars is your ruler so you’re feeling put upon. You’re full of energy and drive but the powers that be seem to put a crimp on your plans. A parent or boss may be standing in the way of your desires, or it could be your own parental or professional responsibilities that require you to show discipline. Subduing your personal wants for the sake of a greater goal takes enormous effort so you may feel tired. But you can work hard toward your ambitions now. Work mode trumps sex mode.

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Has your secret crush run against a brick wall of morality? Or maybe you and your squeeze are separated by a few thousand miles? Be patient. Suppressed anger may cause you to become overly judgmental of others. Be self-aware! Philanthropic desires or plans to join a government scheme bring legal constraints to your attention.


You're all fired up about pursuing your ambitions but the funds are simply not there. If you're counting on a loan or investment, it may be denied, delayed or the amount may be less than you expected putting a crimp on your plans. A lack of trust could also put a friendship to the test. If you want to join others in social activities, you need to set down some firm boundaries now. This helps you achieve challenging tasks together.

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You're feeling ambitious and passionate about your goals, but someone out there is being too conservative and slamming on the breaks! Is your squeeze not on board with your extravagant wedding plans? Or maybe it’s a recalcitrant business partner who’s slowing you down? If you’re serious about success, it’s your turn to slow down and let others catch up. Cooperate for the long term.


You're dreaming of travel, holiday escapes and distant lands but a heavy workload is keeping you nailed to your chair. Or it's your health that prevents you from taking off. If you do travel, it’s probably for business and you may be feeling tired as a result. A publication, legal case or marketing campaign may require hard work and discipline to reach the finish line. Address challenges now. 

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This week brings sexual frustrations galore! Your libido is on the up, you want to go all in and open up with someone but something’s in the way. Your fear may be to blame, it could be the children, or the fact that your lover seems cold and distant or simply isn’t physically present. So you may end up with a lot of suppressed desires. Excessive fear of risk could also put a crimp on your personal and professional plans. Just take baby steps.


You want to spend quality time with your partner but family responsibilities just won’t let you. Maybe an ailing parent needs your help or the housework is too heavy. Your partner may push or get angry as a result. Just pay attention to their feelings and don’t get defensive. Why not establish some ground rules instead? If you’re in the midst of renovations, then you may have to keep a tight leash on work contractors. 


A heavy workload puts extra stress on your nervous system. Delays in transport and communication could prevent you from carrying out your duties or it could be that you receive some heavy criticism from a colleague or other disheartening news. It’s not business as usual. You need to stop and consider what you want from your day to day routine. Try adopting a trainee mindset.

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Financial worries could dampen your desire for fun. You want to speculate on the stock market, ask someone out or pursue a hobby but you find that you have to scale down your plans. Make slow steady progress. Don’t let self-esteem issues get in the way of your creativity or desire for love. Work to overcome any problems. Is the spirit willing but the flesh weak? Time to build some stamina.


Do you feel cold anger rising from within? If so, it’s been festering for a while. Get ready for a powerful internal struggle this week as you try to master the inner beast and showcase your newfound maturity. You’re being dragged kicking and screaming into a new and more responsible you. That’s great but it also helps to find a safe place to express how you really feel. Real estate and family disputes put pressure on you.  


Are secret enemies preventing you from moving ahead with your ideas? A neighbour, colleague or sibling may trip you up, rile you up and make you paranoid. Or it could be a freudian slip on your part that does it. It’s basically your own personal demons coming to haunt you so refrain from lashing out. Look deeper. This is an excellent time to thrash things out in a diary and rewire your brain. Travel plans meet with unforeseen obstacles. 


You're passionate about a project or relationship but others don’t seem to share your enthusiasm. Cold indifference from friends and colleagues could make you quite angry now. You will have to work hard to convince the group of what you bring to the table. Don't spend over the top to pursue your ambitions now. Pace yourself. Financially, this is no time for fast gains. You need to invest for the long haul. 

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