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Mars square Venus: Love and Hate

Mars square Venus: Love and Hate

On August 6th and 7th 2016 love and hate go hand in hand as Mars, god of war, squares Venus, goddess of love

There any many ways love and hate go hand in hand. The words of Monica Geller (from the sitcom Friends) come to mind when she mocks Rachel Green about her feelings for Ross (“I love Ross, I hate Ross, I love Ross, I hate Ross!)” Love can quickly turn into hate when you end up with egg in your face…When you want something you cannot have, or when you love someone who makes you suffer, you may even feel love and hate all at once! And there are surely things out there you love to hate (and love to slate) - be it your ex, your boss, the government or your own flaws; and things you hate to love - be it fatty food, Facebook or again your ex - indulging in them despite your better judgment.  

Mars square Venus creates strong, frustrated desires when what you want and what you actually get clash. The famous Rolling Stones song springs to mind… ‘I Can Get No…Satisfaction…’ This square also makes interactions with the outside world rather intense since you are simply not cool about whatever it is that's got you all in a tizzy. Depending on your character you may come on too strong or feign apathy in an effort to escape your failure to get results. Which is more likely to be your style? That all depends on your birth-chart!

Your Venus square Mars Horoscope

The Mars-Venus square and its love-hate interactions are bound to hit something in your horoscope. What can you simply not leave well alone? Read your star sign and find out!  Relationship troubles? For a more personal reading with one of our leading relationship advisors call now on 0207 111 6384!


You’re a natural warrior and never mind who this rubs up the wrong way. Your inner conqueror-adventurer is hard to resist today and to heck with your work, your health, the diet, your colleagues or whatever small detail is standing in your way! Also, preaching may come easy today but will you practice what you preach? If you’re preoccupied with the future, get your destiny revealed in our special offer report now!


You're Venus' child and naturally prefer beauty, peace and ease - even more so when it comes to love. Not to mention you're naturally lazy. But someone close to you may have a different idea today and get you all into a huff! Sex is full of passion - but may still leave you dissatisfied... If the shops are calling you today, stay your credit card hand or at least keep the receipt. Do you have good taste? Venus by sign and aspect tells all.


You may be a chatterbox by nature but you still crave a bit of peace and quiet, especially when you’re working indoors, every now and again. Fat chance of that now as intruders - or it may actually be your sweetheart - make a pig's breakfast of things. Sex is a good release if you can get past all the arguing.  Are you two fundamentally compatible? Check out your horoscope compatibility!


Your famous defences are likely to be up today - especially at work where, despite your best efforts to put something across nicely, someone is being rude, wilful and difficult. Logistical things are likely to do your head in too, so double check timetables and papers before you travel. A good way out? Let your frustrations out at the gym or by engaging in a demanding project. Where’s your career headed? Check your 2016 career horoscope, now!


Usually regal, confident and together you may feel insecure today and unsure of what you want. Are you attracted to someone despite your better judgement? Or do you wish you were attracted to this lovely person but you’re not? Either way, do you dare to take a risk? If it is rejection you fear, find out how well your star-sign can cope. Shopping may not be as pleasing today: keep receipts just in case you wake up and wonder what you were thinking. Sex is passionate tonight even if you and your lover are out of synch...


Has your life become a constant battle between you and household chores or family members? Expect tension once more today as you struggle in vain to please yourself whilst chasing things and people around the house. No matter how much you try you’ll find it hard to please certain people today. Forget your usual perfectionist streak and just respond to life as it comes. Can you do that? Virgo has an eye for detail, so why not look at the best planetary hour to attack a particular task?


You're a natural diplomat with Venus as your ruler and you'd much rather make love than war. But war it is, if someone keeps behaving like a brute, and you're excellent at strategy too if need be. Does a neighbour have a crush on you? Indeed. He or she may be keeping it all hush hush! Communications have a hidden agenda today. Watch out for the odd Freudian slip too as what feel and what you say get all jumbled up.  Strange dream? Check out its meaning!


You're not one to give up easily when it comes to making something yours and your conquering instincts are in full force today. But the rewards from today’s acquisitions may not be as satisfying as you'd hoped. Your efforts to do what's best for everyone may meet with blank and lazy stares... Do you fight for what you want or do you walk away? Your call. Your daily tarot reading can help you decide. If you don't see eye to eye with a friend, do something physical to let your frustration out. 


Your adventurous nature is hard to rein in at the best of times and more so now when you've got the bit between the teeth and are unstoppable. This may rub up higher ups the wrong way but so what? Complying with their wishes is likely to make you angry anyway. If you are wishfully thinking about gaining others' respect on the other hand isn't it time you did something about it?  Your daily natal horoscope (based on your particular date of birth!) can shed more light on your situation.


You're not one to go into a tizzy over the merest trifle but sweeping your feelings under the carpet can only get you so far. If you insist on keeping schtum, someone may act out on your behalf, or something may go snap and never mind your intent to stay above the fray. In other news, sex with strange faces or in strange places could get you all worked up today! Is he or she the one? Your love numerology reveals the nature of your relationship.


You're a naturally cool boy or gal but you too can lose your cool if a friend betrays your trust. Your desire for greater intimacy seems thwarted. Are you using sex as a sport? Are you just friends or something more? Here are five signs that your someone special is really into you! If you’re having money troubles instead, they could boil down to a major difference in priorities.


Your sweetheart is calling for extra love and attention today but you appear to have responsibilities - be that work or family - that stand in your way. Are you vying for a marriage proposal or a promotion? A boss may give you mixed messages or a rival compete with you for the top spot. You want to project a strong image today but others may not respond as intended.  Are you expecting too much of your significant other? Your psychic reading of the day may hold a clue.

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